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Do unregulated recruitment practices result in discrimination?  Here’s an infograph explaining how recruitment practices in South Africa deny applicants their right to fair labour process.

South Africa must question the legitimacy of recruitment practices that fall foul of the Constitution and create an exploitative contractual environment for applicants.

The Lawless State of #Recruitment in South Africa

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Instituting Labour Market Prejudice and Discrimination

In a chaotic democracy, such as the current South Africa, it’s not unusual to see firms exploiting market vulnerabilities. High unemployment levels and lack of good governance leads to exploitative behaviours.

Ignorance is Allowed. It feeds Profit.

No one takes accountability for educating our population about their rights. This ignorance and a desperation for income allows firms to institute unfair wages systems.

No Corporate Governance. No Accountability.

The lack of governance and destruction of support from institutions South Africans should be able to trust and count on, allows firms to break from legislation and embark on shameless discriminatory behaviours.

Firms and even government institutions show no remorse for allowing organised exploitation as they operate fearlessly in an unrestricted  labour environment. Unions complain about the increase in labour cases and the Department of Labour is not only inundated but also ineffective.

Firm Freedom F***s

There are growing concerns that recruiters and firms fatten up on liberties they are not entitled to.

Such as demanding confidential information disclosed in pay slips.

Another is omitting salary information from job adverts.

Omission prejudices an applicants right to fair wage negotiations and alludes to income inequality.

The Lie

Firms claim they omit details as they don’t want competitors to see what they are paying.

If this is true, why do they believe they are entitled to demand a competitors pay information before a candidate can be considered for employment?

This goes against the interests of competition as outlined in the Competition Act.


If applicants have a right to fair labour process then they should be able to negotiate their wage for a new job based on job requirements and what the employer is willing to pay.

Firms should be competing for labour, not fixing labour wages according to confidential information obtained illicitly.

When pay information is withheld in adverts, it means the wage offer is based on what a candidate is willing to accept as opposed to what the firm is willing to pay.


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