You are currently viewing Jobs for Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Crafts and Trades

Jobs for Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Crafts and Trades

Jobs for Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Craft & Trade Jobs. Avionics mechanics, riggers, Boilermakers, and Electricians are in demand for the future. If you’re a practical hands-on type then this list is for you!

Jobs in Alternative Sectors: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Craft & Trades

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Craft & Trade Jobs

Avionics mechanics, riggers, Boilermakers, and Electricians are all in-demand jobs as there are too few entering these fields.

Jobs in Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Crafts & Trades

Do you die just thinking about office jobs and sharks in suits? Then check out this list of alternative options. These are occupations in high demand. Being qualified for one or more can increase your job opportunities.

Unfortunately, if you cannot pay for your education and training, you are vulnerable to exploitation when you receive it for free. Please know your rights, read our posts.

Look for training in your area for one of these jobs to target the skill gaps. Go to a TVET College or look for available learnerships and apprenticeships.


OFO CodeOccupation
6427011.      Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic.
6531012.      Automotive Motor Mechanic.
6721013.      Avionics Mechanician.
6513024.      Boiler Maker.
6412015.      Bricklayer.
6721036.      Business Machine Mechanic.
6415017.      Carpenter and Joiner.
6622058.      Continuous Stationery Lithography Technician.
6533069.      Diesel Mechanic.
67110210.   Electrical Installation Inspector.
67130111.   Electrical Line Mechanic.
67110112.   Electrician.
67210413.   Electronic Equipment Mechanician
65230214.   Fitter and Turner.
65330115.   Industrial Machinery Mechanic.
67210516.   Instrument Mechanician.
66220417.   Lithographic Printing Technician.
66230318.   Mechanised Bookbinding Technician.
66230519.   Mechanised Hard-cover Bookbinding Technician.
67120320.   Mechatronics Technician.
68491321.   Melter.
65140122.   Metal Fabricator.
67120223.   Millwright.
65110124.   Moulder.
64310125.   Painter
64260126.   Plumber
65120127.   Pressure Welder
67210228.   Radar Mechanic
67210829.   Radiotrician
65150130.   Rigger
66221231.   Rotary Printing & Re-reeling Flexographic Machine Technician.
67210732.   Special Class Electrician.
65220133.   Toolmaker
67120834.   Transportation Electrician
65120235.   Welder

Not for you? Try these critical skill areas for an opportunity to match your career goals.

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