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Unemployed learners are told they are not entitled to stipends and must pay back all related expenses if they make employers unhappy. Greedy firms such as PSG Wealth and others illegally issue debt orders to unemployed victims who become trapped in debt.  Under no circumstances may an  unemployed learner pay money to an employer or training provider. 

Learnership candidates are divided into two categories, employed and unemployed. If you were unemployed and placed on a learnership, pay careful attention!

Corporate Lies and Youth Slavery

Learners may NOT pay back.

Even if:

  • they resign
  • they are dismissed
  • they signed a contract that says they must.

Employers have no legal defense in claiming money from unemployed learners. If you paid money to an employer – it’s time to take action. 

Learners who have been abused in this manner must complete the Keep Climbing Complaint form immediately.

We will pursue action against these firms and the SETAs who allow them to operate.

Learnership applicants must be aware of lawless providers and firms who deceive gullible inexperienced youth into believing they have no rights.

Keep Climbing is investigating if these firms gain BEE points and tax rebates from fraudulent interventions and obstructing youth development.

Check if your contract is legal

Please scan or use your phone to carefully photograph each page of your contract.

Complete the Complaints Form

We will email you and discuss how to get your contract to us.

Report Illegal Firms Now

Important Note:

  • SETAs don’t always protect the interests of learners and we are already taking action against INSETA who covered up an investigation we forced them to conduct.
  • SETAs do not monitor or take effective action against law breakers who abuse the rights of citizens.
  • BANKSETA and WRSETA endorse unconstitutional recruitment practices and refuse to engage with the public.
  • Many SETAs appear to be exploiters and bullies who believe the public has no voice.

Understand the SETA role in Learnerships


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