Scarce Skills in the Mining Sector

Scarce Skills in the Mining Sector. If Science, maths and technical stuff interests you, whether it’s for your own career development or if it’s skills you wish to share with students – understanding what the scarce skills are in the job market is an advantage.

Scarce skills identified by the Mining Qualifications Authority


Knowledge of scarce skills helps you to identify viable and feasible career paths and business development opportunities. Check out where the current career and training opportunities are.

How to use Scarce Skills information

  • Study in a field where there are many scarce skills and ensure that you possess plenty of these skills to strengthen your chances of employment
  • When you are looking for a new job or career opportunity, see if you can meet any of the scarce skills in the sector you’re interested in.
  • If you find yourself in a position to apply for any of these jobs, be sure to list other scarce skills you may have in your cover letter.
  • If you’re a training organisation working within the mining sector, check that you are able to meet the development needs of scarce skill areas. Align your learning programs with scarce skill needs.
  • Scarce skills offer both employment and business expansion opportunities.

Potential learners and training organisations should take a look at the new registered learnership qualifications and various job certificates that have been entered into the Occupational Qualifications Framework, so exciting! Here’s a list for you, always remember qualifications lead you to the providers that are accredited to deliver them so knowing the correct information is important:

  • NQF. Level 1 and 2 for those with little or no high school and limited if any work experience.

List of 167 Scarce Skills in the Mining Sector

A newly updated list of critical skills is available at this link.

There are many unusual careers listed below, such as a ship’s officer. Note that certain career opportunities depend upon where you are located. If you want to work with ships but live in the North West – you’ll need to relocate before anyone will take you seriously. Unless of course you start a YouTube channel and raise awareness about your dream. Ok, that’s just an idea! But do let us know!!!

