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What questions underpin curriculum design?

Curriculum Design for Occupational Training and Development

Vocational training is about developing on-the-job-competencies but the manner in which we approach the process can be detrimental if we confine ourselves only to that narrow definition.

Vocational training also needs to include decision making and guidance for aspirations if the experience is to contribute to instilling life-long learning values.

Here are some questions which curriculum designers consider when planning a vocational qualification:

  1. In the video below, Heidi Jacobs poses the question : What year are we preparing students for? Consider that new technologies evolve within four years and that the average technical program is 3 years in duration – are we educating with a static or robust scenario in mind?
  2. What are the operational demands of the workplace? What will that job look like 5 years from now? What’s the life span of the information you’re providing your students with and how old is it already? Last year’s stuff is just that – last year’s! Leave it there and update.
  3. How do we advance the benefits of technologies and how can we advantage our students through the curricula? From blackboard to flat screen – how will you remain up to date as a professional teacher / trainer? Since social media is the norm amongst youth culture, would you want a teacher who could tap into this for their students benefit or one who thinks Facebook’s too difficult and Tweeting’s a waste of time? Who would be best for your students?
  4. How will the program prepare the student for the global economy? Will they embrace constant change, be open to ever shifting realities and new opportunities? Do you prepare them for life long learning?
  5. If most learning is not linear, just how circular is your curriculum and does your assessment methodology reinforce this and respond to stakeholder needs?

Watch Heidie Jacobs TEDx presentation, it’s inspiring. 

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