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Check if Your Learnership Contract is Legit

Check if Your Learnership Contract is Legit. Not all contracts are lawful. Need a friend to check your contract and advise you? Or can you donate your documents to a confidential study of contract clauses and their impacts? All information is regarded as confidential and used for positive purposes.



If you have a concern about your contract and require advice, send us your story. Please note we cannot advise on cases where documentation is not provided.

Your documents help map how deeply exploitation and discrimination is damaging our society and economy. Your identity is safe and we won’t jeopardize your employment.

We document unfair practices and raise awareness via social media and our posts, like this!.

Where possible, we engage with authorities and try to improve protections for everyone.


Keep Climbing agrees with the many learners who have complained that a stipend of R 1 500 p/mth for full-time work is too low. You have been heard! Now let’s do it!


Your monthly budget shows your living expenses. Where possible, attach proof of these expenses. This information is used to help South African businesses and government understand that all youth on learnerships, apprenticeships and internships are not from wealthy families who can afford to financially support them!

The more details you provide to tell the story, the more powerful becomes.

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  1. admin

    Hi Bongani
    It sounds complicated so we’d need to take a look at your contract. Certain deductions are allowed but your stipend is not allowed to fall below the minimum rate.

  2. Bongani

    I’m an IT Technician on an NQF L4 going on my practical’s in two months time, the has been a memorandum out today that there been students not attending sessions and some not submitting their assignments, and there will be monies deducted from them, the next from coming month from us all, other thing that our stipend is fluctuating and on the agreement paper the is no reflection of merchandise they used to us allocated of money deducted from us for the next 3 months of our theory process .that is the lime light of my is it legal as an individual from disadvantage background ,the department to deducting and the stipends to change like this every time.?

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