You are currently viewing Find Out Now About Learnerships SETA 2024

Find Out Now About Learnerships SETA 2024

About Learnerships and Skills Development

Find out about Learnerships now. Best Contacts List for SETA Learnerships Free Training. Visit SETA websites to identify education and training for the career you’re interested in.

apply for learnerships online: seta learnerships

Never had a chance to study? Learnerships are for unemployed and employed candidates.

How to Apply for Learnerships: SETA Contacts

1. Find Skills Development Providers: SDP Learnership 2024

SETAs implement skills development programmes to train the unemployed and also the employed.

All SETAs offer SDP learnerships in their respective industries. SETAs identify where the training needs are and fund learnerships to increase skills amongst the employed and unemployed.

SETAs accredit training providers in their sectors and provide funds for learnerships. If you are unemployed, capable of learning and hungry for job experience, find and apply for these Learnerships.

how do learnerships help unemployed youth article

Find Out Now About Learnerships 2024: SETA Contacts

2. Find SDP Learnerships: Scarce and Critical Skills

Skills development programmes usually address shortages in industry.

About Learnerships at SETA

Contact a SETA About learnerships: Free Training for Unemployed

Free training, open competition! Get it? Sure, look for free training but to land it, you will have to be exceptional. There’s no doubt you can be that!

3. About Learnerships Without Matric

If you didn’t complete high school you can still apply for a learnership. Look for NQF level 2 and 3 qualifications then aim for an NQF level 4 qualification.

The unemployed can receive free training that results in an industry-recognized qualification and they receive a stipend for the duration of the learnership. While on the Learnership, learners will be employed at a company and must meet on-the-job expectations.

At the end of your learnership, if you have impressed the company that offered it, you could become employed by them. If not,  you can use your qualifications to find a job at another company. Don’t let rejection make you weak or nasty, just let it slide.

ecd learnerships early childhood development

About Learnerships for Employed or Unemployed: 18.1 and 18.2

A learner who is currently employed is termed an 18.1 Learner. When a learner is unemployed, it is an 18.2 Learnership. 

18.1 Find SETA Learnerships if You Are Employed

  • You will continue to work while building your portfolio of evidence according to the qualification requirements.
  • You are not paid a stipend and will continue to earn a salary.
  • Once you have completed the learnership you should negotiate for a raise.

18.2 Find Learnerships if You Are Unemployed

Register for SETA Learnerships at this link.

Tips About Learnerships: Advice for Unemployed Applicants 

  1. It would be best to decide which industry you want to work in or which job position you wish to have. You may have the answer to both, which is great! For example, business administration is required in every industry but a land surveyor is not. Plan your career using this advice.
  2. Look for the SETAs that represent the industries you want to work in. Different SETAs have different qualifications and job opportunities. Look at what ETDPSETA is planning for hard-to-fill vacancies then check what other SETAs are plotting! 😉
learnership interview questions and answers

About Learnership Qualifications: SETAs and the QCTO

Check out this list of currently registered learnerships. There is a pipeline of new qualifications being developed so there’s a lot of stuff to keep up to date with!

Here are lists of new occupation certificates registered at the following levels:

  • NQF. Level 1 and 2 for those with little or no high school and limited if any work experience

We are adding more updates so follow #KeepClimbing for the latest

Matching the Job to a Learnership Qualification

  1. If you want a job that exists in all industries, then you are looking for a qualification that has transferable skills. Sometimes these skills are also referred to as generic. Many of these qualifications are managed by the Services SETA. Review their qualifications, and see if anything appeals to you. Nothing? then:
  2. Visit each SETA website and review their qualifications until you have a list of 3 – 5 that you want to do. You must know which qualifications you are interested in if you want someone to help you.

Unemployed Youth Contacting a SETA about Learnerships

People often contact a SETA without really knowing what to ask. Try following these tips if you are unemployed and looking for a Learnership

It’s best to first thoroughly research the SETA websites as many offer career guidance services, such as HWSETA, for their sector. If you don’t find anything, call or email the relevant SETA and ask the following:

  1. Please put me through to your Learnership department. Once there, ask:
  2. Hi, who am I speaking to please? Write their name down. Then say, ‘Thank you and give them your name, age and reason for calling.
  3. Ask: Do you have any 18.2 learnerships available and can you tell me who the training provider is, please? If they don’t know, ask:
  4. How can I register for 18.2 Learnerships in your sector?

If the SETA can’t connect you directly to a training opportunity, your best option may be to register as an unemployed youth with the Department of Labour. Take these easy steps. Youth can also try these SETA training contacts to see if they can reach someone specific.

List of SETA Head Offices and Full Contact Details to Ask About Learnerships

Use this contact information to find out more about learnerships. We’ve listed the SETAs in alphabetical order. Good luck, and don’t let anything stand in your way!!!

Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority SETA

  • Physical Address: AgriSETA House 529 Belvedere Road Arcadia 0083
  • Postal Address: P O Box 26024 Arcadia 0007
  • Telephone: + 27 12 301 5600
  • Email:
  • Website:


  • Physical Address: Thornhill Office Park, Block 22, 94 Bekker Road,  Midrand 1685
  • Postal Address: P O Box 11678 Vorna Valley 1685
  • Postal Address: P O Box 1955 Halfway House 1685
  • Telephone: +27 11 805 9661
  • Website:

BANK SETA Learnerships

Construction Education and Training Authority SETA

  • Physical Address: 1st Floor, Building No.5 Midrand Business Park, Old Pretoria Road, Midrand 1685
  • Postal Address: P O Box 1955, Halfway House 1685
  • Telephone: +27 11 265 5900
  • Website:

Construction SETA Learnerships and Apprenticeships

Ask About Learnerships at the Chemical Industries SETA

Culture Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports SETA

Ask About Learnerships at the Energy and Water SETA

  • Physical Address: MPF House 2nd & 3rd Floors 32 Princess of Wales Terrace Parktown Johannesburg South Africa
  • Postal Address: P O Box 5983 Johannesburg 2000 South Africa
  • Telephone: +27 11 689 5300
  • Email:
  • Website:

Education Training and Development Practices SETA

  • Physical Address: 12th Floor Durban Bay House 333 Smith Street Durban
  • Postal Address: Private Bag X 9070 East London 5200
  • Telephone: +27 31 304-5930
  • Website:

ETDP SETA Learnerships for ECD

Ask About Learnerships at the Financial and Accounting Services SETA

Fibre, Processing & Manufacturing SETA

  • Physical Address: Tuscany Office Park Building 2 Coombe Place Rivonia 2128
  • Postal Address: P O Box 2128 Rivonia 2128 South Africa
  • Telephone: +27 11 234 2311
  • Email:
  • Website:

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry SETA

  • Physical Address: 13 Autumn Street Rivonia 2128
  • Postal Address: P O Box 245 Gallo Manor 2052 South Africa
  • Telephone: +27 11 253 7300
  • Email:
  • Website:

Health and Welfare SETA

  • Physical Address: 17 Bradford Road Bedfordview
  • Postal Address: Private Bag X15 Bradford Corner Gardenview 2047
  • Telephone: +27 11 607 6900
  • Email:
  • Website:

Insurance SETA

  • Physical Address: Oakhurst, North Wing Ground Floor 11 St. Andrews Road Parktown 2193 Johannesburg
  • Postal Address: P O Box 32035 Braamfontein 2017 Johannesburg
  • Telephone: +27 11 544 2000
  • Email:
  • Website:

Local Government SETA

Media, Advertising, Information and Communication Technologies SETA

Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA

Mining Qualifications Authority SETA Learnerships and Apprenticeships

  • Physical Address: 4th Floor Union Corporation Building 74-78 Marshall Street Marshalltown Johannesburg
  • Postal Address: Private Bag X118 Marshall Town 2107
  • Telephone: +27 11 630 3500
  • Email:
  • Website:

Public Service SETA Learnerships

Safety and Security SETA Learnerships

Services SETA Learnerships Cross Many Diverse Fields

Transport SETA

Wholesale and Retail SETA

Leonie Hall

Leonie Hall, disruptive thinker and dynamic strategist, is an expert in education, development, quality management and innovation. She has spoken at local and international conferences; and currently works as an independent consultant and content developer. Contact Leonie for a consultation.

