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Applying for a job is a highly competitive process. If you’re doing it often, ensure you keep improving. Submitting the same application for various opportunities at different organisations will count against you.


When you apply, make them remember you for good reasons.

Firstly, when you respond to a recruitment advert make sure you have checked the closing date or you’re wasting your time. Most recruiters receiving your applications are the types who won’t even open your email or read your fax if it’s past the due date.

  • However, when you’re applying to be a part of a training program such as a learnership (occupational training), you may still have an opportunity if it’s not too far past the due date!
  • If you see that it’s less than 1 month, call them up anyway.
  • Explain that you’re interested and want to know if you could be shortlisted in case people drop out.
  • It’s a long shot but at least it shows you’re determined and creative. This drop out is referred to as ‘attrition.’ People sometimes have to leave for personal reasons or perhaps they realised they weren’t that passionate about the opportunity after all.
  • Training providers expect this to happen and will wisely accommodate for this, which means that if you’re confident and impressive – you could still get in if someone has dropped off.

A few words about being impressive

  • It’s not that difficult to make a good impression. Begin with the cover letter. When you write a cover letter or send an email asking about opportunities, DO A SPELL CHECK! Coz rytin sms styl is just bad.
  • If you want to be selected communicate correctly. This makes the reader feel as if they can trust you to behave professionally in a workplace environment. Remember that a learnership is an occupational qualification and as such you must fit into the business place.
  • Poorly written letters leave a bad impression of your abilities and even maturity.

It’s not just about the spelling and grammar though.

Your first two sentences must be interesting and catch the readers attention immediately. Try these:

  • You can demonstrate vision:
    • I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, since the first time I saw my neighbour in her white uniform, I just knew! If I can do this qualification it will help me get a job at our local clinic.
  • You can be transparent:
    • I want to do this qualification because I don’t know anything about business but I’ve watched business shows on tv and love the way people plan and interact. I like the way people seem focussed on goals and being a team. I really want to learn.
  • You can show passion:
    • I’ve been baking and taking care of people since I was first allowed to use a stove. I won a baking competition at school and baked biscuits to earn money, I even have my own unique recipes with secret ingredients! If you want people who can prove their love for this then I’m your girl!

These are just some examples, get creative and make a great impression from the first sentence!

Your CV

  • This should not be longer than 2 pages.
  • Your personal details (ID, address, age etc should take up less than 1/4 of a page.)
  • A CV should list details about:your skills (what you can do),interests (what you like to learn about, link it to the qualification),
    do you have any hobbies related to the program you’re applying for?
    What have you achieved? Distinctions, were you a class captain or prefect, sports achiever etc?
  • Your CV  must make you sound like someone actively involved in the world and someone who has interests. If all you do is watch soapies all day then it’s time to get real! But if you watch TV in order to post reviews online, write a blog, be critical, watch shows about your area of interest etc – then you could be hot stuff.

Just make yourself sound like an amazingly useful person to have around ok…! Good luck!!

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