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FPM SETA Qualifications and Scarce Skills.

FPM SETA Qualifications Target Scarce Skills, Training and Job Security

FPM SETA scarce skills tell you where job opportunities are.

If you see a job that you like and it’s a scarce skill – find training for it. SETAs usually provide funds to businesses and training organisations to develop these skills.

Most learning and career development opportunities are based on what SETAs identify as scarce skills in different industries.

If you select training for something regarded as a scarce skill, you increase your chances of securing a job.

FPM SETA Qualifications Offered by Training Providers

If you are a provider, offer training for these skill areas as they appear to have greater market relevance and you could more easily apply for funding to train the unemployed.

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FPM SETA Qualifications are included in these Lists:

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FPM SETA Qualifications Meet Fibre Processing and Manufacturing Skills Needs

FPM SETA Qualifications are very diverse.

The Fibre-Processing and Manufacturing SETA covers these areas of scarce skills:

  • Technological skills (technologists, including performance improvement technologists)
  • ICT skills (professionals, technicians, administrators & developers)
  • Production and general management skills (human resource/production/general managers)
  • Machine repair and maintenance skills (mechanics, artisans, technicians)
  • Operators (manufacturing/plant machine operators)
  • Work study skills (work-study officer)
  • Administration and marketing (sales, clerks, logistics)
  • Technical training skills (technical training manager, trainers)
  • CAD technician (design, pattern-making, grading, marking)

Scarce Skills in the Sector and the need for FPM SETA Qualifications

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FPM SETA Qualifications Make an Effort to Address Scarce Skills

Below is a more detailed description of careers that offer good job options once you have FPM SETA Qualifications:


Scarce Skills

ClothingClothing  Technologists, Performance Improvement Technologists, Technicians, Machine Mechanics/Mechanicians, Production  Managers, Work Study Officers, Technical Training Managers, CAD and  CAM Specialists, Supply Chain  Managers.
FootwearPerformance Improvement Technologist, Technicians, Machine  Mechanics/Mechanicians,  Production  Managers, Work Study Officers, Technical Training Managers, CAD and  CAM Specialists, Supply Chain  Managers
ForestryChemical Spraying;  Environmentalists: Fire Fighting; Chainsaw Operators; Production Foreman; Foresters
FurnitureCNC Machining  (Computerised Numerical  Computer); CNC Technical Management; CNC Machine  Centre  Management; Furniture Designing; Production  Management; Store Keeping; Tape Edging; Upholstery
General GoodsPerformance Improvement Technologist, Technicians, Machine  Mechanics/Mechanicians,  Production  Managers, Work Study Officers, Technical Training Managers, CAD and  CAM Specialists, Supply Chain  Managers
LeatherLeather Technologists, Performance Improvement Technologist, Technicians, Machine Mechanics/Mechanicians, Production  Managers, Work Study Officers, Technical Training Managers, CAD and  CAM Specialists, Supply Chain  Managers
PackagingPlant and  Machine  Operators and  Assemblers,  Sales and  Plant Workers, Technicians and  Associate Professionals, Factory Managers
Print MediaJournalists,  Writers, Editors, Graphic Designers
PrintingFactory Managers, Sales Representatives, Artisans (Can Making), Litho-Graphers
PublishingPublishers,  Commissioning Editors, Writers, Authors, Graphic Designers,  Managers
Pulp and  PaperArtisans (Electrical, Mechanical); Maintainer Operators (Tissue Converting);   Electri- cal Technicians; Process Controllers;  Management Accountants;   Project Managers; Papermakers;  Pulp Makers; Chartered Accountants;   Civil Technicians;
Wood ProductsSaw Doctors;  Slicers; Splicers; Dryers In Veneer Manufacturing; Veneer Grading; Timber Drying Kiln Operator.
Find FPM SETA Qualifications

FPM SETA Qualifications Required

In order to gain access to some of these careers you must be trained.

Most learning opportunities for careers in the FP&M sector are in the Further Education and Training (FET) and Higher Education and Training (HET) bands.

