You are currently viewing Learnership Stipend Rates: How to Pin NQF Level

Learnership Stipend Rates: How to Pin NQF Level

Learnership Stipend Rates. This stipend rates table lists pay per qualification level. If you are on NQF level 1, the starting pay is R120 per week and it increases from there.

The Learnership Stipend Rates

What is a Stipend?

A stipend is a fixed amount of money paid to someone, often as a form of compensation for training. Therefore, in the context of learnerships, stipend rates refer to the amount of money paid to learners participating in a learnership program.

What are the Learnership Stipend Rates?

The stipend rates for learnerships can vary. For example, a stipend rate can depend on various factors such as the sector, the level of the learnership, and the duration of the program. However, the Skills Development Act sets mimimum stipend rates that are periodically reviewed.

The current stipend rates for learnerships, for example, range from R1,500 to R4,500 per month. Because this is based on the NQF level of the learnership, NQF Level 1 learnerships receive the lowest stipend, and NQF Level 5 learnerships receive the highest.

learnership stipend rates ask for more

Note that stipends are a means to provide support to learners during their training. As a result, stipends don’t equate to a full-time income. Learners are encouraged to continue to seek other forms of financial support, such as bursaries or scholarships. These can supplement your income while participating in a learnership.

Learnership Stipend Rates Table

Employers may not pay less than these amounts but they can pay more.

Learnership levelCredits achieved by learnerPercentage of qualified pay to be paidMinimum pay per week (R)

NQF 1 and 2
0 – 12035%120
121 – 24069%240
NQF L30 – 12017%120
121 – 24040%226
241 – 36053%370
NQF L40 – 12013%120
121 – 24025%240
241 – 36053%370
361 – 48056%540
NQF L50 – 1208%120
120 – 24018%260
241 – 36027%389
361 – 48038%548
481 – 60049%700
learnership stipend rates

Learner Network

How much stipend are you being paid? Tell us in the comments and send us copies of contracts. Let’s check if you’re getting fair treatment.

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Send us your employment or learnership contract so we can determine how industry treats learners.

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  1. Linda

    My daughter was ill and they deducted the days that I was absent. All Dr’s notes were given to the team leader. I received less than 50% of my stipend, is this legal?

  2. Leonie Hall

    Hi Ashley!
    Minimum pay is regulated. This means we don’t have to debate what’s fair as it’s legislated, is your pay below the stipend rates? However, fair can come into play depending on the sector your learnership/apprenticeship/internship is in, the job you are doing, what the job is worth, your knowledge and skill levels, time on the job, time to learn etc.
    When pay is raised during the application process, you must try to negotiate for more stipend.

  3. Ashley

    is it fair to earn R1500 per month as stipend while you are funded by SETA?

  4. Mubvafhi Bridgett mutshinyalo

    I didn’t reserve my stipend last month’s even this month’s

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