Tue, Jun 28, 2022

These are the adverts we forced from BANKSETA  after they unhappily processed criticism that the recruitment strategy they embarked upon with Kelly Recruitment was anti poor and constitutionally unfair.

BANKSETA Tried to Resist the Public

It was a lot of agitation before BANKSETA gave in to public demands for recruitment adverts that were anti poor and abusive to the youth.

The advert we criticised treated applicants with no dignity and removed their right to carefully evaluate if the opportunity advertised was relevant and affordable to them.

Recruiters have established a reputation for treating learnership applicants as if they are nothing more than BEE points, rebates and refunds. They appear to enjoy the protections of the DHET and DoL.

With a weak DHET structure, SETAs repeatedly deviate from accreditation rules and allow firms who have no understanding of economic disadvantage and the National Qualifications Framework to recruit for regulated interventions.

This behavior diminishes the value of accreditation standards and public rights.

BANKSETA still sulks about how we forced them to:

  • clearly stipulate qualification details
  • state criteria
  • state stipend amount
  • provide clear instructions to candidates about what they must do to impress recruiters. They came up with ‘present a professional image’ – clearly not understanding that most new job entrants lack the means to do this and shouldn’t be judged for it. Bunch of facists!
  • provide accredited provider details

It’s hoped that those recruiting for learnerships pay attention to democratic recruitment principles and prevent youth exploitation.

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