A Useful List of Local Government Qualifications Now

Here’s a list of local government qualifications managed by the LGSETA. These qualifications will help you pursue a career in the government sector.

Qualifications for Careers in Local Government

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For more about careers in government and public service, read our post listing careers and scarce skills in the government sector.

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Local Government Qualifications List





General Education and Training  Certificate Environmental Practice112249552
National  Certificate: Ward Committee Governance212057823
National  Certificate: Environmental Practice212849605
National  Certificate: Environmental Practice312249752
National  Certificate: Local Government Support Services312758644
National  Certificate: Local Government Councillor Practices312258578
Further Education and Training  Certificate: Municipal Finance and Administration415750372
National  Certificate: Local Economic Development416336436
Further Education and Training  Certificate: Leadership Development416050081
Further Education and Training Certificate: Fire and Rescue Operations414857803
Further Education and Training  Certificate: Environmental Practice414050309
Further Education and Training  Certificate:

Environmental Noise Practice

Further Education and Training  Certificate: Generic Management: Disaster Risk Management (Learning programme recorded 57712415064870
Further Education and Training Certificate: Community Development: Local Economic Development (Learning programme 76989)412567509
Occupational Certificate: Electrician436091761
National  Diploma: Public Finance Management and Administration526049554
National  Certificate: Local Economic Development514236438
National  Certificate: Municipal Integrated Development Planning516050205
National  Certificate: Emergency Services Supervision: Fire and Rescue Operations513064390
National  Certificate: Environmental Noise Control512059325
National  Certificate: Environmental Management513466789
Certificate: Local Government512023616
Higher Certificate: Local Government524023617
National  Certificate: Municipal Governance (Learning programme recorded 67467)514060529
National  Certificate: Generic Management: Disaster Risk Management (Learning programme recorded 59201)516260274
National  Certificate: Community Development (Learning Programmes recorded 83389, 83392, 83393)514780946
Certificate: Municipal Financial  Management616648965
National  Certificate: Local Economic Development614436437
Diploma: Local Government636035956
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Check out this list of currently registered learnerships. There is a pipeline of new qualifications being developed so there’s a lot of stuff to keep up to date with!

Here are lists of new occupation certificates:

  • Start with NQF. Level 1 and 2 for those with little or no high school and limited if any work experience

We are adding more updates so follow #KeepClimbing for the latest.

If you’re a training provider and wish to become accredited with the LGSETA, use this list to see which qualifications you’re interested in offering. Remember that you can either be training the unemployed to meet entry-level scarce skills needs or you could be training current government sector employees. Read more about careers and scarce skills in the government sector.

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