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How to Find Careers in Agriculture: AGRISETA

Careers in Agriculture. This post lists and compares AGRISETA-funded opportunities. The awesome news is that the number of interventions increased.

Careers in Agriculture: AGRISETA

If you’re a potential learner you should know the following:

non pivotal and pivotal programme seta training
  1. Training providers will compete for funding to deliver these programmes.
  2. Programmes may or may not be available in your province. If they are not, ask about relocation stipends for learners who need to move.
  3. Ask about being placed on an official database so that your name can be made available to the service providers who are awarded the contracts.

Examples of AgriSETA Learning Programme Opportunities 2017

Learning Programme Learning Areas Number of Learner Opportunities for each interventionContact Person
Learnerships Animal Production Plant Production Mixed Farming Systems1 586Mr. Gerard Mamabolo Tel: (012) 301 5607 E-mail:
Bursaries Veterinary Biology Grassland and Wildlife Science200
Internships Food Safety Agriculture300
Skills Programmes Horticulture Crop Science3 500
Work Integrated LearningAnimal Production

Crop Production, Agricultural Management

Apprenticeships Boiler making Tractor Mechanic Millwright Fitter and Turner186Mr. Ledile Kgomo Tel. No. : (012) 301 5624 E-mail:
learnership cover letter

Examples of AGRISETA Programmes 2016

Apprenticeships210Welding, Boiler making5,6
Fitting & Turning5,6
Diesel & Automotive Motor Mechanic5,6
Plant Production7.6.9.10
Animal Production7.6.9.10
Agriculture Economics7.6.9.10
Learnerships1200Plant Production2.3.4
Animal Production2.3.4
Mixed Farming Systems2.3.4
Farm Management2.3.4
New Venture Creation80SMMEs, Coops, Entrepreneurship4,5
Skills Programmes (short courses)2000Plant production4,5,6
Animal Production4,5,6
Mixed Farming4,5,6
Total Learners3715  
apply for learnerships online: seta learnerships

Job Fields Prioritised by AGRISETA: 2016 Scarce Skills

career portfolio

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  1. Esona Selana

    Hi am Esona Selana I would like to apply for a stipent where am at they don’t give us or provide


    Iam Nomndeni Gumbi iwould like to apply for astipent for electricam enginerind n icompleted N6 and where iam they dont give us..

  3. paulus

    Im interested in registering with agriseta as service provider,im a qualified farmer,with knowledge,skills and experience and being a farmer for 9 yrs.



    How much stipend for fitter and turner apprentice? Because i am training with agriseta

  5. vusumzi

    Hi,my company is Lighting Working Gathering,i doing piggery but now the challenge is water,electricity,structure.

  6. joseph Seisho

    Hi Leonie
    Our business is Seisho and Machaka General trade we doing sheep shearing,wool classing,buying and selling wool in Thaba nchu in the free state.we have clients but we need equipment,we need two sheep shearing machinery to start..will like to know how agriseta can help us Or what should we do to get funding assistance from agriseta.

  7. Leonie Hall

    Hi Stanley
    Unfortunately I don’t have the resources available to assist you fairly. I recommend approaching AGRISETA and all the other SETAs directly and request that they fund local interventions in the community.

  8. stanley Mollson

    hi Leonie… my name is Stanley… I am Reverend in an apostolic church and a communuty development officer in my area. we have unemployed youth and adults in our community whom we are trying to upskill to have some skills. Can you kindly help us enlisting them into learnership programmes within your scope of operations in the scarces skill programmes that Agriseta…. perhaps you can also try to identify service providers which you can reccommed around Gaiuteng….. specififically Johannesburg.

  9. Leonie Hall

    Hi Masentle
    Please contact the AGRISETA directly. I’m sure that they will be very helpful and assist you. If not, please get back to me.
    Best of luck

  10. masentle lephoto

    Hi my name is masentle I was doing agriculture at school I have matric and level 2 certificate in agric so is there any learnership in agric ? Pls help me

  11. Leonie Hall

    Hi Spokazi
    Please speak to your employer or the organisation providing the training.
    Best wishes

  12. Spokazi Makawu

    I Spokazi Makawu applying for stipent for Farm Management placement.

  13. Nokuphila

    Hi, my name is nokuphila Ngcobo, I am doing farming management at Majuba TVT college. This is my last semester. To get my diploma I am required to do an in service training. I need your assistance in where to go about applying and where exactly to apply. Thank you. I would appreciate to get response soon because I must start applying as soon as possible

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