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  1. mthokozisi mthembu

    i would like to know if Seta can help me with funding?, i’m doing in service training in department of agriculture

  2. Live Noraqa

    Hi I’m Live Noraqa, I want ask how can I apply for monthly stopped from SETA I’m doing my In service training for 18 months in Management Assistant

  3. Richard

    My name is Richard Dichabe I’m 31 years old and I ended school at grade 11 and I’m also a Pastor, community developer and consultant but I’m interested in any learnership that enrols unskilled people.



  5. Melisizwe

    Your comment goes here.hi I’m looking for electrical engineering bussary


    My name is Maphuthuko Christina Morei. I am interested in this leanership applying for a post of Human resouces management . I have matric, N4 with 70% of personnel management . I reguested the company to offer me opportuniy to lean more about workplace. to improve my skills and ability to work alone without any suppervision .

  7. shandu

    help us seta we are doing inservice training but no stipends how can we apply we also need money to cover for travelling costs

  8. Leonie Hall

    Ho Nkoko, you need to speak to your employer.


    Dear Sir/Madam i am Nkoko Clive i am living with disability and i am going to do practical at Municipality please i need funding and please help me urgently my number is 0618291508.

  10. Moshibudi

    Please help me to find a mict learneship around polokwane

  11. Nozuko Shirley

    Hi mama m interested in a busary m already applying cefa social auxiliary work can u assist me please.

  12. Themba

    Hi my name is Themba,I have a National Diploma in I T,I have been applying for employment ever since to no avail, I would be honoured if you can assist me in getting a learnership to further my qualification while,gaining experience. I would really appreciate your help.

  13. Jody Johnson

    Good day I am currently unemployed and very much interested in the Seta Learnership programme. I am interested in doing the Hairdressing courses.

  14. nkateko

    Hi, my name is Nkateko

    I have studied and obtained public management N6. Now I am doing in-service training at Lim345 municipality in Limpopo. I am not getting any stipend and would like SETA to assist me with stipend.

  15. Mahlako mmola

    Hi Leo

    My name is Mahlako Mmola studied Diloma in IT, I’m looking for a learnership or internship for me to anable to graduate. I have being applying with no luck, please assist.

  16. Nelly

    hi, my name is Nelly residing at bhekulwandle it a rural area I’m interested in seta learnership but I don’t know what to do really need a learnership I have matric here’s my number 0732671948

  17. nagenb

    The Services SETA established provincial offices with the aim of decentralising its activities, as a platform for our member companies to easily access and participate in skill development initiatives and enable them to engage with us on a one-on-one basis regarding their respective industries.

  18. Leonie Hall

    Hi Katlego
    If you have a copy of the contract please send it to me so I can advise you correctly. Sounds very dodge.

  19. Katlego

    Hello ma’am.I’ve just received an sms informing me about film & TV learnership but other students who went for the interview said there’s no stipend end offered. It’s that possible, I mean it’s a learnership not a skill development programme.

  20. Leonie Hall

    Hi Pierre
    Thank you so much for the support!
    Difficult to provide a direct answer to you as I don’t know who you’re accredited by and I’m a little confused about the organisational structure. I’m not sure if you’re asking about salaries for professional recruiters, or ‘stipends’ for students, or if you’re saying that the campuses are run by learners in exchange for a free education? I’d also need to know the type of programme they are on. Is this a learnership?
    I’m asking because SETAs don’t fund salaries – they fund industry based development interventions and stipends where applicable, but there are certain criteria.
    Post your feedback here and I’ll see if I can help you further.
    Warmest regards

  21. Pierre Eksteen

    Good day Leonie,

    Thank you very much for all your hard and devoted work, to better the lives of the masses. I authored a life skills book for youth and want to educate our young people on sound morals and good business practices. I am a part-time Educator and recently employed by a innovative College to head 2 of their branches. We offer free scholarships to unemployed under-28 year old individuals. I want to train recruiters to recruit students and study for free at the same time. Where can I require financial assistance from SETA’s to pay the incumbents a salary whilst marketing/recruiting, much like an internship for a year? Your guidance will be truly appreciated.

  22. Leonie Hall

    You need to negotiate with the people you are working for – if you offered to work for free so that you could qualify then you must prioritise and make sacrifices in order to achieve your goal. If you were a strong student with great results then you should be able to negotiate, in-service doesn’t mean you are entitled to a stipend.

  23. Sanelisiwe Makhathini

    Im 20 years old ,im doing inservice without any stipend if you can,please help me

  24. Leonie Hall

    Hi Russell! I share info on this blog, and on Facebook and Twitter. Please make sure you follow me there so you can be updated. Don’t give up and don’t waste your time waiting for people to get back to you. Most companies are very bad at letting you know what’s happened with your application. Keep looking for opportunities and make sure you read our posts about writing cover letters and preparing for interviews. Best wishes Leo

  25. Russell Stevens

    Yello , my name is Russell and have been looking for a learnership with no luck. I hve also applied for a Learnershipe with Metro and waiting for a response from them. Please can you let me know if there are any Learnerships available.

  26. bonakele

    im counting on you dear, since the new learnership agreement is due to start in the 3rd of October 2016

  27. Leonie Hall

    Hi Bonakele! As a result of your great question and a similar one from a company, I’m going to write a post about this. Once done, I’ll send you the link. Leonie

  28. bonakele

    hello can you please help me out, how do I know that I still belong to a relevant seta, I was on a learnership but it ended so badly that I end getting a new learnership ahead of the old one … I heard that the seta won’t approve my new learnership under ewseta since the contract with merseta on previous learnership is still not terminated. so how do I cancel my previous agreement with seta.

  29. Leonie Hall

    Read our posts about SETA contacts and training contacts. You can contact the LGSETA directl and LG training providers. Good luck!

  30. Leonie Hall

    Up your game! If you keep applying and never hear back – you must be doing something wrong. Read the posts on how to apply for learnerships and how to write winning cover letters.

  31. Leonie Hall

    Hi David!
    Contact the SETA and request your certificate. If you have completed your assessments you have a right to the results in terms of our Consitution and other legislation.

  32. David

    HI there, im David duda from cape town, i had completed management national certificate training at this company im working for; last year june our certificate where recieved by the company and now they dont wanna give them to us what would you suggest i do and yet SETA dont know anything about this.

