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List of Limpopo TVET Colleges and Their Contact Details. Looking for TVET colleges in Limpopo? Here’s a list of colleges, bursary information and their contact details.

Contacts For Limpopo TVET Colleges

Here are interesting statistics for Limpopo TVET colleges: Public Education and Training

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  1. Limpopo province has four TVET colleges: Capricorn, Lephalale, Letaba, and Waterberg TVET Colleges.
  2. In 2020, a total of 20,183 students were enrolled in TVET colleges in Limpopo province, with Capricorn TVET College having the highest enrollment of 8,632 students.
  3. Limpopo province has prioritized TVET education as a key driver of economic growth and development in the region, with a focus on developing skills in sectors such as mining, agriculture, and tourism.
  4. The Limpopo provincial government has allocated funding to improve infrastructure and facilities at TVET colleges, with a particular focus on modernizing workshops and laboratories to meet industry standards.
  5. TVET colleges in Limpopo province are partnering with industry players to provide students with hands-on training and work-integrated learning opportunities, to better prepare them for the job market.
  6. Letaba TVET College in Limpopo province has been recognized as one of the top-performing TVET colleges in the country, based on its pass rate and graduate employability.

Limpopo TVET Colleges

These statistics demonstrate the importance of TVET education in Limpopo province.

They reflect the efforts being made to improve the quality of teaching and learning in TVET colleges. There is a focus on developing skills in key sectors and creating partnerships with industry players.

TVET colleges in Limpopo province are playing a crucial role in equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the job market and contribute to the economic development of the region.

List of Limpopo TVET Colleges

TVET College NamePostal AddressPhysical AddressTel, Fax no. & Website / Email
Capricorn FET CollegePrivate Bag X9674
Cnr Dort & College Street
015 291 3115/8 (t)
015 297 5448 (f)
Lephalale FET CollegePrivate Bag X210
Cnr Nelson Mandela & Ramatlhodi Street
Onverwacht 0557
014 763 2242 (t)
014 763 2253 (f)
Letaba FET CollegePrivate Bag X4017
No 1 Claude Wheatley Street
015 307 5440 (t)
015 307 2204 (f)
Mopani South East FET CollegePrivate Bag X1024
Cnr Combretium & Harlem
015 781 5725 (t)
015 781 5346 (f)
Sekhukhune FET CollegePrivate Bag X8660
Stand no 676
013 269 0278 (t)
013 269 0450 (f)
Vhembe FET CollegePrivate Bag X2136
203 Sibasa
Unit A
015 516 4773 (t)
015 516 4773 (f)
Waterberg FET CollegePostnet Suit #59
Private Bag X2449
36 Hooge Street
015 491 8581 (t)
015 4918579 (f)
Limpopo TVET Colleges
tvet college benefits

Limpopo TVET Colleges Education and Training

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is a type of education and training that focuses on providing practical and hands-on skills in specific trades and industries.

It aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills required for employment in various technical and vocational fields such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and information technology.

Limpopo TVET Colleges Provide Valuable Education and Training

Limpopo TVET Colleges are important because they provide individuals with practical and market-relevant skills that are in demand by employers.

This can lead to improved employability and job prospects, which is particularly important in today’s rapidly changing job market.

TVET programs can also provide individuals with a pathway to further education and career advancement.

Additionally, TVET can play a key role in supporting economic growth and development by providing a skilled workforce for industries and businesses.

Limpopo TVET Colleges Student Support Services

Professional student support services are available at most public TVET Colleges.

New students may be required to complete a competency assessment on the enrolment. 

This will assist the college in determining the most suitable learning and support programmes for the prospective student.

Generally, student support is focused on both the academic and the broader social/psychological needs of students.

Students also apply for TVET College funding.

nrf funding

Private Colleges and their Qualifications

Click here for a list of registered private colleges and also expand your search for alternative study opportunities.

This is a comprehensive list of currently registered learnerships, click this link to see what opportunities to look out for. A pipeline of new qualifications is being developed, so there’s a lot of stuff to keep up to date with! Follow Keep Climbing and keep up to date! :)

Lists of the wide range of Job Qualifications that are now available:

Qualifications lead you to the providers that are accredited to deliver them.

  • NQF. Level 1 and 2 for those with little or no high school and limited if any work experience.

Bursaries at Limpopo TVET colleges

Department of Higher Education and Training offers bursaries that are available for National Certificate Vocational courses and Report 191 (NATED or ‘N’) courses at public TVET Colleges to students who meet the criteria.

These bursaries are not loans, they are better. The bursaries are administered by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Other bursaries are also available, which will vary from college to college.

Prospective students should enquire at the college at which they plan to enrol as to what bursaries are available for the course that they would like to study.

During 2015 approximately 307419 students at TVET Colleges benefited from DHET bursaries administered by NSFAS.

Criteria for Limpopo TVET Colleges Student Funding

Department of Higher Education and Training, TVET College bursaries that are administered by the NSFAS, are available but are subject to two important criteria. 

  1. The prospective student will be required to undergo a ‘means test’ that will indicate that the student really does need financial assistance and
  2. The student has a good academic performance record. Prospective students who believe that they may meet these criteria should contact their nearest public TVET College.  The college will provide the application forms and oversee the application process.

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The Best List Of Limpopo TVET Colleges Contacts