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Portfolio of Evidence (POE) for Assessment

Portfolio of Evidence (POE) for Assessment. The three main types of portfolio evidence for assessment are direct, indirect and historical. This post unpacks them in simple terms for learners and employers.

Types of Evidence in the POE: A Brilliant Portfolio of Evidence

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The portfolio of evidence mostly contains three main types of evidence for assessment. They are direct, indirect and historical.

Three Types of POE Evidence

The three main types of portfolio evidence for assessment:

1. Direct evidence:

This type of evidence is a direct representation of a person’s learning or performance. Examples include essays, research papers, project reports, presentations, and videos.

2. Indirect evidence:

This type of evidence is a representation of a person’s learning or performance. This is evidence that has been extracted from sources such as test scores, self-reflection, and feedback from others. Evidence that is not directly related to the specific learning outcome or achievement being evaluated, but provides context for understanding the student’s performance is assessed. This includes things like class participation, attendance, or progress reports.

3. Historical evidence:

This type of evidence is a representation of a person’s learning or performance over time. Examples include transcripts, grade reports, and attendance records.

Portfolios can include a combination of these different types of evidence. This will provide a comprehensive picture of a person’s learning and performance.

Descriptions of POE Evidence

SAQA describes the differences between the three main types of evidence as follows (Oct. 2001: 38-39):

  • Actual evidence produced by candidates.
  • Considered the most valid and authentic evidence and should be the primary source of evidence.
  • This is evidence produced about the candidate by a third party, other than the assessor.
  • It can be used to verify the authenticity of other forms of evidence.
  • Witnesses must understand the standards required and able to comment authoritatively on the candidate’s performance.
  • This is evidence of what the candidate was capable of doing in the past.
  • This will be checked for authenticity and supplemented by an assessment of current competence.
  1. Workbooks
  2. Direct observation of tasks and activities
  3. Oral or written answers to questions
  4. Evaluation of products or output
  1. Testimony from colleagues and supervisors
  2. Work completed previously
  3. Training records
  4. Customer ratings
  1. Previously completed products and portfolios
  2. Performance appraisals
  3. Certificates and qualifications
  4. Medals, prizes and testimonials

The Rules of Evidence – these are the questions Assessors ask

“Is the evidence Valid?”

“Is the evidence Sufficient?”

“Is the evidence Authentic?”

  •  Is the evidence the candidate’s own work?
  • Was it achieved by the candidate alone? (If not, the candidate’s contribution must be clearly described.)
  • Did the candidate really produce the evidence?

“Is the evidence Current?”

  • Does the evidence reflect current competence?
  • Is the evidence generated from the past 2 years or less?


Department of Education: Develop a portfolio to demonstrate school leadership and management competence A module of the Advanced Certificate: Education (School Management and Leadership)

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