Tue, Aug 9, 2022

Firms demanding pay slips make themselves subject to scrutiny as this practice contravenes S23.1 of the Constitution, ‘everybody entitled to fair practice’ and the Competition Act.

Fair means Equal

Sure, we all understand why recruiters want to know your asking price,  this question gives them the upper hand during wage negotiations.

While many recruiters argue applicants lie about pay, ask firms why they question applicant pay as opposed to being upfront when advertising? If job advertisers were not deceitful and duplicitous, applicants wouldn’t be pressured to defend their human rights with lies.

Pay Slip Pain Points

Firms demanding pay slips must prove they don’t use pay slips to:

  1. inform a counter offer  (unfair competition for talent)

  2. spy on and poach staff from competing companies

  3. Collude with other firms and agree to not compete for talent

  4. agree with another firm on employee benefits

  5. price-fix pay

  6. exclude applicants without pay slips

  7. diminish an applicant’s right to pursue better economic opportunity

  8. be used against applicants in a breach of trust

  9. obstruct potential employers from acquiring top talent

  10. be wage gatekeepers institutionalising inequality

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