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Easily List 100 Paperclip Uses

This list of 100 Paperclip Uses will help you hack your own! 100 surprisingly practical uses for the humble paperclip. Who knew a tiny piece of metal could be so versatile? Bend and twist your way to genius with these 100 uses for a paperclip! But is there a motivational lesson here too?

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Innovative Uses for a Paperclip: Life Twists and Turns

From unlocking your diary to creating a mini catapult for office warfare, this post will have you seeing paper clips in a whole new light.

The “100 ways to use a paperclip” activity is a classic creativity exercise. It’s been used to stimulate brainstorming and problem-solving for decades. Originally used in business settings, it has been adapted for use in adult education. This is because ‘100 Uses for a Paperclip‘ can be an effective tool for promoting learning, innovation and personal development. When listing as many unique and creative uses for a simple object as possible, surprising connections are made. Consequently, the activity encourages the networking of new ideas, approaches and perspectives. There are also other variations of the activity, such as using a brick or circle.

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100 Ways to Use a Paperclip is a Brainstorm-Motivating Exercise

Sometimes we must be reminded of the endless possibilities that exist for us. We can change direction and bend another way, like a paper clip!

List 100 Uses for a Paper Clip: Test Your Self-Motivation

Of course, most people only know the ‘100 uses’ as a popular creativity activity. The exercise encourages you to ‘think out of the box’ and come up with as many functions as possible for a paper clip. Well, there’s much more to this exercise in brain agility than one first expects!

Participants are usually given a few minutes to try to come up with 100 uses. Some people stop at around 20 because they don’t feel like pushing themselves further. That’s when the task’s motivational factors come into play.

Why use a paperclip?

So a paper clip is a versatile and readily available object, making it ideal for this exercise. Its simple and familiar nature allows you to think creatively and challenge yourself to generate multiple uses beyond its intended purpose.

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100 Paper Clip Uses

It’s not about how smart you are! Give it a go and put your own list together! It always feels impossible to come up with 100 things to do with a paperclip! But once you get started and push through your first hurdle, you’ll surprise yourself, human! ;)

List of 25 Uses for a Paperclip

  1. Releasing a sim card from a mobile
  2. Tooth-filling stimulator to give an open-mouth snorer a zingy feeling
  3. Fish small objects out of tight spaces
  4. Unclog small holes
  5. Hold flowers or stems together in a bouquet
  6. Secure a bandage
  7. Securely mark a page in a book
  8. Hold open chip bags
  9. Make a makeshift lock pick
  10. Use the paper clip as a hook to hang light objects
  11. Pierce paper clips through a piece of fabric then hang ear-rings from each clip
  12. Secure loose cables
  13. Hold a group of toothpicks together to combine elements for a food display
  14. Secure a camera strap
  15. Use as a makeshift needle for rough stitching
  16. Secure earbuds to a phone or MP3 player
  17. Use as a makeshift nail to hang pictures
  18. Make a DIY key ring
  19. Make an ornamental lock for a diary or journal
  20. Use to hold a piece of string from a burglar bar for the cat to lay with
  21. Hold small seeds in place for planting
  22. Secure a broken pair of glasses
  23. Magnetise paper clips for fun and arrange them on fridge
  24. Secure a broken key on a keychain
  25. Use as a makeshift wire connector
  26. Secure a broken piece of jewellery

A List of Other Ways to Use a Paperclip

What’s the purpose of the “100 Uses for a Paper Clip” exercise?

This is a creative thinking activity. Therefore it encourages you to stretch your imagination and come up with 100 unique and unconventional ways to use a simple paper clip. It’s a fun and engaging way to think outside the box and let your creativity shine!

  1. Use as a clip for a small plant stem
  2. Use as a makeshift clamp for a broken tool
  3. Clip bills together in a wallet
  4. Use as a makeshift screwdriver for small screws
  5. Hold a broken fan blade in place
  6. Secure a broken belt
  7. Make a fastener for a small box
  8. Use as a makeshift lock for a cabinet or drawers
  9. Make a clip-on lamp
  10. Use as a clip-on light for a tent or camping
  11. Stick tiny eyes on and use as a bookmark
  12. Secure a broken shoelace
  13. Use as a clip-on light for a hat
  14. Nail cleaner
  15. Carve fine patterns into nail polish
  16. Etching tool
  17. Worm hook
  18. Paper note/memo hanger
  19. To make pixel holes in paper
  20. Pixel Stamp
paperclip uses