  33. Mthokozisi

    Hi leonie im Mthokozisi i’ve been looking for apprenticeship/learnership one of the two for years now im struggling on my N6 electrical cz now i’ve nobody to take me further. I am applying for apprenticeship every now and then but still no answer. Now i really don’t know what to do(0796473800)

  34. Darlington

    HI i wanted to ask about LGSETA procedure. I’m in a position of a National Diploma in Local Government Management from Tshwane University of Technologu, coompleted now of recent(JUNE) as i await my graduation in September. Given the free time i get, i took a precaution to start working at Dr Js Moroka local municipality, but i am volunteering. from what i heard, LGSETA remunerate students for apprenticeship so i’m eager to learn on the job training and seeking advise of the remuneration procedure. Your detailed respond will be highly appreciated.
    In agony;


    Hi I live in Durban, I’m currently doing learneship,but they take three months to pay us,and they cut our stipend,we started in January but we paid till March,now they said they have administration problem and they didn’t told us how and when they will pay us,what shall we do in this matter

  36. phuti

    hi am phuti,I have basic ambulance assistance ,basic health and safety and ict office admin certificate am looking for a learnership in polokwane.pls help

  37. Wonder ndlovu

    Hi leoner my name is wonder ndlovu from durban last year my sister was doing a learnership in foodbev and she does not paid full y stipend she go to ccma , department of labour and called seta if now there is amount of 9000 left the institute for quality in durban the name of collage even now she does not paid . This year the problem come to me MOSES KOTANE INSTITUTE IN DURBAN ADVERTISE LEARNESHIP FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT WE APPLIED AND TAKEN BUT THE LEARN FOR ONE THE CONTRACT WE SIGN ON THE FOLLOWING MONTH THERE IS HP , ETHEKWINI MUNICIPALTY AND MOSES KOPANE EVEN NOW WE NOT PAID AND THE TOLD US NOW THERE IS NO STIPEND . MY PROBLEM IS WHY SETA DONT DO FOLLOW UP FOR LEARNERSHIP OR EVEN THEM ARE INVOLVE IN CRIME

  38. bongiwe

    hi, I am bongiwe and I need job around Richards bay. I have matric certificate or leanership please assist me when you have. Thank you

  39. Maciko

    I have grade 12 with end user computing I need a job around Eastern Cape

  40. lethinhlanhla Eddie

    hi my name is lethinhlanhla eddie mdlalose and i reside in durban,i am doing an apprenticeship under lgseta but my academy sometimes fail to pay our stipends in time and sometimes you find that they pay after three months and we ask ourselves where is the rest of the money?and they dont give us a logic explanation but they say if you keep on complaining they will remove us from the program.i need hel because i come from a very underprivileged background and therefore i live like do i go about reporting such matter and who do i talk to please help my cell no. is 0782003589,thank you.

  41. Vanessa Bolleurs

    Hi Leonie
    I am wanting to start a programme to train domestic workers. I have found over the years that these poor domestics are not trained properly so end up loosing there jobs in a couple of months. I would like to start a school were I will teach them all about housework, chemical uses, first aid and your basic cooking skills. How do I go about applying through Seta to be signed up and is there a person or office in the Durban area I could visit to have a chat to a Seta representative. Kind regards Vanessa

  42. Leonie Hall

    Hi Fana! please read our posts about finding a learnership. There are many links to training providers on this site and advice on how to register with the Department of Labour. ultimately, noone has one straight aswer for you – you need to do the work – research, write countless letters and promote yourself. No opportunity will find you – you must find the opportunity. Start with this blog and read read read.

  43. fana

    Good morning I have a qualification in Human resource but my passion is IT how can I get a leanership opportunity?

  44. sydwell

    hi im sydwell im 29 years older im looking for learnerships i have passed my metric at 2007 i have maths and science

  45. Leonie Hall

    Hi Lebogang! Services SETA does beauty. Good luck!

  46. Lebogang

    Hi im Lebo, Im so passionate of beautician so my challenge is affordability to complete the course. I want to know which category does beauty falls under when I apply for SETA.

  47. Zuqhame Matutu

    Good day

    My Name is Zuqhame Matutu

    Institution: The Mvula Trust (JAN 2016 – MARCH 2016)
    Position held: Project co-ordinator
    Main duties: Co-ordinating on water and sanitation projects at Joe Gqabi ●Placement of interns on sites ●Securing interns accommodation working with SGBs ●Verifying occupational health and safety on sites ●Prepare and submit reports in terms of the project needs and demands ●Attend and report back on PSC regional and community meetings.

    Institution: Disney English (JULY 2013 – SEP 2014)
    Position held: Foreign Language Trainer
    Main duties: Prepare lessons, print materials, technology and supplemental materials prior to start of each class ●Work with local Assistant Trainers to ensure classes are run efficiently and start and end as scheduled ●Attend weekly meetings with the LLD to communicate all pertinent student and classroom management issues ●Participate in outside of classroom academic, marketing and Center social events ●Collect audio & visual portfolio evidence of language learner work during lessons ●Deliver both formal and informal assessments and progress reports throughout the program and keep close oversight of all learner records.

    Institution: Rosebank College (JAN 2012 – JUNE 2013)
    Position held: Lecturer in Diploma of Travel& Tourism Management
    Main duties: Lecture planning, preparation and research ●Engage in graduate and undergraduate teaching ●Engage in examining duties, i.e. the production of exam questions/papers, exam marking and moderation ●Take responsibility for the quality of teaching delivered and, as necessary, seek further training, guidance and skills development to ensure that standards are maintained and improved ●Arrange field trips to different tourism and hospitality institutions ●Engage in students work placement projects ●Engage in outside classroom students’ social activities.

    Institution: University of Johannesburg (JAN 2008 – NOV 2010)
    Position held: Junior Lecturer in Diploma of Travel & Tourism Management
    Main duties: Lecture planning, preparation and research ●Engage in graduate and undergraduate teaching ●Engage in examining duties, i.e. the production of exam questions/papers, exam marking and moderation ●Take responsibility for the quality of teaching delivered and, as necessary, seek further training, guidance and skills development to ensure that standards are maintained and improved ●Provide support and offer individual tutorials to At-Risk-Students ●Work closely with the academic team and build a portfolio of evidence ●Co-ordinator and facilitator of student liaison committee.

  48. Zuqhame Matutu

    Good day

    My Name is Zuqhame Matutu
    I am looking for a job


    Institution: The Mvula Trust (JAN 2016 – MARCH 2016)
    Position held: Project co-ordinator
    Main duties: Co-ordinating on water and sanitation projects at Joe Gqabi ●Placement of interns on sites ●Securing interns accommodation working with SGBs ●Verifying occupational health and safety on sites ●Prepare and submit reports in terms of the project needs and demands ●Attend and report back on PSC regional and community meetings.

    Institution: Disney English (JULY 2013 – SEP 2014)
    Position held: Foreign Language Trainer
    Main duties: Prepare lessons, print materials, technology and supplemental materials prior to start of each class ●Work with local Assistant Trainers to ensure classes are run efficiently and start and end as scheduled ●Attend weekly meetings with the LLD to communicate all pertinent student and classroom management issues ●Participate in outside of classroom academic, marketing and Center social events ●Collect audio & visual portfolio evidence of language learner work during lessons ●Deliver both formal and informal assessments and progress reports throughout the program and keep close oversight of all learner records.

    Institution: Rosebank College (JAN 2012 – JUNE 2013)
    Position held: Lecturer in Diploma of Travel& Tourism Management
    Main duties: Lecture planning, preparation and research ●Engage in graduate and undergraduate teaching ●Engage in examining duties, i.e. the production of exam questions/papers, exam marking and moderation ●Take responsibility for the quality of teaching delivered and, as necessary, seek further training, guidance and skills development to ensure that standards are maintained and improved ●Arrange field trips to different tourism and hospitality institutions ●Engage in students work placement projects ●Engage in outside classroom students’ social activities.

    Institution: University of Johannesburg (JAN 2008 – NOV 2010)
    Position held: Junior Lecturer in Diploma of Travel & Tourism Management
    Main duties: Lecture planning, preparation and research ●Engage in graduate and undergraduate teaching ●Engage in examining duties, i.e. the production of exam questions/papers, exam marking and moderation ●Take responsibility for the quality of teaching delivered and, as necessary, seek further training, guidance and skills development to ensure that standards are maintained and improved ●Provide support and offer individual tutorials to At-Risk-Students ●Work closely with the academic team and build a portfolio of evidence ●Co-ordinator and facilitator of student liaison committee.

