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The DHET advises youth to study for fields that offer the most job opportunities. If you’re a technical person, go for one of these jobs. It’s also easier to access funding for fields that already have shortages.

This list includes train and tanker drivers, Clothing, Textile and Leather Goods Production Operators, explosives and much more!

These 34 jobs are from the ‘Occupations in High Demand’ list

The term refers to job areas (occupations) that are growing quickly or job posts that are becoming more and more difficult to fill (known as shortages in the labour market).


733206 1.      Armoured Personnel Carrier Operator
734202 2.      Backhoe Operator
718201 3.      Boiler or Engine Operator
734203 4.      Bulldozer Operator
715302 5.      Clothing, Textile and Leather Goods Production Operator
735101 6.      Deck Hand
734211 7.      Dragline Operator
734214 8.      Dump Truck Operator (Off-road)
734201 9.      Earthmoving   Plant   Operator
721201 10.   Electrical and Electronic Equipment
734204 11.   Excavator Operator
734205 12.   Grader Operator
735102 13.   Jetty Operator
734206 14.   Loader Operator
734209 15.   Manufacturing Unit (MEMU) Operator
733208 16.   Mobile Mining Equipment Operator
734207 17.   Mulcher Operator
718304 18.   Packaging Manufacturing Machine Setter
714201 19.   Plastic Cable making Machine Operator
714202 20.   Plastic Compounding and Reclamation Machine Operator
714203 21.   Plastics Fabricator or Welder
714208 22.   Plastics Manufacturing Machine Minder
714204 23.   Plastics Production Machine Operator (General)
734212 24.   Railway Track Master
714205 25.   Reinforced Plastic and Composite Production Worker
714209 26.   Reinforced Plastics and Composite
734213 27.   Road Roller Operator
714206 28.   Rotational Moulding Operator
734210 29.   Scraper Operator
733204 30.   Tanker Driver
715301 31.   Trades Worker Sewing Machine Operator
731101 32.   Train Driver
733201 33.   Truck Driver (General)
734208 34.   Tunnelling Machine Operator Mobile Explosives

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sandile mbandezi Jan 11, 2018 at 9:49 am

I wish to be train for a job but I don’t have money.

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