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Recruiters need to filter applicants quickly and often find it necessary to make superficial judgments about the quality of a candidate. Many companies want to find youth with the most potential who are willing to work for the least.

Stand Out From The Crowd

A great cover letter that’s meaningful and relevant to the opportunity you’re applying for will help you make a good impression. You don’t have to write much, you just need to clearly communicate your points.

In an article published by Business Tech, Career Junction said that as fewer job seekers are searching for work online, a more favourable employment market exists for applicants.

This awesome news means people have stopped searching so there’s less competition for jobseekers. Many people incorrectly assume that no opportunities exist towards the end of the year.

They’ll end up having to compete against more people at the beginning of the following year.

Now is a good time to look for and apply for learnerships, internships and apprenticeships. Look for adverts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and search engines.

Cover Letter Tips

Only say what’s important to THEM. Use your cover letter to manipulate THEIR perceptions of you.

What this means:

You plan and check your letter. You don’t slap it together like this:

“To Whom It May Concern

I hereby apply for  ……. Please find my CV and certificates attached.”

Yours Truly

The End

 Slam brakes!


Many adverts withhold pay information as it gives recruiters a negotiation advantage, allowing them to see who will accept low offers.


Apply to ads disclosing pay information.

If you are applying to an ad that doesn’t disclose pay information, you only need a short cover letter listing your qualifications (Matric, G10 etc.) and experience if you have any.

Templates To Trust

When you see an ad that discloses pay information, make an effort even if you think the pay is low. Organisations that are open about what they offer are more likely to treat you fairly when you work for them.

It’s true that money isn’t everything, however when you’re young, the world thinks of you as dumb. Youth in South Africa are being taken advantage of and exploited through learnerships, internships and apprenticeships.  Stipend pay is low so that when they qualify, their wage expectations remain low.

The youth must not engage with companies as if business is a charity that takes care of them. Businesses exist to make money (profit) and if they can make money off ‘dumb youth‘ they will and, sadly, they do. You don’t need to be dumb, make an effort when it’s worth it, use less effort when it’s not.

Companies can claim back every cent they spend on stipends yet they pay low.  The decision to pay low is based on creating a long-term exploitation opportunity. Ensure you know what the stipend regulations are.

Templates For Ninjas

Take the advice provided in the articles and use each opportunity as one that you must compete HARD for.

Each article listed has information about cover letters or some aspect of the recruitment. No matter which field you want to work or study in, you can construct your killer cover letter by following Keep Climbing advice.

Cover Letter Template for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships

Write Cover letters for Learnerships


Interview and Cover Letter Tips for Nursing

Internship Cover Letter Sample


The article below is really useful if you need help finding the correct words to use for your cover letter:

Power Words for Your Cover Letter, CV and LinkedIn Profile

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Just want to thank you for 3 years learnership In mechanical engineering now I’m a qualified Artisan in fitting…
I soo wish I could get a job

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