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Career guidance is often referred to as career development services. Each SETA offers career information to the public.

Check SETA websites for information, they can be unhelpful to the public if you just arrive without an appointment. You can ask SETAs about learnerships, internships, bursaries or apprenticeships too!

Career Development Services (CDS)

According to the Department of Higher Education and Training

Career development is all encompassing and includes services such as the provision of career information, career advice, career guidance, career counselling and career planning. It is evident that there are significant overlaps of ideas and activities that are commonly understood as being part of career services.

The South African Government has acknowledged the need for coordinated CDS in the country. Although it is the responsibility of the Minister of Higher Education and Training, all departments implicated in Delivery Agreement 5 have to participate in this process:

  • The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA)
  • The Department of Labour (DoL)
  • The Department of Home Affairs (DHA)
  • The Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR)
  • The Department of Finance (DoF)
  • The Department of Trade and Industry (dti)
  • The Department of Science and Technology (DST)
  • The Department of Basic Education (DBE) and provincial departments of education
  • The Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME)
  • The National Planning Commission (NPC)

SETA Role and The National Skills Development Strategy

The National Skills Development Strategy III (NSDSIII)3 aims

to encourage the linking of skills development to career paths, career development and promoting sustainable employment and in‐ work progression

It specifically refers to SETAs as structures to include goals to build career and vocational guides for their sector. The table below lists each SETA and what they do in terms of delivering career development services in order to strengthen linkages between schools, new market entrants and the unemployed.

Note: CATHSSETA did not submit information!


Career Development Services

SETA Name CDS Activities Target Audience
Agricultural SETA (AgriSETA)
  • Has a career booklet and videos
  • Provide scarce and critical skills within agriculture sector.
  • Has career guide and brochures.
  • Main partner is Grain SA for CDS
TVET Colleges; Students in Colleges of Agriculture; and Unemployed rural Youth.
Fibre Processing and Manufacturing SETA (FP&MSETA)
  • FP&M Chairperson Bursary.
  • Visits schools to present focused career guidance.
  • Creative writing and Design Project for Learners (bursary awarded to winners of competition).
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation.
  • Has a career booklet and brochure for careers.
  • Developed my career notebook used for workshops.
Learners from Grade 11 -12
Wholesale and Retail SETA (W&RSETA)
  • Use workshop based approach in providing CDS information.
  • Has career guides for learners.
  • Has a champion for learners with disabilities project.
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation.
  • Integrate CDS with Life Skills.
  • Visits school in Provinces.
  • Capacitate Life Orientation teachers for CDS.
  • Visits TVET Colleges and Universities for CDS.
  • Conduct Bus Road Shows and Community radio campaigns.
  • Designs CDS initiatives for special days.
  • Has a man in the making project targeting boys.
  • Provides tools of trade (usable objects like torches) to rural youth.
  • Award winner from the Eastern Cape for providing CDS to learners with disabilities.
  • Have career guidance materials for learners with disabilities.
Learners from Grade 9-12; Schools for learners with special needs; TVET Colleges; Universities; Unemployed Youth ; and LO teachers
Education Training and Development Practitioners SETA (ETDPSETA)
  • Develop sector skills plan.
  • Has a career handbook on supply and demand skills.
  • Initiated a Career Guidance Officers Project.
  • Partnerships with the NYDA, SAQA and Provincial Departments of Education.
  • Partnerships with PSETA for mentorship program for the mentors of Career Guidance Officers.
  • Conduct capacity building workshops for Career guidance Officers and LO teachers.
  • Career Guidance Officers provided with 1 year training with UNISA.
Learners from Grade 9-12; TVET Colleges ;and LO teachers
Security and Safety SETA (SASSETA)
  • Career exhibitions in rural areas.
  • Workshops with LO teachers.
  • Advice on scarce and critical skills.
  • Partnership with the University of Pretoria on Sci-Bono Project.
  • Has a database for unemployed youth.
  • Partnership with SAQA on CDS.
Media, Advertising, Information and Communication Technologies SETA (MICTSETA)
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation.
  • Attends government ICT Conference.
Learners from Grade 9-12
Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (FASSET)
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation.
  • Have a career guide and videos.
  • Initiated and runs a Campus Ambassador Campaign at TVET Colleges-students were provided with career information. The programme targets high performing students from year 2 to year 3 of study at TVET Colleges.
  • FASSET trains them and pays stipend.
  • Host FASSET career expo. These are events similar to the Mandela Day Career Festival but only address FASSET sector targeted learners
Learners from Grade 9-12; and TVET Colleges
Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA)
  • Communicates different career paths within Local Government.
  • Provides workplace integrated training through municipalities.
  • Provides learnerships.
  • Provides bursaries.
  • Career Guide in draft.
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation.
  • Promotes “Apply on Time Campaign”.
People with disabilities; Learners from Grade 9-12; and Municipal workers.
Services Seta
  • Has a national career development programme strategy
  • Career Guide still in draft
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation
Learners from Grade 9-12
Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA (merSETA)
  • Has a career booklet.
  • Has career videos.
  • Has a bus for outreach.
  • Focuses on development of Artisans, technicians and engineers in the manufacturing and engineering sector.
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation.
  • Hosts skills competitions.
  • Hosts world of work industrial tourism for Grade 11.
  • Technical Schools Teacher Development Programme.
  • Provide CDS in TVET Colleges.
  • Has Partnership with the NYDA.
Unemployed Youth; teachers; and Learners from Grade 9-12.
Health and Welfare Seta (HWSETA)
  • Career guidance describing occupations within the health and social development sector.
  • Provides learnerships.
  • Has a career guide.
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation.
  • Attends events on special days relevant for CDS.
  • Awareness creation on disabilities. Developed an awareness booklet for employers on disabilities.
  • Visits schools to provide career information to learners with disabilities
Learners with disabilities; Workers with disabilities; and Learners from Grade 9-12.
Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA)
  • A comprehensive career guide.
  • Career DVDs
  • Conducts Road shows.
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation.
  • Host Engenius-engeneering careers programme.
  • Works very closely with the Department of Minerals and Energy.
Learners from Grade 9-12; Mine workers; Primary Schools; and TVET Colleges
Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA)
  • Career Guidance Exhibitions.
  • Has Learnerships.
Learners from Grade 9-12
Public Services Sector Education and Training Authority (PSETA)
  • Provides career information on transactional skills
  • Promote training in government.
  • Provides career information to youth in rural areas.
  • Runs radio campaigns
  • Partners with ETDP SETA on mentors for Career Guidance Officers.
  • Has a career guide.
Youth in rural areas

