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Passion and Accountability

Many occupational training programs, such as skills programs and learnerships, target new market entrants and those wanting to advance their careers. BEE Point and tax rebates

In South Africa, BEE Points and tax rebates makes this an attractive space for businesses with active training departments. Businesses that don’t have a training unit accredited with a SETA will procure the services of an accredited training organisation.

Nation Qualification Framework (NQF) aligned programs aim at increasing the employability of participants and in increasing the productivity and competitive value of those already employed. If employed people assist the economy by growing their companies – more jobs will be created for the unemployed.

Faces of Frustration. Low pay and few opportunities for development incites desperate action. Vocational Learning happens against a backdrop of an economy growing at a meager 2% whilst the rest of Africa averages on 6%.


I’m passionate about education and believe that a learning environment is one of the most positive spaces one can ever experience. I have a firm belief that most negative arguments against a learning opportunity can be overturned, particularly if it’s for a full qualification, recognised by industry and which would offer successful candidates significant competitive power.

However, before they reach this position of power – you have to unpack any reservations that may be present.

The Induction / Orientation / On-boarding Program

The best  part of a learning program value chain is undeniably the beginning. That’s the part dealing with alignment of personal vision, sometimes it’s company orientation into (an often mysterious) industry and learner commitment – namely the induction.

People can sometimes swing like a pendulum from positive to negative, you need to provide reasons to reinforce and ground the positive factors.

Crafting a vision statement for a learning experience is crucial for vocational learners who may never have participated in a formal tertiary program and who often come from marginalised communities. For many, living day by day is a reality they are born into. The vision statement is a way to make people take ownership of their life paths.

This part of the program is most laced with personal dreams, learning expectations / anticipations and hope.

Many want to create an opportunity for progress among their communities, all carry dreams and doubts of success.

Expressions of excited anticipation, curiosity and fear are common. A good induction program addresses these issues and directs the learners energies into displays of passion.

This is a  process during which learners need to be made comfortable about their decision to be there and to boost their confidence. It’s always useful to use a technique such as Socratic questioning and to allow learners to create a wall of information based on what they already know.

Adults arrive with life experience, knowledge and work experience – I’ve started to shape an idea that even not having a job can be ‘work experience’. Those without jobs and who don’t know anyone who is or has been employed, create their own ideas shaping what employment, business and struggle to success means.

Learners need to understand what the training vision is and how the training provider will support them through the process. I’ve seen the motivational power of learners developing personal vision statements as they link program objectives to own aspirations.

These learner visionary statements are useful in coaching sessions, reflection exercises and disciplinary hearings. For the latter, a vision statement can hold a learner accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

What happens if I don’t understand content while I’m working alone? What happens if I repeatedly submit and fail assignments? How do I know I am being fairly assessed?

Set your Learners free at the beginning!

The Training Induction: Vision, Ownership & Passion

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