A List of 30 Alternative Uses for Paperclips

  1. DVD drive opener
  2. Aerial for radio
  3. Aerial for small tv
  4. Hole maker
  5. Scratch beneath a bandage or plaster cast
  6. Finger/toe splint
  7. Make earrings out of paperclips
  8. Twist into alphabet letters & numbers
  9. String paperclips together to hang light ornaments or Xmas decor
  10. Make a paperclip necklace
  11. Bangle out of paper clips
  12. Use as a nappy clip
  13. Nozzle unclogger
  14. Water divining rod for idiots
  15. Marshmallow sticks
  16. Cheese picker
  17. Mini skewers
  18. Cherry stalks holders at a buffet
  19. Join paper clips to decorate a bare winter tree and thread recycled flowers through
  20. Porcupine quills on a papier mache sculpture
  21. Punch holes through polystyrene
  22. Animal whiskers on a cake
  23. Heat up and use as hair curling tongs for dolls
  24. Hair knot detangler
  25. Hair accessory for sputnik hairstyles
  26. Use as a frame to stick faces on
  27. Clean a tiny gun
  28. Clean your cats’ nails
  29. Scratch annoying black dirt away on oven dishes
  30. Scratch ex’s car, scratch can go on forever as scratching sharpens clip

Why are paperclips so useful?

More than 100 Ways to use a paperclip when you think about it!

The awesome detail about paper clips is that they are relatively firm while still being able to be bent and twisted. Now what about you?

  1. Scrape little chips of paint off surfaces
  2. For a unique purpose, gradually fray the rope of your rock-climbing enemy
  3. Additionally, use paper clips to suspend a sheet in trees to make a canopy
  4. Moreover, use them to hold a small creeping vine in place
  5. Consider using it as a sausage skin popper
  6. For a creative culinary twist, make pattern holes in baked potatoes
  7. In an advanced culinary setting, use them as sushi sticks
  8. Alternatively, repurpose them as meat skewers
  9. Experiment with them as contents of a shaker for percussion music
  10. Use them to scratch enemies’ CDs and DVDs
  11. Furthermore, use them to scratch dirt out of coin grooves
  12. You can also use them to hold bank notes together
  13. For practical purposes, punch through the skin in oil paint tubes and silicon guns
  14. In a demonstration scenario (as in a movie), they can be used for population representation
  15. For a medical simulation, they can be used in clamping an artery
  16. Consider using them as toffee sticks
  17. In cleaning applications, use them to clean between bristles on a scrubbing brush
  18. For hair removal purposes, use them to remove hair from a broom or hairbrush
  19. In artistic endeavors, use them to scratch into glass for graffiti purposes
  20. Additionally, they can be used to clean nozzles on aerosol spray cans

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20 Different Things A Paperclip Can Do For You

But How Just how Flexible, Creative and Resistant to Failure are You?

Let’s take a look at some final ideas for the last part of the 100 Ways to Use a Paper Clip list.

  1. Remove excess grout from mosaics
  2. Additionally, use the round part to massage the entrance of your ears and remove wax
  3. Furthermore, the rounded part can be used to massage the webbing between fingers and apply pressure
  4. Moreover, use it to play the Guitar
  5. For a creative twist, drop it onto wet concrete for an interesting effect
  6. Also, tie it around crayons and pencils so that they stick to a magnet
  7. Additionally, use the round part to tickle your nose
  8. In a playful manner, decorate a cat’s tail
  9. For a fun DIY project, carve a recipe onto pumpkin/butternut/gem squash skin
  10. Use it to pop balloons
  11. Furthermore, use it to hold decoration in place on a cocktail
  12. Also, it can be used to poke a hole in takeaway fast food tomato sauce
  13. Consider using them as stems for flowers (real or fake)
  14. For a creative use, straighten the clip, stab it into the ground to make a sundial
  15. You can also repurpose it as a golf tee
  16. Test your hand-eye coordination whilst moving a paper clip along an electric wire
  17. Use it to move specimens around beneath a microscope
  18. In an artistic project, use them as hangers for empty silkworm cocoons
  19. Consider using them to hang on the abacus instead of little balls
  20. For a unique DIY project, make a chain maille vest or an entire outfit
  21. Lastly, use them to make shapes for a mobile or jewelry

Create Your List of 100 Uses for a Paperclip

How to List 100 Paper Clip Uses: Adopt a Growth Mindset

  • When participating in the “100 uses for a paper clip” exercise, adopt a growth mindset.
  • A growth mindset is one focused on growth, learning and development.
  • At first, you might think, damn I’ll never be able to do this. You’re no imposter, you can do this.
  • Sure, it’s like a physical workout. When we’re unfit we’re terrified of a gym session, well that’s all this is! ”100 Ways to Use a Paper Clip‘ shows you how to work your brain and make all its magic come alive.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when adopting a growth mindset:

  1. Embrace challenges: View challenges as opportunities to grow and develop, rather than obstacles to avoid.
  2. Be open to new ideas: Be willing to consider new and unconventional ideas, even if they seem far-fetched at first.
  3. Focus on the process, not just the outcome: Instead of just focusing on the result of coming up with 100 uses for a paper clip, focus on the creative process of brainstorming and generating new ideas.
  4. Collaborate with others: Work with others to generate ideas and build upon each other’s suggestions.
  5. Be persistent: Don’t give up if you run into obstacles, continue to think creatively and push through challenges.