Learners from Grade 9-12

Civil Servants

FoodBev SETA
  • Provides bursaries to learners
  • Provides information sessions in schools.
  • Conducts workshops for teachers.
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation.
  • Promote open plant days for learners.
  • Has a careers CD.
  • Has a career booklet.
  • Has a scarce skills guide with learning pathways that serve as a guide for teachers.
Learner from Grade 9-12; and Teachers.
Energy and Water SETA (EWSETA)
  • Programmes informed by the annual marketing and communications plan.
  • Has a career guide for learners and the youth. Participate in career exhibitions by invitation.
Learners from Grade 9-12.
  • Train LO teachers
  • Distributes career booklets during finance week
  • Partner with employers on career information
  • Partner with SAICA – sponsor learner Chartered Accountants at the University of Zululand Partners with University of Fort Hare to distribute career booklets through municipalities
  • Provides Maths and Science programme in partnership with Xenex Foundation
  • Provides CDS for cooperatives programme with CBDA Provides training on Consumer Education
  • Participates in career exhibitions by invitation
  • Has a mobile bus for outreach
LO teachers; Learners from Grade 9-12; and university students.
Chemical Industries SETA (CHIETA)
  • Has a career booklet
  • Develops materials in support of learnerships and apprenticeships
  • Participates in career exhibitions by invitation provincially and nationally
  • Works in partnership with SAQA, GCRA and other SETAs
Learners from Grade 9-12; TVET Colleges; and Universities
Transport SETA (TETA)
  • Focuses on career exhibitions nationally and provincially
  • Has a career booklet.
Learners from Grade 8-12; Youth from ages 18-25; LO Teachers; and NGOs
Construction Education SETA (CETA)
  • Hosts career exhibitions in provinces.
  • Has skills centers in TVET Colleges.
  • Attends career exhibitions by invitation.
  • Provides Lecturer development programmes (training them to be Facilitators and Assessors for skills centers).
CATHSSETA No response received. 


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I’m disability man of 34,currently i’m doing learnership and i wish to conved my leanership cerficate to matrix,please help?

NKOKO RAKOENA CLIVE Mar 8, 2018 at 7:05 am

Dear Sir/Madam i am a boy who’s living with disability and i am looking for funding because i need Learnership at MUNICIPALITY and i am available please help me with funding

NKOKO RAKOENA CLIVE Mar 8, 2018 at 7:20 am

Dear Sir/Madam i am a boy who’s living with disability and i am looking for funding because i need Learnership at MUNICIPALITY and i am available please help me with funding.

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