You are currently viewing 30 Limpopo Contacts for Health and Welfare Training

30 Limpopo Contacts for Health and Welfare Training

These Limpopo Contacts for Health and Welfare Training were accredited by HWSETA. Check that their credentials are still up to date.

Limpopo Contacts for Health and Welfare: HWSETA Accredited Training Providers

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Limpopo Contacts for Health & Welfare Training Accredited by the HWSETA

Health, Social Development and Veterinary Sectors are represented at the Health and Welfare SETA. Jobs in this sector include nurses, vets, social workers, emergency medical care and community health workers. Always check that the contacts for Limpopo Health and Welfare training are still accredited for the programmes you’re interested in with the QCTO or HWSETA.

How to Join a Learnership if you are Unemployed: Use Limpopo Contacts for Health

List of Limpopo Contacts for Health and Welfare Training

This listing includes the Provider Name, Contact Details and Physical Address of contacts for Limpopo health and welfare training. The information is extracted from the Health and Welfare SETA database of accredited training providers. This means that training delivered by these Limpopo contacts for health is registered on the National Qualifications Framework and that you will receive credit-bearing assessments.

Limpopo Contacts for Health and Welfare Training

Use these Limpopo Contacys for Health to Ask About HWSETA Learnerships

  1. Tendazwau Trading 8 Ph:159704908    Fax:159704666   Stand No 917
  2. Roma Training Institute Ph:159601519    Fax:865565523 Maranatha Centre, 93 Burgers Street ‘0920
  3. Mvelapanda Development and Projects Ph:152975660    Fax:152975660  Stand No: 1035 Tshisahulu ‘0950
  4. Expectra 183 PTY LTD Ph:152677480    Fax:152677480     72 Unit C, Mankweng ‘0727
  5. Thaleba Promotions and Events Management Ph:152230915    Fax:152236277  03 FACTORY 03C/12; SESHEGO 12 FREEDOM DRIVE  POLOKWANE 742
  6. Edzani Community Development and Consultancy Ph:159626129 Fax:159626129   Old Mutual Building Office 214
  7. Tromar EMS and Rescue Consultants Ph:147362831    Fax:866182265
  8. Olipau Health Centre Ph:152335337    Fax:152335337 102  Ga-Mabotja ‘0784
  9. Anzathendo Construction and Projects Ph:159642032 Fax:159642032  Office 12, Raphalalani Building
  10. Silver Block Traiding Enterprise Ph:158120795 Fax:866668617 Unit 6 Sasekani Complex ‘0826
  11. Vutihlamuleri General Trading Ph:157830978    Fax:157830978
  12. Risenga Technologist Ph:159628684    Fax:866146922 1055/1056 Nazarene Section E ‘0826
  13. Robys Consultancy Ph:(015) 516 1257 Fax:(015) 516 1257
  14. Mnkumela Trading Enterprise Ph:(015) 961 5543  Fax:(015) 961 5543
  15. Ntshepeng Trading Ph:(076) 399 0520  Fax:(086) 545 9645
  16. Lytton Communication Services And Training Ph:760123104
  17. Armar Health and Training Service Ph:315649083  Fax:865005449  54 Compensate Street; St Unit 03 Amnaz Centre;
  18. Mathcy Trading and Projects Ph:156324144    Fax:152871256   P OBox 2177  ‘0700
  19. Nyajani Trading Enterprise Ph:158122404    Fax:158122404 Stand No 529 Section F  ‘0826
  20. Mpule Management and Training Ph:152913050  O. Box 15694 Polokwane ‘0700
  21. NCHEBEKO SKILLS CONSULTANCY Ph:153283605  Fax:153283605 Taxi Street 670, Ga-kgapane ‘0838
  22. Sentahle Community Home Based Care Ph:156510165    Fax:152955346  Stand No:59 Ga Maja ‘0745
  23. Better Best Health Training Ph:(015) 491 7047  Fax:(086) 653 2747   Hooge Street 113 Mokopane ‘0600
  24. Vongani Skills Development Centre Ph:158122631  Fax:158120399  No.1533 Section A RS Baloyi Quantity Surveyors  ‘0826
  25. Madzahisi Trading Enterprise Ph:152547895
  26. Compass Academy Of Learning (PTY) Ltd Ph:154 097 064 Fax:865 465 520
  27. Arikonisaho Trading And Projects Ph:159 704 495  Fax:824 430 277  HOUSE NO 2196 DZANANI MAKHADO
  28. Emcare Ph:152954572 Fax:152954572  HANS VAN RENSBURG STREET    PIETERSBURG
  29. Choice Trust Ph:(015) 307 6329  Fax:(015) 307 6329 12 PARK STREET MEDIPARK TZANEEN 850
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Remember to Check that Limpopo Contacts for Health and Welfare are Still Accredited

Check that these contacts for Limpopo Health and Welfare training still have their accreditation in order.

Contact HWSETA for more about current contacts for Limpopo Health and Welfare.

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