  49. sthembile bhengu

    hi my name is sthembile and i finished my human resources N6 on 2015 at the FET College plessislaer now im doing inservice training at the department of agriculture Hilton,then i heard about services seta that it is funding students,but i went to umgungundlovu district and they told me that they only fund people doing it on education so i wanted to ask how does it really work and what is needed if you need funding?

  50. Lara

    Please am lara from eastern cape looking for leanership in sport one i want to be a best coach in the world please help me people

  51. mpho mbulaheni

    im mpho mbulaheni from limpopo vhembe .. thohoyandou and im complited n6 farming management .. im in need of practicalwork fir me to qualify for my diploma . agri setta i need help

  52. Leonie Hall

    Hi!! Keep Climbing is not the SETA but writes information for people like yourself so that you can find and create your own opportunities. No one is there to hold your hand and make it happen for you. The only one who can do it is yourself because you care more about your life than anyone else in the world. Read our posts about finding and applying for jobs and learnerships. Life is a struggle, you’re not doing anything wrong, but you need to make it happen yourself. Push push push! Keep Climbing!

  53. Leonie Hall

    Dear Ronny, so sorry to read about your experience. unfortunately this area is still new to a lot of people and they don’t know what the **** they’re doing! 🙁 I don’t represent any of the organisations you listed so cannot tell you what the problem is. If I were you, I’d look for other opportunities. You must never sit around and wait for one thing to fall into your lap. You should have at least 5 opportunities lined up – why are you sitting around waiting for this one when clearly it may not happen? Haaibo!!! Get up and start climbing young man!!! The world is yours!!!

  54. Leonie Hall

    Hi Sibongile, please read our articles on finding employment and learnerships. Best of luck, Keep Climbing! Leo

  55. Leonie Hall

    Thank you for your beautifully written comment Makola, and congratulations on your progress. Our articles are here to assist you and provide direction. Unfortunately, I can’t assist individuals, please use the information provided on Keep Climbing so that you’re in charge of your future. The information you need is on this site, read articles about how to find and apply for learnerships and apprenticeships. Leo

  56. Leonie Hall

    Hi Buntu
    Our articles are here to assist you and provide direction to people exactly like you. As such, I can’t assist individuals as I believe that it’s important for you to be in control of your life and assist yourself. The information you need is on this site, read articles about how to find and apply for learnerships and apprenticeships. Leo

  57. Leonie Hall

    Thank you for your comment Sharlene, contact the Department of Labour as they support initiatives that promote employment opportunities. Consider framing your work in the space of entrepreneurship and research own business development opportunities for hairdressing. Look at ways to expand your business focus. Leo

  58. Leonie Hall

    Hi Siyabonga, sorry about your challenges. Please contact the Construction SETA and find out about opportunities. Read our posts about how to find and apply for learnerships and apprenticeships. Be a soldier and keep fighting! Leo

  59. Siyabonga

    Hi I’m Siyabonga Xulu Im pleasing for a learnership of Electrical engineering NQF level.3 to 4 if it possible without help I know I would stuck on level.2 course I’ve got nobody at home who can make me finish my course

  60. Sharlene

    How would propose this or what contact would you suggest- we are a training academy in Hairdressing- wanting to get funding to train people from NQF 2-4. Where would you suggest we start. SSETA only gives Internship in KZN and there was no Hairdressing taught for the past 2 years. Which other funding grant would be available for economic development. I have over 50 students who cannot afford the finance to learn- please provide me with some guidance.

  61. Buntu

    Please help me i need a job in occupational health and safety even if a internship

  62. FASSET

    dear sir/madam
    I will like to apply for an internship , ive complited my financial management N6 course and im lacking experience so I was hoping that with your concern I’ll get an opportunity to study further.

    hope my application will be considered

    Yours faithfully
    Makola MV

  63. sibongile magawu

    Hy I am Sbongile frm EC I have done water and wastewater NQF 3 skills so I need further training so dat can be employed I am looking for job please

  64. the greatings is all yours sirmadam my name is ronny phashamakgoale makgolane, male in gender from limpopo under fetakgomo municipality at ward nine. I passed matric with diploma and with maths and sciences.i was studying diesel mechanic, because of lack of finance i done only n1 and n2.last year march capricorn fet college recieve funding from seta.we signed contracts with them march but till now they is nothing happen.can you please tell whats the mobile cellphone number xxxxxxxxxx

  65. free training on skills

    Dear seta i am 34 year old male have grade 11 and drivers licence. unemployed looking for a job or training which could help me with a skill or a trade of any kind.

  66. Leonie Hall

    Yes it is…just look for one and apply!!

  67. nozipho

    dear seta I have completed my ncv level 2 on IT ,I’m still studying for my level 3 .I want to know is it possible for me to get learnership for IT

  68. dolly

    I m 31 year old unemploy I have love for hairdressing I need to know how or were to apply for hairdresser learnership
    I live in diepkloof in soweto
    numbers: 0785295183
    name: dolly khumalo
    email address:

  69. Thandeka

    dear SETa my name is Thandeka Precious Mokoena I am attending TL consulting programme, it’s a Business administration management learnership. I started to attend on the 9th December then closed on the 18 December, they said will get paid after that some of us didn’t get paid but other did, then we reopened on the 04 January, we asked why we didn’t get paid while others did…They said “will fix that” then 25 they telling us that they got the email from SETA is saying they rejected us on the programme.I am so hurt I don’t know what to do.

  70. khensani mdaka

    Im glad i learnt something from this blog and hope it will strengthen my ability. Im willing to get a learnership as for am not working at the moment. Thank you Seta

  71. memory

    Thank you with your information, it was helpful.

  72. Nonkululeko Nxumalo

    Hi, i am from Nkandla i have matric and computer,i wish to pursue a career in supply chain management,but i don’t have money,please inform me if you have learnerships.Thank you

  73. Nonkululeko Nxumalo

    Hi i wish to pursue a career in supply chain management,but i only have matric and computer,please inform me if there is any learnerships.thank you

  74. Leonie Hall

    You have three choices
    1. Rob the people who have stipends and then get expelled and lose out on a qualification
    2. Complain to the people who pay the stipends
    3. Lodge a complaint with the SETA and the Department of Labour.
    Your choice – let me know! (I would choose 2 first)

  75. Madutlela Ludky Seabele

    Hi i am Madutlela LS,looking for job,i have L2-L4 and N1-N4 qualifications in civil engineering

  76. Ntombisindiso

    ive been doing Domestic worker learnership on november,but i didnt get any payments but others did

  77. Ruth

    hi i am Ruth. i have applied for a learnership for 2016 and i did not get a respond as whether it was approved or not

  78. Xolani

    I will be glad if I get learnership/ internship next year which is 2016 because I’ve been looking for the job in the tourism industry and I didn’t find anything and I have experience for one and half year so I want to get more experience or a permanent job. Thank you

  79. refiloe

    do learnerships get deductions from the stripd becouse we do from 1500

  80. Nape

    I’m looking electrical learnership am hungry for opportunity I have grade 12 seta help me,am willing for learnership pls

  81. Raganya k

    Hi people from seta am doing national diploma management at unisa is my final year can you assist me with learnerships regarding the qualification l mention above.

  82. Chumani Tom

    I Would to apply for 2016 learnerships in the field of Business,Economic and Development. Please inform me when there is something. Thnk you

  83. lesley

    Hey! I would like to know if Seta have any learnerships available regarding butchery training, pls let me know when will it be available especially when it is in Kimberley.

