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The DHET provides a list  of occupations in high demand and advises school leavers to pursue these. Check out this list of jobs ranging from accounts clerk, community care worker to fire fighters.

Clerical Service and Sales Jobs are  ‘Occupations in High Demand’

The term refers to job fields (occupations) that are growing quickly or job positions difficult to fill (shortages in the labour market).


431101 1.      Accounts Clerk
532202 2.      Aged or Disabled Carer
531101 3.      Child Care Worker
532203 4.      Community Care Worker
431102 5.      Cost Clerk
531102 6.      Family Day Care Worker
541101 7.      Fire Fighter
541102 8.      Hazardous Materials Removal Workers
431201 9.      Insurance Administrator
431204 10.   Insurance Claims Administrator
431301 11.   Payroll Clerk
532201 12.   Residential Care Officer
431202 13.   Securities Services Administrative Officer
431203 14.   Statistical Clerk
431103 15.   Taxation Clerk
422101 16.   Tourist Information Officer
422102 17.   Travel Consultant

Want more options? That’s good! explore everything, never limit yourself! 🙂

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