You are currently viewing 10 Websites for Finding Learnerships Now: You Can Succeed!

10 Websites for Finding Learnerships Now: You Can Succeed!

Top 10 Websites for Finding Learnerships! When you are unemployed, it’s important to keep looking for Learnerships throughout the year. SETAs fund learnerships at different times of the year and accredited organisations then offer them.

Learnerships Are Available Throughout the Year

what you do on a learnership

Learnerships are advertised throughout the year.

Finding Learnerships: Find Training Providers and Employers

It’s worth noting that accredited training providers will partner with employers to offer Learnership qualifications. Adverts are either placed by employers or training providers. Read More: What is a learnership?

When employers or training companies are hiring, they often use recruitment agencies to find unemployed learners.

Recruiters, employers and training companies also contact the Department of Labour for unemployed candidates available in different regions of South Africa. You can register yourself on the ESSA database, follow these instructions for registering.

Can you see that you need to network with recruiters, employers and training companies who offer learnerships? Do it!

Finding Learnerships at TVET Colleges

You can find learnerships at TVET colleges and private colleges across South Africa.

Top Ten Websites for Finding Learnerships

We’ve checked each of these sites, but if you feel there are any that shouldn’t be on this list – drop a comment below. Let Keep Climbing know if you have had good or bad experiences!

  1. Learnerships | Student Jobs 2016 / 2017: Puff & Pass
  2. Career Planet » Learnership Opportunities
  3. LEARNERSHIPS 2016-2017 Latest Available SA Learnerships
  4. Jobs in: Learnership –
  5. Learnerships requirements: Grade 12 / Matric … – Tshwaneline
  6. Learnerships –
  7. Learnership Jobs, vacancies |
  8. Government and opportunities for youth | South African Government
  9. List of Top LEARNERSHIPS for 2016-2017: Transnet & Sasol
  10. Opportunities, Learnerships, Internships, Vacancies | Facebook
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Finding and Applying for Learnerships

From writing cover letters to preparing for interviews and finding opportunities, read Keep Climbing articles for free assistance.

Websites for finding learnerships

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More Resources for Youth Looking for Learnerships

Also check out our Demand for Skills category to see which jobs SETAs are focussing their attention on.

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