  84. snethemba

    hi. I wanted to know if it’s possible for me to get a leanership for nursing, I don’t have my matric I only have grade 11 so I was wondering if will I be able to get a nursing learnership, my subjects that i did include;IsiZulu, English home language, Maths lit, history,geography,Life sciences and Life orientation..

  85. Leonie Hall

    Thanks Zanele! Please share and visit again! 《Hugs》

  86. koena

    hi I’m kwena from polokwane please notify me in any learnerships on ur department through email dat I’ve mentioned above

  87. zanele

    your posts are very helpfull

  88. Richard oupa ntuli

    Hwseta nqf level1 in 2009 i which to continue but study at home because i am busy as a volunteer at golden youth club as a international volunteer co-ordinator for the germany volunteer

  89. khanyisile Zilungile Rorwana

    I am interested for a job in any seta as my qualification is flexible. I am interested in any 18 month’s training that you may have available

  90. mallekane Frans masemola

    Hi my is mallekane Frans Masemola I have a problem I was a student at diyane training centre doing NQF livels in electrical engineering from 2009 to 2011 and I’m still not accredited with any certificates. I don’t what do or where to go for help because I really need those certificates thank you.

  91. Mangkedi Kgope

    Dear Sasseta I’m an HR intern placed in a SMME company, I’m an enthusiastic person who has passion in Human Resource, I believe I was wrongly placed since I’m not getting relevant exposure as Hr intern should.
    I will be glad if I could get a word of advice from you.

  92. Leonie Hall

    Dear Lebogang, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. Since you have signed the contracts you are considered an employee and are required to be paid weekly or monthly as per legislation requirements. Please go straight to the CCMA and / or the Department of Labour and report your complaint. You can also call the Services SETA whistle blower number (means you’re exposing a problem they MUST know about) to explain your problem: 0861101148
    Best wishes, Leo

  93. Lebogang

    I would like to ask what is the problem if seta is taking long to fund the learnership in time or pass two months before the students cause you imagine they saying the paperwork is fine we have signed all relevant paperwork that needed to be submitted but still no response can you please help us we want to know the truth, I cannot afford to go to school I don’t have money for taxi anymore I spend my last money for two months borrowing from other people now they won’t give me some anymore, cause I don’t know what is the problem if we’re not getting paid so can please explain to us so we know we’re we standing I don’t know the relevant person to contact I just know that I’m under seta services hairdressing course.
    Seta hairdressing course under this institude Potchefstroom Academy Tina Scholz (SAASHT)
    North West
    South Africa

  94. brenda

    i need funding for beauty therapy course please

  95. tebogo maloba

    thanks for giving us the opportunities

  96. Lindy

    Do you take N4 students nd how can I apply


    Hi,I have N5 electrical engineering so been stragileng to get a learnership please help me to get one

  98. Onneile Edna

    I ll be glad when my application success

  99. Dorcus

    This learnship it boring cos we dnt get paid they just have excusses until the end of the programme

  100. zikhona

    hai my name is zikhona,I would love to know how to get a learnership?I’m 31 years old.I want to go further in future.

  101. 1bigLEO

    Contact Services SETA

  102. 1bigLEO

    Hi Constance, sorry to hear that! You don’t say if your POE was assessed and if you knew your results. If you submitted your POE, ask the learnership manager where your certificate is. If you believe you are being unfairly discriminated against (treated badly) – take it straight to the CCMA and the Department of labour. If you have earned your certificate then do whatever you need to do to get it. If you have completed the learnership and do not have a job – complain to the SETA and contact the Councillor in your area.

  103. Constance malube manamela

    I was studing for security at lemoshanang in attridgeville but they didnt gv me my certificate at sasseta nd my follower students got them except me

  104. Phelokazi Magxolo

    I have N1 Plumbing I would like you to train me I have no experience I live in CapeTown

  105. Maidi kelebogile

    I would also like to apply for learnerships that are available in north west

  106. 1bigLEO

    Hey Nompumelelo, we’d like you to tell your story on the Keep Climbing blog.

  107. 1bigLEO

    Not sure what you mean but Hairdressing falls under Services SETA. Hope that helps!

  108. Lebogang

    I would like to inquire about the learnership of hair dressing course here in Potchefstroom Academy Tina Scholz North West, it falls under which department?

  109. 1bigLEO

    Turnaround is relative to each SETA and if they are under administration or not. What ever you want – give chase but do it with a smile, they are used to fobbing off upset people so it’s no good to be aggrieved. If you really need to push for something urgently, set up a meeting, take CUPCAKES and ooze charm and determination.

  110. letitia

    Hi Leo,thanks for the feed back.
    I will do the ‘my details’ in the employment bracket and see if it will go through. Also I sent out an email yesterday with regard to 18.2 learnerships. What is the turn around time on feed back?

  111. 1bigLEO

    Hey Letitia! You have two options #1 Register your own business or simply drop your own details in the employer section #2 get a job and request to perform the SDF function at your new job. But you see the problem? The SETA wants active SDF operatives, not armchair ones. So that’s why they need to know who you work for.

  112. letitia

    Good day

    Trust this detail finds you well.

    I am facing a bit of a challenge registering as a SDF on the SETA website.
    I am particularly interested in Culture Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports SETA.
    I am not employed,and there is a section where you need to fill in your employers details. Am I able to register as a SDF when I’m unemployed. I am certified,on NQF 5 level. Institution attended: MNA

    Please advise.

    Letitia Martin
    079 727 6677

  113. klaas nolly

    im doing inservice training at hospital ..i dont get any stipend i would like you to help me..when im asking at skul they said Seta
    did nt pay even last yr leaners ..

  114. 1bigLEO

    Dear Nomanene, if you are on a learnership you are considered an employee protected by the Department of Labour and our labour laws. Register a complaint with them. Your employer may be part of the problem or they may also be unsure about what to do. SETAS work for both of you and get into trouble when this type of confusion happens. If you and your employer work together you will get better results. The SETA often takes long to pay, your boss must find out from them if something is wrong as they often don’t communicate. What you’re doing is important. Please don’t give up.

  115. Nomanene

    Am doing my in-service traing and i’ve been told by my service provider from my collage that am going to be funded by agriSeta R3750 the application has been successful i sent all the required document later on he said my boss must send Tax clearance certificate, bank details of the farm& contract between the two parties my boss did everything and he promised as on the 5 june the money will be deposited bt till to date the money is not deposited when am calling him he dont answer my calls. I started on the 2 April 2015 and he told me the good news on the 15 May. My in-serve is based on Farming Management i completed my N6. i sent him an sms asking if my boss is allowed to do followup from agriseta he said no am also not allowed. please help me because am working veryhard here for nothing but i dont complain about the work because is the carreer that i’ve choose require more work i just hate the fact that he said am going to be funded the application is successful and i had hope.

  116. Kolobe Nompumelelo

    I am a product of SETA they are the best i am who i am today its all because of them.i really appreciate for what they did to me.

  117. avuyile

    hallow there I’m so happy I have finally found the place i’ve been looking forand I hope to get the answer im looking for, I did n6 management assistant at a college in grahamstown I have financial challenges regarding me starting my inservice training so I want to know which Setas can i contact since i did management assistant your response will be highly appreciated. thank you

  118. Mpho mokgothu

    Im 34 with a ecd and public management n6 certificates i need a job please anything with be greatly appreciated

  119. Mpho mokgothu

    Seriously i need to know what jobs are there for public management N6

  120. Alfred nongauza

    I passed matric in 94,i stay in umtata.where can i go for learneship.i want to do bricklaying,plumbing,capentry,electrical installation

  121. khanyisile motloung

    i was studying early childhood development level 4 in 2012 but now i dont have money to go back to school for doing level 5&6 i need a learnership pls .i dont know how to do to get learnership

  122. minaar

    hi…. ive completed my NQF level 4 in Engineering and related Design, so ive applied for a training at Denel to study flight mechanic and i cannot afford the fees. pls advice if there is any seta which can assist me with finance to complete my study

  123. 1bigLEO

    Hi Nemalinda, this site does not belong to a SETA. Subscribe to this blog to recieve articles. Keep looking for learnerships and keep applying. There is no easy way, you must keep working at it.

