Tue, Jun 28, 2022

This infographic describes the unfair advantages employers and recruiters use when trying to find and secure new employees. Most applicants have a gut instinct for fairness but believe they have no right to question the treatment they receive. The good news is applicants do have recourse, the Constitution says everyone is entitled to fair labour practice. (Section 23.1)

The unfair advantages illustrated, victimise applicants, providing them with a LEGAL ADVANTAGE. #HRMustFall

Destroying Applicants Right to Negotiate Wages is Unlawful

Employers and firms take advantage of their positions of power during recruitment. They decide to omit pay information from job ads so they can see who would be willing to accept low offers.

Firms who don’t disclose pay information in job adverts are most likely to be the ones guilty of upholding inequality in South Africa. If not, why would they hide the range within which their offer would fall?

If job advertisers are not being deviant, why are we seeing the growth of income inequality and the working poor?

Pay -slips are used to spy on competitor information and ruin a fair competition for talent. Firms aren’t trying to improve on offers, but are using privileged information against candidates to limit their ability to negotiate for a better wage.

Unfair practices are unlawful.

If you experienced unfair recruitment practices and can substantiate your case, seek legal advice and sue. Contact me once you’ve secured a lawyer and want to pursue action.

Researching Salary Trends Before Job Interviews #TalkPay

Recruitment Screws SA

Agreeing to Income Inequality

‘Market Related Salary’ means ‘Low but Legal’

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