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Timing, they say, is everything!

Negotiating pay is a delicate process! Studies show which day of the week is best to #talkpay and what you should drink to make you more resistant to settling for a bad deal.

Three Days of Strategic Action till Thursday

Psychology Today linked days of the week to attitudes and behaviours.

They found that as people progressed through the week they became more open. It seems Mondays really are the toughest!

MONDAY: Organize, plan, and delegate

TUESDAY: Follow your boss’s directions

WEDNESDAY: Avoid conflict with co-workers

THURSDAY: Ask for a favor or a raise

FRIDAY: Ask a colleague to do things your way

“As hard-line behavior disappears, we become more flexible and accommodating. Thursdays and Fridays find us most open to negotiation and compromise because we want to finish our work before the week is out,” reports Psychology Today.

Orange Juice or Coffee?

Have both!

A study by the European Journal of Social Psychology found that caffeine made people more resistant to persuasion. This means you will stand your ground during the negotiation, reports Business Insider.

Cut to the chase about caffeine:

  • There were two experiments reporting the effects of caffeine consumption on attitude change
    • Participants consumed an orange-juice drink that either contained caffeine (3.5 mg/kg body weight) or did not contain caffeine (placebo)
  • The results across both experiments were similar.
    • Attitudes formed after caffeine consumption resisted counter persuasion (Experiment 1) and led to indirect attitude change (Experiment 2).
  • Results provide evidence that moderate amounts of caffeine increase systematic processing of arguments
    • ‘congruent’ communication improved – when someone speaks and you believe them, when you convey and reinforce your value and the other person believes you
    • you can process a counter argument, meaning they say ‘no, can’t do’ and you can communicate why they would want to in a precise, confident and competent manner.

On Thursday, use caffeine for a bit of courage, but don’t have so much you can’t sit still!


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