Inspiring Qualifications for Culture Arts Tourism and Sports

This list of qualifications from the CATHS SETA covers the Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports sectors. Become a skills development provider and train for CATHSSETA.

The Colourful World of CATHS SETA Qualifications: Looking for Sports Qualifications?

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Becoming CATHS SETA Accredited

If you wish to become accredited for any of the qualifications listed below you will do so with the CATHS SETA.

Here are lists of new occupation certificates registered at the following levels:

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Becoming a Learner on a CATHS SETA Qualification

Are you a potential learner who wants to complete one of these qualifications? Follow these steps:

  • Copy the qualification name, drop it into the Google search bar and do a search. The search results will give you the websites of training organisations offering the qualification. You can also search for providers listed on SAQA by adding ‘SAQA’ to the qualification name and then doing a search.
  • The SAQA qualification should be the first link that pops up. Click on the SAQA qualification.
  • There should be tables listing accredited service providers. Contact them and ask about learnership or skills program opportunities.
  • If you need to understand what NQF level you’re on, take a look at this infographic explaining National Qualification Framework (NQF) levels.

Looking for Jobs in Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports sectors

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CATHSSETA Qualifications List: Art Tourism Sports Qualifications

Qualification IDQualification TitleNew NQF Level
22190General Education and Training Certificate: TourismNQF Level 01
22971General Education and Training Certificate: ConservationNQF Level 01
71749General Education and Training Certificate: Adult Basic Education and Training: Travel and TourismNQF Level 01
14110National Certificate: Accommodation ServicesNQF Level 02
17174National Certificate: Tourism: GuidingNQF Level 02
48433National Certificate: Conservation: Species Care in Controlled EnvironmentsNQF Level 02
48806National Certificate: Craft ProductionNQF Level 02
58144National Certificate: Music Industry PracticeNQF Level 02
59389National Certificate: Nature Conservation: Resource GuardianshipNQF Level 02
65510National Certificate: Piano RestorationNQF Level 02
71491National Certificate: Equine StudiesNQF Level 02
14115National Certificate: Fast Food ServicesNQF Level 03
49772National Certificate: ArchaeologyNQF Level 03
58011National Certificate: Acoustic Piano Back-framingNQF Level 03
58143National Certificate: Music Industry PracticeNQF Level 03
63269National Certificate: Gaming OperationsNQF Level 03
67589National Certificate: Equine PracticesNQF Level 03
73295Certificate: Food Preparation and CookingNQF Level 03
14111National Certificate: Professional CookeryNew Level Assignment Pend.
14113National Certificate: Food and Beverage ServicesNew Level Assignment Pend.
48435Further Education and Training Certificate: Captive Animal ManagementNQF Level 04
48669National Certificate: Live Event Technical ProductionNew Level Assignment Pend.
48808Further Education and Training Certificate: Performing ArtsNQF Level 04
48809Further Education and Training Certificate: Craft EnterpriseNQF Level 04
48812Further Education and Training Certificate: Heritage PracticeNQF Level 04
48818Further Education and Training Certificate: Arts and Culture AdministrationNQF Level 04
58009Further Education and Training Certificate: Sport AdministrationNQF Level 04
58163Further Education and Training Certificate: Community RecreationNQF Level 04
58343Further Education and Training Certificate: Golf ManagementNQF Level 04
58347Further Education and Training Certificate: Archaeology ManagementNQF Level 04
58930Further Education and Training Certificate: Professional HuntingNQF Level 04
59098Further Education and Training Certificate: Gaming SupervisionNQF Level 04
59790Further Education and Training Certificate: Hospitality ReceptionNQF Level 04
61509Further Education and Training Certificate: LifeguardingNQF Level 04
63109Further Education and Training Certificate: Nature Conservation: Natural Resource Guardianship TerrestrialNQF Level 04
64109Further Education and Training Certificate: Volunteer Support: Management and LeadershipNQF Level 04
64110Further Education and Training Certificate: Volunteer Support: Sport OperationsNQF Level 04
64111Further Education and Training Certificate: Volunteer Support: Community Recreation OperationsNQF Level 04
64113Further Education and Training Certificate: Volunteer Support: Events OperationsNQF Level 04
