Tue, Jun 28, 2022

Learnership recruiters often ask applicants to explain why they want the opportunity in fifty words.

Be Meaningful and Relevant

Cover letters and application form responses must show exactly why the organisation should contract you.

Where possible, use phrases from the advert in your response.

If you’re applying for a learnership, combine advert phrases with terms from the SAQA Qualification in your cover letter.

Clearly communicate your points.

Explaining why

Like an athlete, use each job or learnership application to practice being better each time.


The first two sentences must be interesting and catch the reader’s attention immediately. Try these:

  1. You can demonstrate vision:
    • I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, since the first time I saw my neighbor in her white uniform, I just knew! If I can do this qualification it will help me get a job at our local clinic.
  2. You can be transparent:
    • I want to do this qualification because I don’t know anything about business but I’ve watched business shows on tv and love the way people plan and interact. I like the way people seem focused on goals and being a team. I really want to learn.
  3. You can show passion:
    • I’ve been baking and taking care of people since I was first allowed to use a stove. I won a baking competition at school and baked biscuits to earn money, I even have my own unique recipes with secret ingredients! If you want people who can prove their love for this then I’m your girl!
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