Wed, May 18, 2022

South Africans are challenging the Department of Justice to take action against rampant recruitment exploitation. Recruiting firms abuse their positions of power to exploit vulnerable applicants and persuade them to accept unfair unequal offers. 

Recruitment firms appear unable to offer an intellectual response to ‘What’s fair about asking for pay slips?’

Recruiters claim job seekers are dishonest about their earnings but when asked why wages are based on pay slips and not on company policy – they refuse to answer.


Applicants accept unfair offers for different reasons:

  • some are led to believe the offer is fair and related to their skills and experience
  • others are coerced into accepting unfair offers. They are told they will be expelled from the process if they ask for more
  • some are desperate and feel obligated to take whatever they are offered


The problem with accepting low pay is that your payslip is your future price tag.

The pay slip culture that South African recruitment has unlawfully forced upon our democratic society ensures that job seekers become trapped in a cycle of unfair and unequal wages.

  • When these employees decide they are done with being underpaid, they look for alternatives. When applying for a new job, firms unlawfully demand payslips in order to match salaries or clandestinely compete against their rivals.
  • The hiring firm often claims they are willing to pay a marginal increase on a  former unfair salary and that an industry standard limits them to 30%.  Applicants pay slips are used to limit their wages and maintain unequal pay.


stop this scourge

Pay slip information discards legislation defining South African citizens as equal members of a democracy, free agents within an economy.

When we allow firms unlimited freedoms in the labour market, firms will exploit the opportunity to pay as low as possible.

Income inequality data proves that people are paid unfairly in South Africa. The public is exposed to unfair power advantages when firms decide what’s best for us.

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