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A learnership has two key ingredients, an NQF qualification and job related experience. When you apply, organise your information according to this recipe.

Learnerships range from 12 – 18 months, earning candidates an industry relevant qualification and work experience to add to their CV.

 Motivation and Purpose


Your application will either let you down or place you at the front of the pack.

A simple, well structured cover letter is your advert. It’s a summary of what you believe separates you from everyone else.
Don’t lie about details.

10 Tips for Awesome Cover Letters

  1. Spelling and grammar counts, make all communication perfect! Do a spell check.
  2. Don’t write a sentence you cannot explain in an interview. Be specific and honest about your skills and experience. Keep it friendly, brief and to the point.
  3. Each cover letter you write must be different as it must be based on the specific opportunity you are applying for.
  4. Mention key skills or experience listed in your CV relevant to the opportunity.
  5. If the advert lists requirements – explain how you meet each one. For example, if they request Matric, state that your certificate is attached.
  6. Never refer to what you don’t have, only focus on what you DO have, what you can do and what you know about the opportunity.
  7. If you are a disabled candidate (our ‘otherwise abled’ readers.), be specific about the disability as training providers and employers have a responsibility to adapting the environment so that you can be efficient and effective.  (Note employers receive extra rewards when they select you, they are lucky to host you – but don’t let them know you know this!)
  8.  You must believe you will be BRILLIANT if selected, use your cover letter to identify why you would be good for THEM. 
  9. What you want to say will come naturally when you focus on what you want to achieve. Your focus will improve with more practice and as you make the effort.
  10. See our examples of cover letter templates and advice.

The more you write and apply, the closer you get to your dream!!!

Cover Letter Template for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships

Cover Letter & CV Key Words for Retail Applications

Power Words for Your Cover Letter, CV and LinkedIn Profile

Write Cover letters for Learnerships

The Job Application Process is a Competition

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