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Welcome to Keep Climbing!

We specialize in youth career advice.

So you want to study at a university in South Africa? Awesome! 🙂 We’ve collected a list of numbers and websites for you!

Click for your list of contacts!

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Deon de Villiers May 27, 2016 at 3:56 pm

Thank you that I as CEO of the NID. Can join your eplatform. Institute for the Deaf are the ONLY organisation that deliver TRAINING, CARE and SUPPORT SERVICES from the cradle to the grave to persons with a diversity of hearing loss.
NID is a NPO and a Private registrated FET. Government really deserve a glass of vinegar for not acknodging the human rights of SERVICES to persons with hearing loss. That is why there was a disaster with the incompetent sign language interpreter at Madiba’s funeral. Please visit our website at or email me at
Kind regards
Deon de Villiers

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