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Negotiating pay is all about preparation. Applicants who accept an offer and then decline after deciding it’s too low, damage their future chances with the recruiting company.

Recruiter: What are your pay expectations?

Applicant: I’m looking for an opportunity at R10k.

Recruiter: That’s a bit high!

Applicant: Based on my research, I saw that 10k  is fair for someone with my level of experience and qualifications. In addition to meeting the standard job requirements, I’m also great at communicating in three languages and can be an asset to your sales department.

What is the company interested in offering?


 If you applied to an ad that failed to include pay information, chances are very high that you will be asked how much you expect to earn.

  1. First rule, avoid answering. Think of something!
  2. The second rule, give an answer based on research.
  3. Third, when they make an offer, don’t say anything. Look thoughtful, as if you’re expecting them to say something else. Don’t look as if you think they expect an answer from you! Practice this in the mirror and in conversations with friends and family. (More on why to do this in another post, now’s a good time to follow my blog! ;))

Most job advertisers withhold pay information from job adverts in order to take advantage of  the lack of information about what the company is willing to offer.

If you have no idea about industry trends and haven’t researched the particular job opportunity to find out how much people at your level are typically paid, you will be exploited.

And even if you HAVE done the research, chances of exploitation remain high, it’s still best to be informed! 🙁


Recruiter: I’ll get back to you!

Applicant: Do you have any idea how long this could take?

Recruiter: The entire process could take up to 3 weeks.

Applicant: Great! If I haven’t heard back from you by then, do you mind if I give you a call to follow-up?

Never ever leave an interview without a follow-up arrangement. NEVER!

If they say ‘no we’ll get back to you if you’re successful’ smile nicely.

Shake hands, shoulders straight and walk away like a superstar. Chances are high you won’t hear back. Move on immediately, use the interview as a rehearsal.

Forget about waiting the next 3 weeks. Look for other opportunities. 

Set a reminder on your phone to follow up once 3 weeks is over. 

Negotiating A Salary? #TalkPay

Is Non Disclosure of Pay in Job Ads Equally Fair to Employers and Applicants? #HRMustFall


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