Below are the rates published by the Department of Labour.

Learnership level Credits achieved by learner Percentage of qualified pay to be paid Minimum pay per week (R)

NQF 1 and 2
0 – 12035%120
121 – 24069%240
NQF L30 – 12017%120
121 – 24040%226
241 – 36053%370
NQF L40 – 12013%120
121 – 24025%240
241 – 36053%370
361 – 48056%540
NQF L50 – 1208%120
120 – 24018%260
241 – 36027%389
361 – 48038%548
481 – 60049%700

Tell us how much stipend you’re being paid and send copies of contracts.
We’ll check if you’re being treated fairly.

Are you an employee or learner?


We’re studying labour contracts, looking for unfair clauses and infringements on human rights.

Send us your employment or learnership contract so we can determine how bad your situation is. and why


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5 hours ago

Keep Climbing the NQF

Dear #sabpp
Making claims that members of the public are not free citizens but are barcode marked, #SABPP's number begins with 666! #payslips

Criminally infested SABPP, the devilish labour market #exploitation and #inequality driver.

Their ignorance <?>
or is the truth more base: Their GREED
and unfettered lawlessness fears no consequences.

Like the devil in hell, as human resources gatekeeper, SABPP ditches humanity with apartheid styled fiction credentials served by #humanrights deviants.
In Machiavellian style they brainwash members into believing the general public is nothing more than a meat market where blacks are paid less and women marginalised.

SABPP publicly indicts themselves, they've said - we use #payslips to #pricefix, so what?!

SABPP's membership subjugate dignity and rape our rights.
Not one #SABPP member had the conviction, mental capacity or virtue to face #PaySlipBanSA, refute these arguments - or heck, get down and sue.

The SABPP brand should not exist, it doesn't belong anywhere, ok... Hell would work!

Evil SABPP, no need for dullard lawyers to send the usual missive. We don't remove posts, all statements are true and ready for court.
Your 666 ideology does not belong in a #democracy.

#constitutionallaw #constitutionalrights #competitionact #collusion

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5 days ago

Keep Climbing the NQF

2019 not going exactly as you planned?
Make the most of the rest of the year with a revolutionary education experience at NewBridge.

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