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The complaint form is simple to complete, The Competition Commission wants you to state the facts about who wanted you to break the law so they can investigate further. 

Is the form difficult?

It isn’t! here’s a breakdown showing the questions you must respond to:

Complaint Form

To:         The Competition Commission


(Name of person submitting complaint:)


(Name of person whose conduct is the subject of this complaint:)

Description of the Complaint:

(Provide a concise statement of the conduct that is the subject of this complaint:)

Please attach to this form any relevant documents, as well as a typed statement describing the conduct that is the subject of this complaint, including the names of each party involved in the conduct; the dates on which the conduct occurred;a statement indicating when and how you became aware of the conduct, and any other information you consider relevant.

Is the conduct continuing? 

Most firms make the unlawful demand for pay slips in secret so you would have to assume it is continuing if they ask you. If you see a firm doing it publicly, such as in the example below,  report the culprits immediately – anyone can speak out against crime.     

If not, when did the conduct end?

You probably wouldn’t know this as a result of the lack of transparency surrounding recruitment. The Competition Commission will investigate this.

Steps to report

  1. Download the CC1 CompComm complaint form 
  2. Complete and attach evidence, e.g emails, write a statement clearly explaining all details related to the demand for payslips or current salary information
  3. Mail it all to ccsa@compcom.co.za

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