  124. Nemalinda Ipfi

    I have applied for seta learnership and the contac i applied with is an mtn number which is currently not in use as the mtn service is not working because they are still on strike and i’d like to be notified about any relevant information on my new numbers which are 076 2289 ###.
    I’ll be pleased to see the progress of this application.

  125. 1bigLEO

    Hi Babalwa
    Truth is there are people looking for someone just like you. It’s a numbers game, you need to make yourself accessible to as many organisations as possible. Set up an awesome profile on Linkedin. Send connection requests to everyone you find in HR and recruitment. If you want a job within the next two months, you must apply for a job pretty much EVERYDAY. MAKE YOURSELF VISIBLE. Best wishes!

  126. 1bigLEO

    Hi Sphesihle, learnership people are considered employed for the duration of their contract. You can therefor go to the CCMA and Department of Labour to lodge a dispute and request mediation.

  127. 1bigLEO

    Lots of people do.

  128. 1bigLEO

    Noooo Dineo! I’ve actually had a lovely young man at the age of 60 on a learnership! Older learners bring dignity and perseverance to the program, they usually put the ‘lighties’ in their place! 🙂 There’s no age discrimination but the funding may not be the same as government really wants to get the youth trained and employed.

  129. 1bigLEO

    Good luck Richard!

  130. 1bigLEO

    Please remember that as you are an employee, if you are unhappy with your employment – the CCMA and Department of Labour are there to assist you by law.

  131. 1bigLEO

    Companies can offer learnerships and internships. Internships are EXCELLENT for people who have the qualification but no experience. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  132. 1bigLEO

    Hi Yoza
    We feel your pain. This website is not written by a SETA, we are just individuals who want to help people with rock solid advice. You are not supposed to feel discriminated against – but you don’t explain exactly which qualification and which NQF Level you studied on. Remember it takes a university graduate 3 years to get a degree, if you only studied 1 year on a learnership at NQFL4 you may have earned credits towards a degree but not a full degree. We don’t want you ruining what ever opportunity you might have. We need more details from you, please send your email so that we can follow up. Leonie

  133. yoza

    Good evening

    On 10th February 2015 I joined LGSETA programme. I was thrilled, because I’ll start working and getting experience… The HR officer Mr Koyana from Port St John’s Municipality placed me in a local school to be a teacher,nbut I have a national diploma in business management. Not EDUCATION. He told the school principal to make use of me,they will pay. We signed incomplete contracts. We were never told how much we gonna receive per month. On May they called a meeting. Told us that the money is not there yet. And Graduates will earn R3500 pm. People with certificate R1800 and people who are doing plumbing. They told us that we’ll be back payed from March,because the programme supposedto start on March. 01 June they deposited R5400. To my surprise I phoned the HR officer. He asked me in a rude manner”ain’t you an FET graduate”?. I said yes. And he said “so ke sisi the FET diploma is not the same as University Diploma. That’s why you’re getting R1800.” I want to know SETA People are you making us LESS educated? He said its Seta’s decision to discriminate agaainst us like this… and he said we are not employed. We are getting exposure… We are to work for another 3-4 months with no pay…. stressed. I spend R1000 for transport monthly. I teach Economic and management science grades 7,8 & 9. English 7 & 8 and Life orientation grade 7. It is too much.

  134. Stephens

    Dear sir/madam
    what i really want to know is can some of this companies take internships? i studied electrical at TVET college

  135. Stephens

    Dear sir/madam
    what i really want to know is can some of this companies take internships?
    Yours truly
    m s letlalo

  136. Jabulile ntuli

    My name is jabulile ntuli i have higher certificate N6 of human resorce management i need intership contact 079 2406 578/061 3131 670

  137. Sbonelo

    Godbless this company for finding people like us and give us big opportunities to approve our lives.


    Applying for Learnership

  139. dineo ngwetjana

    i just finished my level 3 of manufacturing and design in jewellery at slji.i like to know about age difference if the learnership they have to drop the over 35 years learners?

  140. itumeleng

    I would like to be informed everytime there are learnerships.

  141. We dont get paid in kwadukuza umfolozi college chief Albert luthuli campus money that is funded by Contraction SETA the took it from February contact me on 0710308480/0734950756

  142. 1bigLEO

    Who would you like to recieve them from?

  143. Leah

    I would like to receive notifications about travel and tourism internships

  144. Babalwa

    I would like to know what provision do you have for people that have experience but do not have formal qualifications. And are out of jobs. For instance I am 38 years and have 12 years experience in retail from cashier , accounts clerk , sales person and financial services manager but I am looking for a job now I do not seem to fit in management positions. Any help or advice please

  145. 1bigLEO

    Thanks so much for the encouragement and support. Please share with friends! 🙂

  146. hatibo

    keep up the gud wrk guys thumbs up

  147. 1bigLEO

    Hi Nemalinda, sounds like you need to contact them directly.

  148. Nemalinda Ipfi

    I want to know my application status of SASSETA 2015.

  149. 1bigLEO

    Hi Sizwe. You must find your own learnership as no one else can do it for you. Read the Learnership articles on this site to understand how to do it. Do not be lazy, do not wait for god, it’s your life so success is your responsibility. Make it happen! You can do it!!!!

  150. Sizwe

    Helo im sizwe, I hv Matric nd im also looking for learnership in HR N4 or internship in Marketing Management N4-N6.Please call me @ 0786976059 or 011736-6971..Thank you….

  151. Sizwe

    Helo im sizwe im looking for learnership in HR N4 or internship in Marketing Management N4-N6.Please call me @ 0786976059 or 011736-6971..Thank you….

  152. thabiso

    I have passed Grade 12 and furthermore I have passed N1 and N2 in Electrical engineering, currently I’m working in the mine and I’m in need for learnership

  153. hlompho Rufus

    Hi’ good people I’ also had this kind of a problem I’ have theory and pratical training under M.Q.A compitencie from training academy Fondiza Zonke Academy,since 2011 for a year,Installation and maintenance to support unit rock structures hydraulic systems visiin frame work’ and not yet received the certificate find competent person;B I’ had the statement of results that approved in Pretoria by company issued company is supposed to give the letter is still not requiring to do so,still no certificate and now still is 2015.

  154. 1bigLEO

    Hi Nomonde! Please click on the ‘Find a Learnership’ link for articles related to your question. Let us know what worked for you. Good luck and best wishes!

  155. Nomonde Present

    I am Nomonde Present from Northern Cape Urban FET College (City Campus) studying Management Assistant N6 with no work internship,. an internship or learnership will increase my chances to be hired

    Your response would be highly appreciated

    Yours faithfully

    Nomonde Present

  156. Hi Thobeka
    I understand your frustration. Do you know which SETA is funding the program? Find out and contact them directly or go to the Department of Labour. You are considered an employee whilst on a Learnership and can use the legislation to protect yourself or settle disputes.

