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Are you nervous about negotiating your pay? Taking a look at salary trends is a great way to prepare for this discussion. Here’s what pay looked like in South Africa during 2017.

Knowledge is muscle. Going to an interview without knowing the salary range on offer or current pay trends for the position you’re applying for is irresponsible behaviour  deserving of low pay! 🙁

Seasoned professionals can prepare for an interview in less than 2 or 3 hours, others must spend an entire weekend and more to get ready.

Do it! Don’t let ignorance cost you money and dignity

The Way of Pay in SA

Here’s a list of wage trends during 2017. This information is the first step to informing your wage negotiation argument. Our second step covers which reliable sites to use to find information about specific job pay.

When you are asked ‘how much?’ your information should be based on these trends and your competency.

Architecture and Engineering

  • Highest paid: Civil/Structural Engineers – R70,301
  • Lowest paid: Engineering Drafters – R16,905

Building and Construction

  • Highest paid: Structural Engineer – R70,876
  • Lowest paid: Construction/Demolition Equipment Operator – R18,015

Warehousing and Logistics

  • Highest paid: Logistics Management – R44,278
  • Lowest paid: Packing and Packaging – R3,480

Information and Communications Technology

  • Highest paid: Technical and Business Architecture – R66,558
  • Lowest paid: Network, Planning, Design and Installation – R20,778



In the start-up sector, Business Tech reported that ‘IT related positions, including mostly programmers and developers, top the mix of skills that start-ups look for. The recruitment firm recently found that developer related skills feature among the most rarest skills in the country, taking up six of the top 10 positions.

Job skill or title Demand from Companies Demand from Job Seekers Rareness Factor 2017 Average Salary
Java Developer 2 705 21 128.8 R513 875
Developer 16 952 255 66.5 R467 163
php Developer 1 801 28 64.3 R410 328
Web Developer 1 488 28 53.1 R395 896
Financial Accountant 1 139 22 51.8 R471 429
Software Developer 1 428 34 42.0 R457 254
Net Developer 890 34 26.2 R446 743
Technologist 1 359 65 20.9 R497 127
Assistant Manager 1 077 67 16.1 R222 739
Consultant 6 837 444 15.4 R203 914

Medical and Health

  • Highest paid: Hospital Management – R61,915
  • Lowest paid: Dietician – R14,861


  • Highest paid: Corporate Lending – R69,932
  • Lowest paid: Financial Services Consulting – R11,750


  • Highest paid: Product Management – R40,944
  • Lowest paid: Shop decoration and visual display – R10,885


  • Highest paid: Sales management – R43,656
  • Lowest paid: Merchandiser, product promotor and demonstrator – R7,238

Admin, Office and Support

  • Highest paid: Office Management – R35,921
  • Lowest paid: Teller and Cashier – R6,289

Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Highest paid: Plant management – R61,157
  • Lowest paid: Printing – R10,650

If you’re a job hunter, you need to visit sites such as Business Tech and the  CareerJunction website. Career Junction publishes wage surveys each year.

Researching Salary Trends Before Job Interviews #TalkPay


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