Individuals who meet the entry requirements of tertiary courses can complete a higher education qualification that focuses on the scarce skills within the sector.

In addition, these higher education institutions, accredited workplace providers, and private institutions also provide certificate programmes and short courses addressing the critical skills and specialisations within organisations.

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FPM SETA Qualifications Qualification Selection

The table below is a list of qualifications that fall under the scope of the FP&M SETA. These qualifications are run by accredited skills development providers.

FPM SETA Qualifications

FPM SETA Qualifications for Clothing

Clothing21872National Diploma: Clothing  Manufacturing Technology299Level 5
Clothing21871National Certificate:  Clothing  Manufacturing Technology130Level 4
Clothing65650Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Sewing Machine  Mechanics121Level 4
Clothing65651National Certificate:  Sewing Machine  Mechanics122Level 3
Clothing21870National Certificate:  Clothing  Manufacturing141Level 2
FPM SETA Qualifications

FPM SETA Qualifications for Clothing,  Textiles, Footwear & Leather, Forestry, Furniture, Printing / Packaging

Clothing,  Textiles, Footwear  & Leather48968National Diploma: Clothing,  Textiles, Footwear  and  Leather (CTFL) Mechanician Processes250Level 5
Clothing,  Textiles, Footwear  & Leather48964Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Clothing,  Textiles, Footwear and  Leather (CTFL) Mechanician Processes178Level 4
Clothing,  Textiles, Footwear  & Leather48973National Certificate:  Clothing,  Textiles, Footwear, and  Leather (CTFL) Mechanician Processes130Level 3
Clothing,  Textiles, Footwear  & Leather58227National Certificate:  Clothing,  Textile, Footwear, and  Leather Manufacturing Processes120Level 2
Clothing,  Textiles, Footwear  & Leather50584General Education and  Training Certificate:  Clothing  Manufacturing Processes120Level 1
Footwear22212National Diploma: Footwear  Technology240Level 5
Footwear22211National Certificate:  Footwear  Technology120Level 4
Footwear22210National Certificate:  Footwear  Processes120Level 2
Forestry21488National Certificate:  Saw Doctoring131Level 4
Forestry21492National Certificate:  Lumber Drying121Level 4
Forestry21496National Certificate:  Dry Lumber Processing121Level 4
Forestry66289Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Lumber Milling120Level 4
Forestry66349Further Education and  Training Certificate:  General Forestry120Level 4
Forestry79246Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Wild Land Fire Fighting120Level 4
Forestry21487National Certificate:  Saw Doctoring133Level 3
Forestry21491National Certificate:  Lumber Drying124Level 3
Forestry21495National Certificate:  Dry Lumber Processing134Level 3
Forestry48988National Certificate:  Forestry: Timber Harvesting122Level 3
Forestry50266National Certificate:  Forestry: Silviculture123Level 3
Forestry65490National Certificate:  Arboriculture: Tree Preservation120Level 3
Forestry66329National Certificate:  Lumber Milling120Level 3
Forestry21486National Certificate:  Saw Doctoring125Level 2
Forestry21490National Certificate:  Lumber Drying122Level 2
Forestry21494National Certificate:  Dry Lumber Processing124Level 2
Forestry66312National Certificate:  Lumber Milling120Level 2
Forestry21485National Certificate:  Saw Doctoring141Level 1
Forestry21489National Certificate:  Lumber Drying146Level 1
Forestry21493National Certificate:  Dry Lumber Processing141Level 1
Forestry50225General Education and  Training Certificate:  General Forestry120Level 1
Forestry66269General Education and  Training Certificate:  Lumber Milling123Level 1
Furniture49092Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Furniture Making155Level 4
Furniture49105National Certificate:  Furniture Making: Wood122Level 3
Furniture49091National Certificate:  Furniture Making: Wood125Level 2
Printing / Packaging11235National Craft Diploma: Photo-gravure Cylinder Processing240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11237National Craft Diploma: Electronic Composition240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11239National Craft Diploma: Photo-Lithography240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11241National Craft Diploma: Process Engraving240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11243National Craft Diploma: Electronic Origination240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11263National Craft Diploma: Lithography (Paper Section)240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11265National Craft Diploma: Lithography (Metal Decorating)240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11269National Craft Diploma: Roll Label Machine  Minding240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11271National Craft Diploma: Rotary Offset Machine  Minding240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11277National Craft Diploma: Bag Making240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11281National Craft Diploma: Carton  Making240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11297National Craft Diploma: Can  Making240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11303National Craft Diploma: Laminating240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11313National Craft Diploma: Bookbinding  Mechanised/Cutting240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11315National Craft Diploma: Ruling/Cutting240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11325National Craft Diploma: Commercial Printing and  Packaging240Level 5
FPM SETA Qualifications

