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Learnerships and Internships are totally different! This list makes the differences easy to understand and remember!


Learn it

A learner still has stuff to learn about operating as a professional in a field or specific job sector.

Work it

Interns have opportunity to prove what they know and gain practical work experience, often a certification requirement for their qualification.



  • Has 2 distinct components: theory and experience
  • Based on National Qualifications Framework (NQF) levels. Level 1 being Adult Basic Education Training (ABET) and level 10 a doctorate
  • Learner receives credits for every unit standard completed successfully
  • Appropriate for anyone with or without a qualification
  • Entails agreement between a  learner, employer and a training provider
  • Difficult and unfair work conditions may apply
  • Focused on practical on-the-job training
  • Duration and content varies as insufficient regulations are in place
  • Qualifications and specific outcomes not defined or regulated.
  • Ideal for graduates or those with tertiary qualifications but lacking experience
  • Appropriate for people with degrees/diplomas
  • Entails agreement between an employer and intern
  • Often exploited and demeaned as cheap labour


Employers receive generous tax rebates, BEE points and can claim back money paid as stipends. Unfortunately benefits to learners are often much less. They are paid exploitation rates, unfairly dismissed and treated abusively.

If you’re experiencing difficulties on a learnership or Internship, tell us about it  here.

Let’s check your Learnership Contract

Services SETA provides guidelines about formalising internships and treating interns fairly.

How much Internships Pay

Learnership, Internship and Apprenticeship Complaints


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