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Credits multiplied by 10

2 credits = 20 notional hours

160 credits = 1600 notional hours

Notional Time refers to the relative learning abilities of individuals

Notional Time refers to the relative learning abilities of individuals

If the word ‘notion’ refers to an ‘idea’, then notional time is an idea about time. This means that it is a reasoned framework, essentially non prescriptive. Some people can learn a concept in 20 minutes, others require two days.

However it’s not feasible to plan a training program stating that time is a relative concept. In SAQA (South African Qualification Authority) language, a credit is a time indicator. If a unit standard is 5 credits – time allocated to implement and manage the learning experience is 50 hours.

One credit is therefore assumed to be completed within 10 hours.

Notional Time = credit x 10 hours

If a qualification is 120 credits, the notional time is 1200 hours

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Thembakazi Aug 26, 2018 at 4:58 am

How does one cover or make up for missed notional hours due to unforseen situations.


    Leonie Hall Sep 18, 2018 at 5:09 pm

    Hi Thembakazi
    Look at the assessment criteria for each unit standard and the exit level outcomes. Create evidence to show you know how to meet them.

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