 Occupation CodeOccupation
1.235205Abet Trainer
2.241101Accountant (General)
3.241106Accountant in Practice
4.242209Accounting Officer
5.134906Accounting Practice Manager
6.431101Accounts Clerk
7.411101Administrative Assistant
8.642701Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic
9.211301Analytical Chemist / Chemist
11.671208Auto Electrician / Automotive Electrician
12.653101Auto Engineer / Mechanic
13.684202Blaster / Mining / Quarrying Blaster
14.651302Boilermaker / Boilermaker-welder / Plater-boilermaker
15.734203Bulldozer Operator
16.121901Business Operations Manager
17.242101Business Support Project Manager
18.121202Business Training Manager / Human Resources Development Manager / Technical Training Manager
19.711404Cement Kiln Operator
20.711202Chain Manufacturing Operator (Jewellery Manufacturing)
21.214501Chemical Engineer
22.311101Chemical Laboratory Technician / Analyst
23.132202Chief Geologist (Mining) / Chief Mine Planner / Chief Surveyor (Mining) / Geology Manager (Mining) / Mine Design and Planning Manage / Mine Design and Planning Manager / Mining Exploration Manager / Planning Manager (Mining) / Resource Geologist / Technical Services Manager (Mining)
24.226302Chief Safety Officer Mining / Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHE&Q) Practitioner / Safety Coordinator / Risk and Safety Manager / Radiation Protection Expert / Occupational Hygienist/ Health and Safety Officer / Coordinator / Professional
25.214201Civil Engineer/ Geotechnical Engineer / Structural Engineer
26.214202Civil Engineering Technologist / Construction Technologist
27.312301Clerk of Works
28.441301Coding Data Processing Clerk
29.214601Colliery Engineer/ Metalliferous Mining Engineer / Mine Ventilation Engineer / Open Cast Mining (including diamonds) Engineer / Surface Mining (including quarrying) Engineer
30.341201Community Development Officer / Community Worker
31.441603Compensation and Benefits Administrator
32.121203Compensation and Benefits Manager / Remuneration and Benefits Manager
33.132301Construction Manager / Construction Project Manager
34.215101Control Engineer / Electrical Design Engineer / Electrical Engineer (Mines) / Electromechanical Engineer
35.215102Control Engineering Technologist / Electrical Engineering Technologist
36.241102Cost Accountant
37.734301Crane Driver / Crane or Hoist Operator / Onsetter / Winding Engine Driver (Materials)
38.335101Customs Officer
39.311801Design and Manufacturing Draughtsperson / Draughtsperson / Technical Draughtsperson
40.214401Diesel Engineer/ Maintenance Management Engineer / Mechanical Engineer / Mechanical Engineer (Mines)
41.653306Diesel Fitter-mechanic / Diesel Mechanic
43.734211Dragline Operator
44.711301Drill Rig Operator / Driller / Drilling Plant Operator
45.734214Dump Truck Driver / Operator / Haul Truck Operator
46.653307Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic
47.734201Earthmoving Plant Operator (General)
48.311301Electrical Engineering Technical Officer / Electrical Engineering Technician / Electrical Instrument Technician
49.642702Electrical Mechanic
50.671101Electrical Wireman / Electrician/ Electrician (Engineering) / Electrician (General) / Winder Electrical Technician
51.721201Electromechanical Equipment Assembler
52.671202Electromechanician / Millwright / Millwright (Electromechanician)
53.311401Electronic Engineering Technician
54.215202Electronics Engineering Technologist / Instrumentation Technologist
55.121201Employee Relations Manager / Personnel / Human Resource Manager
56.311303Energy Efficiency Consultant / Energy Officer
57.215104Energy Engineering Technologist / Energy Sustainability Specialist
58.215103Energy Services Engineer
59.311601Energy Technician
60.251202Engineer (Applications / Content / IT / Software / Systems / WAN)
61.211401Engineering Geologist / Exploration Geologist / Geologist
62.132104Engineering Manager (Mining) / Engineering Manager / Engineering Maintenance Manager
63.718905Engineering Production Systems Worker
64.352201Engineering Technician (Telecommunications)
65.325701Environmental and Occupational Health Inspector
66.214301Environmental Engineer
67.226301Environmental Health Officer
68.134901Environmental Manager
69.213302Environmental Officer / Environmental Research Scientist
70.734204Excavator Operator / Hydraulic Rock Breaker Operator / Shovel Operator
71.112101Executive Director
72.214603Extraction Metallurgical Engineer / Metallurgical Engineer / Pyro Metallurgical Engineer
73.143901Facilities Manager
74.132101Factory Manager
75.711203Final Diamond Processing Controller / Rough Evaluator
76.121101Finance Manager
77.241301Financial Business Analyst
78.652302Fitter and Turner
79.652301Fitter-machinist / Turner (Metal)
81.734206Front-end-loader Operator/ Loader Driver /Load-haul-dump (LHD) Operator
82.311704Geological Technician / Mineral Resource Technician
83.211402Geophysicist / Hydrologist
84.212103Geostatistician/ Statistician
86.734205Grader Operator
87.441601Human Resources Clerk
88.653303Hydraulic Fitter / Machine Fitter (Hydraulics) / Maintenance Fitter / Mechanical Fitter
89.216502Hydrographic Surveyor / Mine Surveyor
90.351201ICT Systems Analysis Assistant
91.251101ICT Systems Analyst
92.214101Industrial Engineer / Plant Engineer/ Process Engineer / Production Engineer
93.262202Information Management Specialist / Information Services Manager
94.672105Instrument Mechanic / Instrument Mechanician / Instrument Mechanician (Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control)
96.215201Instrumentation Engineer
97.242202Intelligence Analyst / Policy Analyst
98.242211Internal Auditor
99.661303Jewellery Evaluator
100.134902Laboratory Manager
101.731101Locomotive Driver
102.711201Machine Operator (Stone Cutting or Processing)
103.515301Maintenance Officer
104.312202Maintenance Planner / Maintenance Scheduler
105.243203Manager Public Affairs / Relations
106.311501Mechanical Engineering Technician / Mechanical Instrument Technician
107.134201Medical Manager
108.651401Metal Fabricator
110.312101Mine Operations Foreman / Mine Overseer (Planning)/ Mine Overseer (Production)/ Pit Foreman /  Production / Operations Supervisor (Mining) / Quarry Foreman / Shift Foreman / Boss (Mining) / Shift Supervisor (Mining)
111.311701Mine Planner / Mine Planning Technician / Mining Technician /  Section Mine Planner
112.311705Mine Ventilation Observer / Mine Ventilation Officer
113.312102Miner/ Miner (Surface Excavations) / Rockbreaker / Shaft Timberman
114.313912Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller
115.263101Mineral Economist
117.325707Mines Safety Officer
118.684101Mining Diver
119.711101Mining Operator / Mining Plant Operator / Roof Bolter (Mining)
120.733208Mobile Mining Equipment Operator / Roof bolter Operator / Trackless Mobile Machinery (TMM) Operator
121.222104Occupational Health Nurse
122.242402Occupational Instructor / Trainer
123.221211Occupational Medicine Specialist
124.134916Operations Foreman (Non Manufacturing)
125.132102Operations Manager (Production) / Plant Manager (Manufacturing) / Plant Superintendent / Production / Operations Manager (Manufacturing)
127.132409Physical Asset Manager
128.432201Planning and Liaison Officer / Production Coordinator
129.653301Plant Maintenance Mechanic
130.121301Policy and Planning Manager
131.214102Process Design Technologist
132.332302Procurement Administrator / Coordinator / Officer / Purchasing Officer
133.243103Product Manager
134.132201Production / Operations Manager (Mining) / Mine Manager / Quarry Manager
135.312201Production / Operations Supervisor (Manufacturing)
136.441903Project Advisor / Leader / Project Controller / Project Planner
137.121905Project Director
138.121908Quality Manager / Quality Systems Manager
139.214904Quantity Surveyor
142.731201Railway Shunter
143.242303Remuneration and Benefits Specialist
144.122301Research and Development Manager
145.121903Resources Manager
146.651501Rigger / Rigger Ropesman
147.711302Rock Drill Operator
148.132203Rock Engineering Manager
149.311706Rock Engineering Officer / Rock Engineering Technician
150.121206Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Manager
151.122101Sales and Marketing Manager
152.122102Sales Manager
153.541906Security Consultant
154.315101Ship’s Engineer
155.315201Ship’s Master
156.315202Ships Mate / Officer
157.242302Skills Development Facilitator / Practitioner / Skills Development Strategist
158.134401Social Services Manager
159.432101Stock Clerk / Officer
160.311707Strata Control Officer
161.132401Supply and Distribution Manager/ Supply Chain Manager / Supply Lead Manager
162.252301Systems Engineer
163.241103Tax Practitioner
164.243301Technical Sales Consultant / Coordinator / Manager
165.351302Technical Support Specialist
166.242401Training and Development Practitioner / Training Officer
167.733201Truck Driver (General)

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