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Financial and Accounting Scarce Skills.

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Looking for a career in finance and accounting?

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Financial & Accounting Scarce Skills, Qualifications & Training Providers

Finance and Accounting Scarce Skills

The Top 10 Finance and Accounting Scarce Skills 2015 / 2016:

Finance and Accounting Scarce Skills List

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Table of Finance and Accounting Scarce Skills

Priority GroupOFO CodeOccupation Name
1. Accountants and Auditors121101Finance Manager
 121102Payroll Manager
 241101Accountant (General)
 241102Management Accountant
 241103Tax Professional
 241104External Auditor
 241106Accountant in Practice
 241107Financial Accountant
 241108Forensic Accountant
 242209Accounting Officer
 2411011Trainee accountant/auditor/article clerk
 2. Financial markets professional  
134603Financial Markets Business Manager
 241201Investment Analyst
 241202Investment Manager
 241203Investment Advisor
 241204Financial Markets Practitioner
 241205Professional Principal Executive Officer
 241301Financial Investment Advisor
 331101Securities Dealer
 332401Commodities Trader
 332402Finance Broker
 3. ICT Professionals  
133105Information Technology Manager
 251101ICT Systems Analyst
 251201Software Developer
 251202Programmer Analyst
 251203Developer Programmer
 252101Database Designer and Administrator
 252201Systems Administrator
 252301Computer Network and Systems Engineer
 252901ICT Security Specialist
 4. Bookkeepers, accounting technicians and clerks  
 331303Tax Technician
 331302Accounting Technician
 431101Accounts Clerk
 431301Payroll Clerk
 523102Office Cashier
5. Debt Collector421401Debt Collector
6. Management consultants
242101Management Consultant
 242102Organisation and Methods Analyst
7. Internal auditors and risk managers
121104Internal Audit Manager
 242208Organisational Risk Manager
 242211Internal Auditor
8. Actuary212101Actuary
9. Economist263101Economist
10. Office Administrators  
334101Office Supervisor
 334102Office Administrator
Finance and Accounting Scarce Skills

Finance and Accounting Scarce Skills: Find Matching Qualifications

Private Colleges and Finance and Accounting Qualifications

Click here for a list of registered private colleges and also expand your search for alternative study opportunities.

This is a comprehensive list of currently registered learnerships, click this link to see what opportunities to look out for. A pipeline of new qualifications is being developed, so there’s a lot of stuff to keep up to date with! Follow Keep Climbing and keep up to date! :)

Here are links to the lists of the wide range of Job Qualifications that are now available:

Qualifications lead you to the providers that are accredited to deliver them.

  • NQF. Level 1 and 2 for those with little or no high school and limited if any work experience.
bankseta qualifications

FASSET Qualifications to Meet Finance and Accounting Scarce Skills

Click links to view more information about the qualifications and who to view who the training providers are.

Look for Funded Finance and Accounting Scarce Skills Training

SAQA IDQualificationCreditsNQF Level
63550ACCA Professional Qualification :Chartered Certified Accountant915Level 08
67269Advanced Certificate: Fraud Examination120Level 07
80189Certificate: Accounting120Level 05
73710Certificate: Accounting Technician120Level 03
20397Certificate: Certified Accounting Technician390Level 05
21476Certificate: Government Auditor120Level 08
59751Certificate: Local Government Accounting120Level 03
23618Certificate: Office Administration120Level 05
60151CIS Professional Advanced Qualification: Governance and Administration120Level 07
60153CIS Professional Post-Graduate Qualification: Company Secretarial and Governance Practice120Level 08
60149CIS Professional Qualification: Governance and Administration130Level 06
60154CIS Professional Qualification: Management and Administration129Level 06
67710Diploma: Financial Accounting420Level 06
35958Diploma: Office Administration360Level 06
20353Diploma: Public Sector Accounting137Level 06
20358Diploma: Technician Internal Auditing240Level 07
58376FET Certificate: Bookkeeping130Level 04
57901FET Certificate: Credit Management164Level 04
49021FET Certificate: Debt Recovery140Level 04
77143Further Education and Training Certificate: Accounting Technician120Level 04
71853Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing132Level 04
73712Further Education and Training Certificate: Local Government Accounting120Level 04
23619Higher Certificate: Office Administration240Level 05
58375National Certificate: Bookkeeping120Level 03
24418National Certificate: Business Accounting120Level 05
60150National Certificate: Business Administration120Level 03
48872National Certificate: Information Technology (Systems Development)131Level 05
20352National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting120Level 04
48736National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management120Level 04
20366National Diploma: Financial Accounting280Level 06
23653National Diploma: Financial Markets240Level 06
24406National Diploma: Management Accounting240Level 06
36213National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting251Level 05
20391Post Graduate Diploma: Professional Accountant in Practice480Level 08
20392Post Graduate Professional Qualification: Professional Accountant in Business480Level 07
20359Post-graduate Diploma: General Internal Auditing120Level 08
20400Professional Qualification: Chartered Management Accountant930Level 07
60152Professional Qualification: Management and Administration140Level 04
Finance and Accounting Qualifications

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