Fantastic MICT SETA Qualifications The Best List Now

List Of Fantastic MICT SETA Qualifications. These qualifications cover Media. Advertising, Information and Communication Technology.

The MICT SETA Qualifications

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Media, Advertising, Information and Communication Technology SETA Qualifications

Read about the ICT job in top demand and the qualifications required.

Lists of new occupation certificates:

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Becoming MICT SETA Accredited

If you wish to become accredited for Media, Advertising, Information and Communication Technology qualifications you will do so with the QCTO and MICTSETA.

Becoming a Learner on a MICT SETA Qualification

Are you a potential learner who wants to complete a MICTSETA qualification?

There is a demand for ICT Systems Analysts. This means that if you become one, you will be in demand in many industries.

Follow these steps for MICT SETA training:

  • Copy the qualification name, drop it into the Google search bar, and do a search. The search results will give you the websites of training organisations offering the qualification.
  • Click on the qualification title to check which training providers are listed on the SAQA  qualification.
  • When the qualification link opens, scroll down to the bottom of the qualification till you see ‘LEARNING PROGRAMMES RECORDED AGAINST THIS QUALIFICATION’ and ‘PROVIDERS CURRENTLY ACCREDITED TO OFFER THESE LEARNING PROGRAMMES’
  • There should be tables listing accredited service providers. Contact them and ask about learnership or skills program opportunities.
  • If you need to understand what NQF level you’re on, take a look at this infographic explaining National Qualification Framework (NQF) levels.

What NQF Level Am I On?

Critical Job Skills In IT: Study Bursaries and Job Opportunities

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MICTSETA Qualifications List

No.SAQA IDQualification TitleCredits
121190Further Education and Training Certificate: PC Engineering120
221191Further Education and Training Certificate: PC Support120
321797National Certificate: Telecommunications for Customer Premises Equipment152
421799National Certificate in Telecommunications for Customer Premises Equipment: Level 3135
548573National Certificate: Information Technology: Systems Support147
648671National Certificate Music Industry: Sound Technology139
748792Certificate: Broadcast Engineering120
848811Further Education and Training Certificate: Music Industry: Sound Technology159
948872National Certificate: Information Technology: Systems Development131
1049077National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing130
1149121National Certificate: Interactive Media130
1249122National Certificate: Radio Station Management157
1349127Further Education and Training Certificate: Design Foundation141
1449138National Diploma: Copywriting240
1549317National Certificate: Scriptwriting147
1650479Further Education and Training Certificate: Advertising148
1757607National Certificate: 3D Animation and Visual Effects149
1857611National Certificate: 2D Animation136
1958394National Certificate: Film and Television Production122
2058820National Certificate: Advertising124
2158978National Certificate: Journalism120
2259057Further Education and Training Certificate:Telecommunication Network Operations132
2359569National Certificate: Electronics120
2459910National Certificate: Information Technologies operations130
2560509National Certificate: Design Techniques121
2661450Further Education and Training Certificate: Film and Television Production Operations157
2762069National Certificate: Radio Production159
2863769National Certificate: Business Analysis Support Practice138
2963849Further Education and Training Certificate: Electronics122
3063909National Certificate: Business Analysis149
3165874Further Education and Training Certificate: Telecommunication Systems132
3265876Certificate: Telecommunication Systems120
3371850Certificate: Information Technology: Database Development120
3471853Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing132
3571869Certificate: Information Technology: Database Administration120
3673298Further Education and Training Certificate: Photography128
3773390Further Education and Training Certificate: Graphic Web Design and Multimedia136
3873391Further Education and Training Certificate: Website Development136
3973429Further Education and Training Certificate: Computer Programming136
4078963National Certificate: Telecommunications for Customer Premises Equipment120
4178964Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: Technical Support163
4278965Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: Systems Development165
4383026National Certificate: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Software Testing138

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    My name is Daniel i have Certificates From mictseta, i did Fiber Optic Technician. in 2017 i did End user Computing NQF Level 3 that was awarded by ETDP SETA, please help me to find a job i am in Pretoria please seta help me to find job placement no 0788368872

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    I would like to apply for Seta learnership,I have radio broadcasting short course from intec college,I want to do National certificate journalism or broadcast engineering, TV production any available media learners hip.0735454037.

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