How can I make the most of this exercise?

Approach the exercise with an open mind and let your ideas run wild. Start with practical uses and gradually move on to more imaginative and unconventional ones. Don’t worry about judgment or feasibility at this stage—just focus on generating a wide range of ideas and having fun with it!

By adopting a growth mindset, you can approach the exercise with a positive, curious and creative attitude. This increases your chances of coming up with unique and innovative solutions.

The Paper Clip Uses Exercise

1. How the paper clip uses exercise works

Grab a paper clip, and let your ideas flow. Start brainstorming and writing down as many different uses for a paper clip as you can think of. The goal is to push the limits of your imagination and explore new and unexpected possibilities.

The exercise involves brainstorming and listing 100 different uses for a paper clip. Participants in a group are encouraged to come up with both practical and imaginative ideas. They push the boundaries of traditional uses for the object. The purposes are to expand thinking, foster creativity, and explore new possibilities.

2. What are the benefits of this exercise?

  • The “100 Uses for a Paper Clip” exercise boosts your creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and innovation.
  • It helps expand your ability to think outside the box, challenge assumptions, and explore unconventional possibilities.
  • Plus, it’s a delightful and engaging activity that brings out your inner inventor! :)

3. Can I do this exercise alone or with others?

Both options work great! If you prefer solo brainstorming, go ahead and let your imagination soar. If you enjoy collaborating, try the exercise with friends or colleagues. Group sessions can spark even more creativity through shared ideas and building upon each other’s suggestions.

Tricks and tips to complete the “100 uses of paperclip” brainstorming task

1. Start with the obvious ways to use a paperclip:

  • for example, clipping papers together or using a paper clip to clean small crevices. Write down as many paper clip uses as you can think of, even if they seem trivial.

2. Think of different scenarios where a paper clip could be useful:

  • such as in a survival situation, at school or work, or while traveling. This will help you come up with more creative uses.

3. Look at the physical properties of a paperclip:

  • such as its shape, size, and flexibility. Brainstorm ways that these properties could be used in different situations.

4. Try to think of unusual or unexpected ways that a paperclip could be used.

Do you repeatedly come up against similar or the same obstacles or dead ends? It means you need to try something different – such as the way you think! You can rewire your brain by challenging it to think in ways it didn’t previously.

5. Don’t be afraid to combine different paperclip uses or ideas together.

  • For example, you could use a paperclip to make a mini slingshot for launching paper balls across the room.

6. Use the power of association to think of ‘100 ways to use a paperclip.’

  • Think of related concepts or objects and try to find ways that a paper clip could be used in relation to them. For example, you could use a paper clip to create a tiny wireframe structure of a building or a bridge.

This is not a test to see how many real, rational and believable suggestions you can come up with – it really can be about being silly, adventurous, creative and daring.

7. Push Through. 100s creative ideas will flow once you release the energy

Keep pushing yourself to come up with new ideas, even if you think you’ve exhausted all the possibilities. Sometimes the best ideas come from pushing yourself beyond your limits! Have fun with the task and let your imagination run wild!

Repetition isn’t innovative or creative.

Break away from similar functions to explore diversity and creativity. This will help introduce fresh concepts. This exercise can show that you are more creative than you thought, that you can push your boundaries and that you can be fearless.

What to do after completing the ‘100 Ways to Use A Paperclip’ Activity

  1. Reimagine You and Your Career: Grab a piece of paper or open your favorite note-taking app and jot some career planning steps down and see what new options you come up with.
  2. List Personal Development Steps: Do you need to study or train further? You can learn for free while you decide what fields or areas deeply interest you.
  3. Make No Excuses: Remember how you felt like you couldn’t come up with 20, or 50 or 100 ideas? You most likely outperformed your expectations of yourself (that is until you stopped!). You stay where you are unless you do something different.

Benefits of using ‘100 Ways’ in an education setting

100 Uses for a Paper Clip: Done and Dusted

100 ways to use a paper clip” exercise is a simple yet effective tool for promoting creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and innovation in educational settings with adults. By encouraging participants to think outside the box and generate as many ideas as possible, this exercise can help to develop essential skills that are highly valued in today’s world. So next time you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to promote learning and innovation, consider using the “100 ways to use a paper clip” exercise!

How can I apply the skills developed in “100 Uses for a Paper Clip” to other areas of my life?

The skills you develop through the “100 Uses for a Paper Clip” exercise are like superpowers that can be applied in various aspects of your life and work. Creative thinking, problem-solving, and exploring alternative perspectives are valuable skills that can enhance innovation, decision-making, and finding unique solutions to challenges. So whether you’re brainstorming new ideas, tackling a problem at work, or simply looking for a fresh perspective, these skills will come in handy!

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