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Becoming accredited in the Wholesale and Retail sector.

W&R SETA Accreditation Strategy

Why SETA Accreditation?

It means that the training offered is credit-bearing and can be used to obtain an industry relevant qualification.

If you are an organisation that currently offers training and / or coaching services and you understand the relevance of delivering recognised occupational learning then SETA accreditation is a strategic move.

By conforming to legislated levels of compliance, your learners can receive certificates of competence and organisations procuring accredited training can claim tax rebates and BEE points as reward for their contribution.

Accreditation Strategy Features

1. Preferred Training Target Markets

SETAs have a vested interest in organisations that train in the following markets:

  1. High school leavers market.
  2. 25-54 year old market.
  3. Business and industry training market.
  4. A vocational and lifelong learning market.

2. Scarce Skills

Many industries complain of skills shortages and voice concern over a lack of technical skills and expertise. Emerging and existing training organisations can identify business opportunities by linking their services to meeting scarce skill areas.

Articles below provide current information regarding training trends and priorities for the WR SETA.

3. Select Registered Qualifications or Skills Programs

You must select qualifications, skills programs or unit standards that are registered on the National Qualifications Framework.

Wholesale and Retail Learnership Qualifications

All Wholesale and Retail Qualifications and Training Providers

4. Survey Your Competition

Identify existing training providers in your sector who are offering the same or similar qualifications.  Consider how you must differentiate yourself in order to compete in similar target markets.

Are there enough Wholesale and Retail training providers?

5. Funding

It’s never a good idea to set up a business that will require funding efforts to deliver.  However, as an accredited provider you do become legible to apply and compete for funding.

There really is NO reason why the SETA should entrust limited funds to new providers in the market. However, those new providers who are savvy enough to establish themselves correctly and target the right markets with required qualifications can access SETA support.

New providers are often high risk as they are inexperienced and still need to build an understanding of due diligence in this formal environment. If you can demonstrate this understanding then you could enter the market competitively.

Register Now for DIY SETA Accreditation

Select from 10 workshops focusing on various aspects of education & training sector accreditation and business operations.

Attend a 3 hour workshop covering all the steps you need to take and all the information you must submit.

For emerging providers, the ‘Building Blocks for SETA Accreditation‘ is an excellent foundation seminar for those who want to build an understanding of the legislative context  and correctly frame their accreditation submission documents. This workshop helps you identify how to embark on a competitive market strategy in the training and development sector.

Building Blocks focuses on the accreditation criteria that must be met for full accreditation and not just ‘interim or preliminary’ accreditation. This means that whether you’re a current training provider or a new emerging one, you’ll leave this session knowing exactly what the SETA will expect of you.


10 Great Workshop Topics Available Here

The future of training lies with the QCTO

While most accreditation for most qualifications is still only available via the SETAs, from 2020 the QCTO will assume provider accrediting powers. Providers applying for accreditation need to check if the qualification they wish to be accredited for is still with the SETA or now only available through the QCTO.

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations workshop is ideal for those feeling challenged by imminent changes. Spend time with us to catch your breath, find direction and understand the market.

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations workshop is ideal for those feeling challenged by imminent changes. Spend time with us to catch your breath, find direction and understand the market.


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