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The Hottest Tip for Job Seekers for Work.

Excellent Resource: Tip for Job Seekers

I found a great platform for finding work!

Career decision-making is tricky for most people, and so too is searching for opportunities.

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Tip for Job Seekers: Check out

Adzuna is a search engine for job ads that aims to list every job, everywhere.

They search thousands of websites so you don’t have to, bringing together millions of ads in one place.

They provide smarter search options and powerful data about the job market, giving job seekers the information they need to take control of their careers. 

Case study: Testing the Site and Comparing it to Google

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Tip for Job Seekers: Does Adzuna work?

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I searched for administrator jobs in Johannesburg:

  • Adzuna: 2492
  • Google: About 353 000 

On Adzuna, all adverts on page 5 were still current and relevant.

This implies that the search had some depth.

I  jumped to page 249 to see how far back advert dates go and if jobs listed were still relevant to administrators.

The last advert on page 249 was posted on 4 November 2016, indicating that the site is managing to collect lots of current adverts.

Not all the jobs listed on this page were relevant to my search, such as the listings for millwrights.

However, when I checked these adverts, applicants were required to have admin skills.

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Google’s page 5 had some relevant links but others contained no job adverts when I clicked the links.

I jumped to page 10 – no data as the last adverts for administration vacancies were on page 8.

The quality of information was poor as most positions advertised were in other countries.

Google’s data was concentrated around the first few pages, when clicking some of these links, they didn’t only open to one advert but often to relevant listings of administrator positions.

The volume and quality of data was thus much better on Adzuna, and it was easier to find lots of relevant options. Go for it! :)

A Job Seeker Tip that’s Vital Information for Your Decisions

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The Scarce and Critical Skills Tip for Job Seekers

Remember that it’s important to consider scarce skills in your career decisions.

If you want to study but don’t know what to study, select a programme that prepares you to apply for jobs that are listed as scarce or critical.

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Hottest Tip for Job Seekers: How to Find Work