64369Further Education and Training Certificate: Sport Coaching: Juniors/BeginnersNQF Level 04
64470Further Education and Training Certificate: Event SupportNQF Level 04
65029Further Education and Training Certificate: MusicNQF Level 04
65051Further Education and Training Certificate: Arts and Culture Development SupportNQF Level 04
65569Further Education and Training Certificate: Adventure Based LearningNQF Level 04
65669Further Education and Training Certificate: Thoroughbred Horse RacingNQF Level 04
65829Further Education and Training Certificate: Reception Operations and ServicesNQF Level 04
65831Further Education and Training Certificate: Accommodation Operations and ServicesNQF Level 04
65859Further Education and Training Certificate: International TourismNQF Level 04
66809Further Education and Training Certificate: Sport Technical OfficiatingNQF Level 04
67354Further Education and Training Certificate: Piano TechnologyNQF Level 04
67707Further Education and Training Certificate: Sport AdministrationNQF Level 04
71469Further Education and Training Certificate: Equine PracticesNQF Level 04
71549Further Education and Training Certificate: Tourist GuidingNQF Level 04
73189Further Education and Training Certificate: Golfing and Golf CoachingNQF Level 04
73293Further Education and Training Certificate: Food and Beverage ServiceNQF Level 04
73409Further Education and Training Certificate: Guesthouse ManagementNQF Level 04
76992Further Education and Training Certificate: Community Development: SportsNQF Level 04
78003Further Education and Training Certificate: Visual ArtsNQF Level 04
79986Further Education and Training Certificate: Dance InstructionNQF Level 04
80767Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services: Sport AdministrationNQF Level 04
14108National Diploma: Food and Beverage ManagementNew Level Assignment Pend.
14109National Diploma: Fast Food ServicesNQF Level 05
14112National Diploma: Professional CookeryNQF Level 05
14118National Diploma: Wholesale TravelNQF Level 05
14119National Certificate: General TravelNew Level Assignment Pend.
14122National Diploma: Retail TravelNQF Level 05
14123National Diploma: Accommodation ServicesNQF Level 05
20153National Certificate: Conservation: Fisheries Resource ManagementNew Level Assignment Pend.
20414National Diploma: Service ManagementNQF Level 05
20613National Diploma: Event Co-ordinationNQF Level 05
21890National Diploma: FitnessNew Level Assignment Pend.
21891National Diploma: Coaching ScienceNew Level Assignment Pend.
23374National Certificate: FitnessNew Level Assignment Pend.
24433Diploma: Hospitality OperationsNQF Level 05
48444National Certificate: Coaching ScienceNew Level Assignment Pend.
49119National Certificate: Craft Operational ManagementNew Level Assignment Pend.
57612National Certificate: Arts and Culture EnterpriseNew Level Assignment Pend.
59303National Certificate: Music Section LeadershipNew Level Assignment Pend.
59387National Certificate: Intellectual Property AdministrationNew Level Assignment Pend.
59949National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: TerrestrialNew Level Assignment Pend.
60275National Certificate: Generic Management: Sport Federation Financial ManagementNew Level Assignment Pend.
60276National Certificate: Generic Management: Sport Event ManagementNew Level Assignment Pend.
60277National Certificate: Generic Management: Advanced Sport Management AdministrationNew Level Assignment Pend.
60278National Certificate: Generic Management: Adventure Based LearningNew Level Assignment Pend.
60289National Certificate: Community RecreationNew Level Assignment Pend.
60309National Certificate: Sport ManagementNew Level Assignment Pend.
61349National Certificate: Heritage Resource ManagementNew Level Assignment Pend.
65030National Certificate: Arts and Culture Development ManagementNew Level Assignment Pend.
65050National Certificate: MusicNew Level Assignment Pend.
65830Diploma: Reception Operations and ServicesNQF Level 06
65849Diploma: Accommodation Operations and ServicesNQF Level 06
65860Diploma: International TourismNQF Level 06
66190National Certificate: Adventure Based LearningNew Level Assignment Pend.
73209National Diploma: Club Professional GolfingNQF Level 05
73289Certificate: Food Preparation and Cooking (Culinary Arts)New Level Assignment Pend.
73292Certificate: PatisserieNew Level Assignment Pend.
73296Certificate: Culinary ArtsNew Level Assignment Pend.
73299Diploma: Food and Beverage ServiceNQF Level 06
83395National Certificate: Community Development: SportNQF Level 05
83396National Certificate: Community Development: TourismNQF Level 05
83398National Certificate: Community Development: VolunteerismNQF Level 05
79146National Certificate: Community RecreationNQF Level 06
CATHSSETA Qualifications

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