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Careers in Health, Social Development and Veterinary Sectors are represented by HW SETA

Jobs in this sector includes nurses, Vets, social workers, emergency medical care and community health workers.

This listing includes the Provider Name, Provider  Phone Number,  Provider Fax Number, Provider Email Address and Physical Address. The information is extracted from the Health and Welfare SETA database of accredited training providers. This means that training delivered by these organisations is registered on the National Qualifications Framework and that you will receive credit bearing assessments.

How to Join a Learnership if you are Unemployed


  • Unemployed people can register as work seekers at the Department of Labour
  • Look for employers in the sectors in which you wish to obtain a learnership i.e. nursing in public and private hospitals, social auxiliary work at the Department of Social Development or Non Government Organisations (NGOs) or social work agencies
  • Prepare a concise CV and make sure that your subjects are correct for the learnership that you are interested in
  • Find employers that offer learnerships
  • Make contact with potential employers by sending a concise CV (address it to the HR Department for the attention of the Skills Development Division)
  • Visit the HW SETA for updates.

Western Cape Health and Welfare Training Providers

  1. Shine The Way 177 CC Ph:(021) 838 2728            Fax:(021) 948 6307           1 ST VLOER CORONATION GEBOU     32 KRUSKAL LAAN            BELLVILLE           7530
  2. Risk Training Solutions Ph:219826408    Fax:219826551               mariaan@risktrainingsolutions.co.za No 12           Kannabas Crescent 7560
  3. Ukuphela Training cc Ph:448740833    Fax:448841885  22 AKASIA STRAAT, GEORGE 6529
  4. Safetech Ph:219822771    Fax:        219822560          safetech@telkomsa.net   63 Janie Street         Brackenfell      7560
  5. Community Media Trust Ph:217889163 Fax:217883973  debbie@beatit.co.za Main Road, Muizenburg,  7950
  6. NACOSA Ph:215 520 804  Fax:215 527 742 hannerie@nacosa.org.za
  7. Hugenote College Ph:(021) 873 1181            Fax:(021) 873 7100 antoinette@hugenote.com
  8. Ingozi Management (PTY) Ltd Ph:(021) 946 3368            Fax:(021) 946 3367 graham@ingozi.co.za
  9. Platinum College Of Progress (PTY) Ltd Ph:218 255 425  Fax:219 483 060 platinumcollege2@gmail.com
  10. St Luke’s Combined Hospices NPC Ph:217 975 335  Fax:217 610 130 edw@stlukes.co.za
  11. CEFA Ph:218733998    Fax:218736251  klubbe@hc.sun.ac.za       61 Church Street, Wellington, 7654
  12. Dynamikos Training Network Ph:219492208    Fax:865180358               training@dynamikos.co.za Suite 202; 33 Strant Road, Belville 7579
  13. Elgin Learning Foundation Ph:218489413    Fax:218489414               admin@elginlearning.org.za O. Box 654             Grabouw 7160
  14. Adult Learning Network Ph:21447482898               Fax:214474878  aln-national@iafrica.co.za 9 Scott Road  OBSERVATORY 7935
  15. Nascence Education Ph:219103165    Fax:865728662  3 ROODEBLOEM OFFICE PARK               20 BELLA ROSA STREET   CAPE TOWN       7530
  16. NACCW Ph:217626076 Fax:217625352   220OTTERY ROAD           220 OTERY ROAD CAPE TOWN 7800
  17. Glen Lilly Outsourcing Services Ph:2191394176  Fax:        219139418  18ALLEN DRIVE LOEVENSTEIN    BELLVILLE           7530
  18. Pace Career Centre (PTY) Ltd Ph:(011) 555 3928            Fax:(011) 388 1447 den@pace.za.com
  19. Skills Resource Group (PTY) Ltd Ph:219 463 106  Fax:862 144 143 noa@srg.co.za
  20. Kheth`impilo Aids Free Living Ph:214104300    Fax:214104499   415 HARES STREET SALT RIVER         CAPE TOWN 7925
  21. Mfesane Ph:219453992    Fax:862924841 20 TEDDINGTON ROAD    BELLVILLE CAPE TOWN       7530
  22. George Hospital Training School Fax:448024497
  23. Philani Training and Development Solutions NPC Ph:218832490    Fax:218832491 marguerite@cwf.co.za   Aan-de-Wagen Road       Stellenbosch 7600

Northern Cape Health and Welfare Training Providers

  1. Electus Training and Development Ph:538323502    Fax:866048640 rmmajiedt@gmail.com   3 Nederberg Avenue        Royaldene 8301
  2. Ikhwezi Training and Development Ph:538611126    Fax:723249325                 O.Box 2720     kIMBERELY 8300
  3. B-Safe Africa Ph:(053) 773 1883            Fax:(086) 600 4387               dsehularo@hotmail.com
  4. Glicam Trading Enterprise Ph:538314516    Fax:538314516               felicity@webmail.co.za 7 Fuller Road, West End 8301
  5. Greenfield Management Solutions Ph:538322655    Fax:866055062  CHAPWOOD CHAMBERS         1517 CHAPEL STR             KIMBERLEY         8301
  6. Advisor Progressive College          Ph:(013) 752 5096            Fax:(086) 581 9495 ceo@apcfet.co.za

Be prepared before you make contact!

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