Mon, Aug 8, 2022

The public is encouraged to report companies who demand payslips, or request other information pertaining to a rival firm’s pay, during recruitment. 

Firms who undermine a fair competition for talent in South Africa must be reported to the Competition Commission using the CC1-Complaint form available here.

Protecting Fair Competition for Talent

Remuneration and benefits information amounts to competitive intelligence and should not become bargaining chips disclosed to rival firms competing for talent.

The sharing of such confidential information undermines a fair competition for talent among firms.

This means if you are employed and looking for other opportunities, you have no right to disclose your current employers pay and benefits to a business rival competing for your skills. By providing this competitive information, companies unfairly poach staff from other companies.

Steps to report

  1. Download the CC1 CompComm complaint form 
  2. Complete and attach evidence, e.g emails, write a statement clearly explaining all details related to the demand for payslips or current salary information
  3. Mail it all to

Unfair is not Fair

S23.1 Constitution: Everybody entitled to fair labour practice.

‘Fair’ does not allow for positions of dominance

Fairness must exist for everyone, a hiring organisation does not have the privilege to marginalise the rights of rival firms or job applicants.

The payslip price-tag undermines everybody’s right to fairness, and allows the recruiting organisation an unfair position of dominance over rival firms and applicants.

Report firms asking for information they are not entitled to!


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