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Kill it. An opportunity to negotiate your pay must excite, not stress you.  Poor preparation for questions about money could mean a low offer or no offer at all!

Take Charge of the Pay Discussion

Research Research and Research MORE!

Looking for a job is tough and competition high. Don’t be too disappointed when things don’t immediately work out. Finding work never happens as quickly as you’d like.

You’ll send loads of applications, go to interviews and run out of money. Plan for these peaks and valleys. Read advice on finding opportunities as close to your home as possible if you’ve run out of transport money.

Don’t be overly hyped about interviews that went well. You could be called back for a second and then …nothing! 🙁

Celebrate small successes and learn from them.

Never kick back and assume you have the opportunity pinned down. Wait till your name is on an appointment letter with a start date.

Interviewers would prefer to identify the right candidate sooner, rather than keep searching.

When they make you an offer, if you like it, ask  for 10% more. 

Mental Strength

You’re gonna rock at this!

Don’t be nervous, be excited. A salary negotiation is an opportunity for you to prove your worth and get paid what you deserve.

There’s no running from the discussion, toughen up or you’ll sell yourself short. Recruiters expect applicants to push back at the salary amount and are usually prepared to accommodate it. However it is also true that there’s always someone cheaper and even more desperate than you in the line. So what! Stand your ground if you want what you deserve. 

Ultimately the recruiter wants someone they can successfully place and who will be great at the job. Convince them you are thebombdotcom! 

Don’t make it about the cost. Don’t let them doubt your ability to add value.


Prepare for the range of interview questions you’ll be asked.

Practice your negotiation skills.


Prepare questions to ask during your interview.   

Questions draw attention to your professionalism and distinguish you from those who lack  communication skills. 

Let your enthusiasm, willingness to learn and genuine interest shine through.

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