  157. Thobeka

    Im the one who did nt getting the money. I phone to central office of my college,they say i must fax the letter to confirm that im doing inservice training even now they didnt say anything because everyday im transporting

  158. Thobeka

    I doing inservice training,,i was studing at manjuba college. Why other learners who doing inservice everything month they earn money from SEta bt other they dont get the money, they doing inservice training for free

  159. miranda

    my name is miranda zungu i want learnership of sme

  160. Hi Apiwe, I’m sorry to hear about your challenges which you have so clearly explained. I’ve visited the HW SETA website ( ) and I see they are telling learners to be careful when enrolling with private service providers. You need to explain your situation to them. Follow that link and make a few calls. Please write down the name of the person you speak with and what they say. Send us the information and we will follow up from our side for you if they are unwilling to assist.
    Best of luck!

  161. Apiwe Bhekiwe

    I passed my N6 in Human Resource Management last year, i got a call on Thursday, last week from my Student Support Services from my College, request me to come at Mthatha General Hospital to do In-service Training for 18 months in order for me to get my Diploma and said i’ll get a Stipend of R3 800 per month.

    Today i met Mr. S Simane from my College, who is resposibly to take of the money from SETA to provide students that are currently doing In-service Trainin, he said SETA didn’t reply to his application and said i’ll not get any cent and i must forget about the Stipend.

    I talked him that i don’t have money to proceed with this In-serve becourse of Rent(1000) and Transport(R400) per month and no one is working at home i helped by child support, he said he have no other option.

    Now my parents took a decision for me live the In-serve and come back home becourse they don’t have money to provide me, please help i don’t know what can i do now, i really need the In-service Training.

  162. Ernest

    Hi,am really cross with the way learnerships are managed.i have been studying plumbing with in touch community development &capricorn fet college from 2014 till december,they promised us certificate and stipends,i think that learnerships enriches the rich while the poor become poorer.people pocket the money intended to help us to enrich themselves and their families.28million rand from seta dissapeared,our december-january stipends has not been payed,no certificates,we have turned into the laughing stock in our community,another year down the drain.seta can u please investigate.frustrated-limpopo

  163. Mokone

    Hi there I’m DJ, I was studying electrical engineering at protech training last year doing my NQF level2 under construction ceta. I mean things were not going well, but towards the end of the year they offered us something like a contract from services seta, they told us we gonna start this year january, even now we still waiting for them and they don’t tell us the exact date when are we going to start. If you can, can you please clarify me about seta’s start date and monthly stipend, because sometimes we get it very hard to trust that training centre the way the treating us

  164. Please read our advice, we can’t help you if you can’t help yourself ok. It’s gotta start with your effort. Check out our links and start sending applications or contact large engineering firms and ask if they run learnership. Best of luck!!

  165. Yandisa Duna

    I have passed my matric and I want to do engineering, I’m need of learnership,I don’t know what to do to get learnership.

  166. Hey Mokgadi!
    You’re right! Don’t stay at home doing nothing, find opportunities! Check out our SETA contacts posts and the links we post for people looking for opportunity.
    Best of luck!

  167. mokgadi

    I was studying tourism last year at university of technology due to financial problems iam owing. t tshwane university of technology. so I cannot afford and I dnt want to stay at home.doing nothing so I will like to have any information.about leanership in tourism or any

  168. Hi Thuso! Sorry to hear about that! Please contact the MQA yourself. I found these contacts on the MQA site. Ask one of them who you speak to about Learnership Certification. You need to check with this person that the training provider has had your POE externally moderated by the SETA. If your work has not been externally moderated you cannot be certified. Good luck and let us know!

    Khongisa Mngoma
    011 547 2664

    Bonginkosi Mkhize
    011 547 2665

    Zanele Dibakoane
    011 547 2667

    Lesley Henderson
    011 547 2667

  169. Thuso Mooketsi

    I am currently working in a mining industry,I have successfully completed MQA level 2 in strata control with EXTRACTon Sep 2013 and have not yet received my certificate,when I ask my seniors they tell me that they have not received certificates from MQA

  170. Thabs, your comment means alot to us! This year we’re going to be even better. 🙂 Keep Climbing!!!
    Best wishes,

  171. thabiso dominic madiba

    You are one of the most valuable website that provide a relevant and visible information,keep providing us.thank you.

  172. Olive Mathiba

    Pls can you guys inform me when there are learnerships in kimberley Northern Cape

  173. lucas

    Hi my name is lucas I’m 30 years and and I’m unemployed I have grade 12 matric I’m looking for a leanership pls help me

  174. Learner N

    I will like to ask that why we have not received the money that we agreed about, at Okhahlamba municipality now the stipend is R1000 but we agreed on R1500?

  175. Nthabiseng

    Dear sir or madam

    i looking for learnership i have NQF LEVEL 4 Technical Support certificate.

  176. L Ndlovu


    The Coastal KZN FET College is required to make a reasonable attempt to update their Students’ Work Experience Data Base.
    Applicable to All Undergraduate students seeking for Work Experiential Training and ad hoc placement;
    Kindly be informed that you should submit (Post) your documents to the college and it will be kept on file to be available for any requests for placements (on campus and off campus). The college appointed Placement Officers who urge companies for your Placements; it is recommended that students should also go out and look for work experiential training.
    Undergraduate Students will receive a NSF Stipend during the experiential training from the College.

    1. Requirements:
    1.1 Completed Skills Programme;
    1.2 Completed NCV Level 4 with no outstanding subject;
    1.3 Completed N6 with no outstanding subject and
    1.4 Only the above completed Students who have never done their In-services Training.

    2. The Student undertakes to provide the following:
    2.1 Copies of Certificate or A statement of the student’s examination results (Certified);
    2.2 Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae and
    2.3 Copy of a Green Barcoded ID (Certified)

    NB: If you meet the criteria as set out above and you are interested in any form of Experiential Training please submit an
    updated Documents.

    An application which does not comply with the above requirements will be regarded as incomplete and will never be considered. Work Log-book will only be provided by Placement Office Unit at the Central Admin Office.

    Postal Address: Placement Office Unit, CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION OFFICE 50051 Mfundi Mngadi Drive, KwaMakhutha • P O Box 1795, Amanzimtoti, 4126 or E-mail: or
    (No Fax is allowed)

    Enquires Lindiwe Ndlovu, Telephone: (031) 905 7000/98; College Website:

    Please also like our Facebook Page (Coastal KZN FET College Student Placement Unit) and Student Placement Officers will assist you with internship post that will be advertised and you will have to apply for each one. These posts are usually advertised at the end of each month.

  177. Nomonde Present

    Dear Madam/Sir

    my name is Nomonde Present 22 year old female from kimberley, a student at Northern Cape FET College,. I ‘m desperately requesting you to appointment me when there is posts for internship or learnership.

    working together we can

  178. simon tshake

    Dear|sir|madam my name is simon tshake I’m looking for elctricion learnership ihave n1 to n3 elctricion skill for house fault finder and eltrical maintainance any kind of learnership I need it’s my pleasure thanks god blees

  179. simon tshake

    I have eseta qualifications for elctricion skills N1 to N3 skills fault finder and maintainance elctricion

  180. Reuben

    Dear sir/madam
    Im hard worker who has qualification of financial management n4 im an enthuastic person and ability to with a team. im relaible and honest person
    im able to work underpresure

  181. Jaydine

    looking for a learnership program or jut work please

  182. kamogelo

    I am 22 years old. I have matric certificate and I just passed n1 mechanical last block when we about to register for n2(diesel) they told us that our bursary don’t have money anymore now I have to attend on a loan because my parents are not working they only sign that they will pay while they can’t effort that kind of money please any learnership that can help me to further my studies I’m a hard worker

  183. mfundo dladla

    I would like to be assisted with the funding to further my studies. I have national diploma in transport management through UJ. I would like to do Bachelors degree next year.