FPM SETA Qualifications for Printing / Packaging, Pulp & Paper, Textiles, Wood Products

Printing / Packaging11347National Craft Diploma: Continuous Stationery Machine  Minding240Level 5
Printing / Packaging11353National Craft Diploma: Gravure  Machine  Minding240Level 5
Printing / Packaging57122National Certificate:  Printing and  Manufacture of Packaging141Level 5
Printing / Packaging11275National Craft Certificate:  Screen Printing120Level 4
Printing / Packaging11285National Craft Certificate:  Rotary Printing and  Re-Reeling – Flexography120Level 4
Printing / Packaging11287National Craft Certificate:  Rotary Printing and  Re-Reeling – Gravure120Level 4
Printing / Packaging11291National Craft Certificate:  Corrugated Board Manufacturing Maching Minding120Level 4
Printing / Packaging11295National Craft Certificate:  Corrugated Board Printing and  Finishing Machine  Minding120Level 4
Printing / Packaging11301National Craft Certificate:  End Making120Level 4
Printing / Packaging11305National Craft Certificate:  Paper  Sack Making120Level 4
Printing / Packaging11309National Craft Certificate:  Bookbinding  Craft/Cutting120Level 4
Printing / Packaging11319National Craft Certificate:  Stationery and  Envelope Machine  Adjuster120Level 4
Printing / Packaging11331National Craft Certificate:  Printing and  Packaging Quality Assurance120Level 4
Printing / Packaging11357National Craft Certificate:  Letterpress Machine  Minding120Level 4
Printing / Packaging57898Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Printing and  Manufacture of Packaging146Level 4
Printing / Packaging57899National Certificate:  Printing and  Manufacture of Packaging128Level 3
Printing / Packaging57900National Certificate:  Printing and  Manufacture of Packaging126Level 2
Pulp & Paper49079National Certificate:  Pulp and  Paper  Technology145Level 5
Pulp & Paper48643Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Chemical Pulp Manufacturing168Level 4
Pulp & Paper48644National Craft Certificate:  Corrugated Board Manufacturing Machine Minding176Level 4
Pulp & Paper48645Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Pulp and  Paper  Chemical Recovery158Level 4
Pulp & Paper59037Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Tissue Conversion136Level 4
Pulp & Paper61949Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Pulp and  Paper  Operations140Level 4
Pulp & Paper35939National Certificate:  Pulp and  Paper  Woodyard Operations120Level 3
Pulp & Paper59019National Certificate:  Tissue Conversion130Level 3
Pulp & Paper61971Further Education and  Training Certificate:  Paper,  Board or Tissue Manufacturing130Level 3
Pulp & Paper35941National Certificate:  Pulp and  paper Manufacturing141Level 2
Pulp & Paper59017National Certificate:  Tissue Conversion120Level 2
Pulp & Paper61929National Certificate:  Pulp and  Paper  Operations130Level 2
Textiles20715National First Degree: Textile Technology380Level 6
Textiles20714National Certificate:  Textile Processes123Level 4
Textiles20713National Certificate:  General Textiles120Level 2
Wood Products66370Further Education and  Training Certificate: Roof Truss Technology131Level 4
Wood Products49083National Certificate:  Wood Products Processing130Level 3
Wood Products49082GETC: Wood Products Processing138Level 1
FPM SETA Qualifications

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