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Clerical, Services and Sales Workers Jobs In Big Demand

Clerical, Service and Sales Workers: Jobs in high demand. Check out this list of jobs ranging from accounts clerk, and community care workers to firefighters.

Clerical, Service and Sales Workers:  ‘Occupations in High Demand’

The term refers to job fields (occupations) that are growing quickly or job positions difficult to fill (shortages in the labour market).

The DHET provides a list of occupations in high demand and advises school leavers to pursue these.

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17 In-demand Jobs: Clerical, Services and Sales Workers

List of In-demand Jobs For Clerical, Services and Sales

4311011.      Accounts Clerk
5322022.      Aged or Disabled Carer
5311013.      Child Care Worker
5322034.      Community Care Worker
4311025.      Cost Clerk
5311026.      Family Day Care Worker
5411017.      Fire Fighter
5411028.      Hazardous Materials Removal Workers
4312019.      Insurance Administrator
43120410.   Insurance Claims Administrator
43130111.   Payroll Clerk
53220112.   Residential Care Officer
43120213.   Securities Services Administrative Officer
43120314.   Statistical Clerk
43110315.   Taxation Clerk
42210116.   Tourist Information Officer
42210217.   Travel Consultant

Salespeople are wanted in the insurance sector.

Want more options? That’s good! explore everything, and never limit yourself! 🙂

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