  184. johannah

    i am 22 years of age with my matric. I am interested on your learnership

  185. Nyameka Mofu

    I would like you to send me the latest learnerships at Western Cape

  186. Mapeyi zongezile

    I have N6 electric engineering im looking for inservise trainig

  187. norman Mashego

    I’m willing to know what is the stipend of learnership that is in ehlanzeni municipality. EWSETA learnership

  188. patrick pooe

    i want to become a fitter i am 29yrs old guy from rustenburg my contact is 0721262787.I am available please.

  189. Starlyin

    Its going to be good for me to at least receive more training on ETDP practices. Thank You. I hold a Diploma in Education and currently about to finish A Bachelor of Education 2014.

  190. Starlyin

    I hold Diploma in education, currently about to complete a Bachelor of Education, and have done an Assessor Certificate, and hope to do Moderation as well. I wish to do more Practice on Education, Training and Practice. Currently, I am unemployed, I need your help, please.

  191. molushi lacandy

    I really want learnership to improve my experience and also my studies in order to get a better job.

  192. nonhlanhla

    plz notify me on learnerships in entrepreneurship or any business side
    m currently doing first year in TUT studying diploma in entrepreneurship

  193. Nompumelelo nkosi

    I wil like to know if seta only help student from public sector only

  194. kayleen klassen

    i started trainin at gerli clothing its a learnership for a machinist nqf level2.i trained for a month n overheard the manager say to two other guys that came with him to the training room that sseta is paying us R450 a week but we are only recieving R230 a week so would u please find out for me how much i must earn.because i went to ccma n labour dept but they cant help me n bargaining council dnt deal with seta.gerli clothing in maitland mowbray road.

  195. tarryn

    hi, i would like to know where i can apply for a learnership for hairdressing. I would really like to study it but do not have finance to study. Thanx

  196. livhuwani

    Hi.I want to know where can I. Find help if there is something I don’t understand in a company that is offering a leanerships,or if there are robing us.which organisation is responsible for this.

  197. vusi yende

    44 yrs old male doing tilling on full time basis.requests to be plugged into an ongoing learnership program in tilling in mp in daggakraal


    dear sir/madam i’m mohlahlo irene from limpopo at sekhukhune.i have just completed my grade 12 with a bachelor and looking for learnership in agriculture.COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME TO FURTHER MY STUDIES,YOU ARE MY LAST HOPE…THANK YOU.

  199. lungisani

    Is there any seta office’s @ Pieter maritzburg?

  200. Mokoena Tlalane

    I like to work as a health and welfare so that i will be thankfull alot and i declare all information is clear….thank you

  201. Noria Mamabolo

    I really appreciate all the information you guys give us especially in times like these when our country surfers high rates of unemployment nd unskilled persons. I personally hope to find a learnership

  202. Lilian Makgabo

    please i would like to be updated about seta learnerships available, im doing office management currently so i would like to know which learnership do i qualify for, and what can i do to apply for a learnership.

  203. Khanyiza

    Im 27 yrs i was doing degree in media studies at UL Turfloop campus n drop oup in second level pls let me know if there r any learnership available

  204. sandile

    Hi i would to know how much a level 3 student is getting because on what we are paid is far less compared to other student.I am boilermaker student the money that is R1900.00. i just want to be sure.
    Thanks in advance

  205. WONGAMA

    furthermore, and its four months left waiting and we dnt have money to go to work,please respond sooner

  206. WONGAMA


  207. Judas

    Dear sir/madam im judas letsoalo from polokwane,mankweng unit g i’v finished grade 12 with diploma the problem to further my education i want to study at ctu campus i need to study IT i have heard that seta can help plz help im very poor but im rich in education help me with financial to study ther to get rid of poverty please reply in jesus name thank you



  209. Ayanda Radebe

    Dear Sir/Madam

    To Whom It May Concern

    Im a student at Swinton Campus (Coastal College) doing Level 4 on Civil Engineering Bricklaying Course.
    Looking for a Learnership on the Field,a dedicated person on his work & full of Ideas and a problem solver

    Your Response will be highly appreciated.

    Your’s Sincerly
    Ayanda Radebe

  210. mmasepalo

    Hy I’m 24 years old n I was n a learnership last year of dempartment of communication we started july n finished december it was 12 thing so we a stil waiting for other 6month n certificate 1hy so long help

  211. stoffel

    if there any learnerships please email me back or contact me on the following numbers 071793113.

  212. kaymo


  213. khethwe

    hey am looking for service training I have level 4 in mechanical engineering so I need seta to assist me with training ,I aslo have a seta certificate for basic study skills please help .thank u

  214. Charmelle

    Please notify me of any leanerships in port elizabeth please im currently unemployed any would appreciate an oppertunity like this

  215. baleseng

    its been 3 years apply for trainings but no light south africa has shortage of artisan but its difficult find training,i have n3 mechanical us.

  216. Hi Themba
    You sound like you want to progress in life but have a few issues.
    If you do a learnership, you will receive valuable training for free AND be paid a small stipend – anything between R800 – R4000 (it depends on who funds the learnership). You are expected to use this money to arrive on time for training and to be able to feed yourself. If you are willing to live on the little money you get from doing the learnership – DO IT!
    If you’d prefer to pay to do a part time course somewhere – get another job so that maybe you can earn more and do a course you’re willing to pay for.
    Best wishes!

  217. Themba Lazarus Mashele

    No comment

    I’m asking that the’s no learner ships available because now I’m work at sbv cash centre but I’m working under agency I’m not earning anything. By assist of seta maybe something will come up. But the problem is that I never go further with my studies I only have metric.

    Your sincelly
    TL Mashele

  218. Hi there! Unfortunately I can’t contact you each time there’s a learnership as I don’t work for the SETA but offer advice to people just because I know some stuff and care. But I also want to say that it’s no use expecting an easy solution, you need to move and find information. Make contact with training companies, send them your CV etc. I can see that you believe in yourself and that’s important, keep at it.

  219. Hey Pretty!
    You sound very enthusiastic and this is going to take you far! It sounds like you know what you want and what you need to do.
    The Lehae Primary school has a soccer team that’s rocking. How about making contact, see if you can assist them in any way and get career advice from the coach.
    Learnerships get advertised publicly – in newspapers and online so keep doing research. Call the SETA and find out who the training providers are and make contact with them!
    Best wishes…Leonie Hall

  220. Mamotiki

    Safety and security Seta

  221. Hey learnership seekers! please contact the relevant SETA about who the service providers are. A service provider is the organisation responsible for recruiting learners and conducting (doing) the training. Please keep visiting this site for advice and information. Best wishes, Leonie Hall

  222. Pretty

    Dear Sir/ pretty Twala from lehae.As a high junior im actively seeking this Sports Administration learnershing,im ready to take a chance and you will not regret it.My dream is to work in the sports industry,my problem is i cant afford to further my studies .I immediately began researching learnership opportunities.,Im a big fan of sports,i love sports so much.I look forward for the chance to get this Sports Administration learnership and fulfill my positively prepared and ready for this opportunity ,it will add experience to building my career.i am very willing and eager to learn new things….thank you so much for your time and consideration. By pretty twala . On january 23 ,2 013 at 14:05 pm.

  223. ntlhabolane lartance kwenaesele

    i would like to be contacted everytime when mlearnerships are out i want to develop skills and knowledge to learn more and i am a hard working woman intelligent.i past my matric looking for loan nd bursaries to further my studies but havent succeed yet so it will a honer for me to be part of seta development in not only you will be helping me but our country as a whole…

  224. maureen malatji

    dear sir or madam. Im maureen malatji,in possession of national diploma policing studied at tshwane university of technology,currently doing facilitation at city view business college,looking for any internship of asssesor in your department(safety and security ).any in fo please.

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