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Qualifications for Chemical Industry Careers

This list of CHIETA Chemical Industry Qualifications will help you find career opportunities and understand the sector better. Listed in this post are Chemical Industry Qualifications and registered learnerships ranging from NQF levels 1 to 4.

The CHIETA Qualifications for Chemical Industry Careers

nqf level 6 qualifications

Take a look at this list of currently registered learnerships.

New occupation certificates registered at the following levels:

  • NQF. Level 1 and 2 for those with little or no high school and limited if any work experience

We are adding more updates so follow #KeepClimbing for the latest.

How to Find a CHIETA Learnership or Apprenticeship

  1. Register on ESSA: Follow these steps to register for SETA learnerships and apprenticeships.
  2. Conduct Research: Google the SAQA NLRD ID number.
    • Click a link to open the SAQA Qualification
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the qualification to see who the accredited providers are. Note: SAQA and the SETAs are slow at updating this information. If there are no service providers listed on SAQA, move on to the next step.
  3. Visit the CHIETA website. Explore their site and make contact. You can ask for their ETQA Manager if you have a query related to training providers. As for the learnerships or skills development department and ask about learnerships and apprenticeships for the qualifications you are interested in.
  4. Google the qualification name and add ‘accredited training:’ names of organisations providing this training should pop up.
  5. Check the new Occupational Certificates: Look for a new qualification with a service provider on the QCTO website.
how do learnerships help unemployed youth article

If you are a Chemical Industries Business and Want to Offer Training

If you are considering becoming an accredited training provider for any of these qualifications, check with the SETA if they have developed any equivalent QCTO qualifications and consider becoming accredited for those.

Remember that qualifications expire after 3 years. If you think that’s silly then this isn’t the right industry for you. Education and training is constantly evolving, always in a state of flux and filled with dynamic not static possibilities.

Chemical Industry Qualifications and Learnerships from NQF levels 1 to 4

The following qualifications fall within CHIETA’s primary focus and are registered with SAQA.

SAQA NLRD IDNQF LevelQualification TitleLearnership Registration Number
63349NQF Level 3National Certificate: Molten Glass Production03Q030095281203
64950NQF Level 4Further Education and Training Certificate: Laboratory Analysis: Chemical03Q030091521404
66029NQF Level 1General Education and Training Certificate: Chemical Operations03Q030075411201
78527NQF Level 2National Certificate: Chemical Operations03Q03007641352
78528NQF Level 3National Certificate: Chemical Operations03Q030077321203
78529NQF Level 4Further Education and Training Certificate: Chemical Operations03Q030088291404
58955NQF Level 2National Certificate: Chemical Manufacturing03Q030096631202
49555NQF Level 3National Certificate: Operations of Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Units03Q030065191203
57828NQF Level 3National Chemical: Glass Forming03Q030072201203
57881NQF Level 2National Certificate: Welding Application and Practice03Q030069301582
57886NQF Level 3National Certificate: Welding Application and Practice: Chemical Welding03Q030070361513
57887NQF Level 4Further Education and Training Certificate: Welding Application and Practice: Chemical Welding 
58722NQF Level 2National Certificate: Engineering Fabrication03Q030081331482
58720NQF Level 3National Certificate: Engineering Fabrication: Chemical Boiler Making03Q030073361383
58721NQF Level 4Further Education and Training Certificate: Engineering Fabrication: Chemical Boiler Making03Q030074221414
59689NQF Level 2National Certificate: Mechanical Engineering: Pipe-Fitting03Q030082351302
59750NQF Level 3National Certificate: Mechanical Engineering: Pipe-Fitting: Chemical03Q030083281213
59769NQF Level 4Further Education and Training Certificate: Mechanical Engineering: Pipe-Fitting: Chemical03Q030084271234
58975NQF Level 3National Certificate: Automated Packaging03Q030102241203
59689NQF Level 2National Certificate: Mechanical Engineering: Fitting03Q030085311302
59669NQF Level 3National Certificate: Mechanical Engineering: Fitting: Chemical03Q030086241203
59709NQF Level 4Further Education and Training Certificate: Mechanical Engineering: Fitting: Chemical03Q030087221204
59729NQF Level 2National Certificate: Mechanical Handling (Rigging)03Q030078301272
59730NQF Level 3National Certificate: Mechanical Handling: Rigging: Chemical03Q030079241213
59731NQF Level 4Further Education and Training Certificate: Mechanical Handling: Rigging: Chemical03Q030080271364
59015NQF Level 2National Certificate: Gas Installations03Q030089381202
58950NQF Level 3National Certificate: Gas Installations03Q030090351203
57879NQF Level 3National Certificate: Manufacturing of Surface Coating03Q030071311223
74530NQF Level 2National Certificate: Measurement , Control and Instrumentation: Chemical03Q030098271332
74532NQF Level 3National Certificate: Measurement, Control and Instrumentation: Chemical03Q030101201203
74531NQF Level 4Further Education and Training Certificate: Measurement, Control and Instrumentation: Chemical03Q030097201344
63969NQF Level 5National Certificate: Pharmaceutical Sales Representation03Q030022001225
13678NQF Level 2Mechanics: Chemical Boilermaking: Technology03Q030010251582
13675NQF Level 3Mechanics: Chemical Boilermaking03Q030023001203
13674NQF Level 4Mechanics: Chemical Boilermaking03Q030024001204
13653NQF Level 2Electrics: Chemical Electrical03Q030011251832
13640NQF Level 3Electrics: Chemical Electrical03Q030028001203
13639NQF Level 4Electrics: Chemical Electrical03Q030029001204
13676NQF Level 2Mechanics: Chemical Fitting03Q030015391982
13672NQF Level 3Mechanics: Chemical Fitting03Q030025001203
13656NQF Level 4Mechanics: Chemical Fitting03Q030028001204
13692NQF Level 2Mechanics: Chemical Turning03Q030012261972
13680NQF Level 3Mechanics: Chemical Turning03Q030035001203
13679NQF Level 4Mechanics: Chemical Turning03Q030036001204
23613NQF Level 2Mechanics: Chemical Welding03Q030021241362
13633NQF Level 3Mechanics: Chemical Welding03Q030031001203
13632NQF Level 4Mechanics: Chemical Welding03Q030032001204
13698NQF Level 3Electrics: Chemical Instrumentation03Q030027001203
13697NQF Level 4Electrics: Chemical Instrumentation03Q030037001204

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  1. Andisiwe Nxitywa

    Hi leone

    Am andisiwe I am doing chemical engineering I have N1 to N5 so far but am continuing to N6.. I want to know is there any Trade test for chemical engineering students.. As like of electrical ones?.. Am worried about what am I gonner do after my N6… Please help am @southwest gauteng college Roodepoortwest campus

  2. Sifiso

    Hi can u pls help me get my certificates of nqf L2,3&4 of chemical operations .I did it with Flavius Mareka tvet college ,sasol and chieta.The program started five years ago and this is the 6th year and we have not received our certificates from chieta .The college gave us papers saying we have finished the theory and practicals and they are still waiting for the chieta qala for verification . pls help us and what could be the delay

  3. Juno

    Hi Leone,
    I completed Trade in Measurements, instrumentation and process controls NQF level 4 through Chieta. I’m in the process of furthering my studies in this field, but confused on what to do. Next aim is to grow from artisan to Technician field. For Instrumentation Technician I need to complete National Diploma studies. Please provide some info or advise on what to do in order to achieve this, cause I’m afraid I might not meet the Technicon admission criteria. Please help.
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  4. Leonie Hall

    Hi Lungisa
    Check if Northlink College offers the programme and apply there again. Also approach them for career advice and funding opportunities.

    Al the best!

  5. lungisa njoli

    Hello Admin, I am Lungisa Njoli in Cape Town. Please may you assist me to understand about Nqf , because I have Nqf Chemical Welding Level 4 from Northlink College Bellvile South, under cheata. I want to continue with level 5 but I don’t know where may I go and I also want to know about opportunities about bursaries or internship or apprenticeships regarding this qualification.

    Thank you!

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