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Gauteng Public TVET Colleges and their contact details.

Gauteng Public TVET Colleges Contacts and Industry Priorities

Each TVET College in Gauteng has a local industry focus.

The province of Gauteng is the economic hub of South Africa.

It is therefore home to quite a few Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges that feed graduates into the local job market.

Gauteng Public TVET offers diverse vocational programmes and colleges constantly update their curriculum to meet industry demands.

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Benefits of Gauteng Public TVET Colleges and the Education Obtained

Students enrolled in Gauteng Public TVET actively participate in practical training sessions, thus enhancing their employability skills.

Gauteng TVET colleges offer many benefits to youth.

These benefits include:

  • practical skills,
  • career-focused education,
  • high employability,
  • flexible and accessible options,
  • affordable education,
  • and opportunities for further education and advancement.

List of Gauteng Public TVET Colleges and Contact Details

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Gauteng Public TVET Colleges List

Apply for NSFAS funding to help you study at a Gauteng public TVET college:

Gauteng TVET College NamePostal AddressPhysical AddressTel, Fax no. & Website / Email
Central JHB TVET CollegePrivate Bag 70500
5 Ubla Street
Parktown 2041
011 484 1388 / 351 6000 (t)
011 642 7358 / 484 2738 (f)
Ekurhuleni East TVET CollegePrivate Bag X79
Sam Ngema Road Kwa-Thema
011 736 4400 730 6600 (t)
011 736 1489 / 9909 (f)
Ekurhuleni West TVET CollegePrivate Bag x1030
Germiston 1400
Crn Driendek Street & Sol Road
086 139 2111 (t)
011 323 1601 (f)
Sedibeng TVET CollegePrivate Bag X020
37 Voortrekker Street
016 422 6645/8 (t)
016 422 6930/ 6646 (f)
South West Gauteng TVET CollegePrivate Bag X33
Crn Klip Valley & Union Road
011 984 1260/ 086 176 8849 (t)
011 945 1881 / 984 1262 (f)
Tshwane North FET CollegePO Box 26193
Cnr Potgieter & Pretorius Street
South Africa
012 401 1600 / 1999 (t)
012 323 8683 (f)
Tshwane South FET CollegePrivate Bag X1018
85 Francis Baard
(formerly known as Schoeman Street)
Pretoria CBD
086 144 1111 (t)
012 373 8032 / 664 8358 (f)
Western College TVETPrivate BagX17
Kiewiet Street
Helikon Park
011 692 4082 / 4004 (t)
011 692 3404 / 2880 (f)
Gauteng Public TVET Colleges
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What makes Gauteng Public TVET Colleges Special?

They promote strategic partnerships with local businesses. Gauteng Public TVET therefore ensures that its graduates are well-prepared for the workforce.

Gauteng Public TVET Colleges: Job Placements

The high job placement rate of TVET graduates in Gauteng is because the colleges in the province offer courses that are aligned with the needs of the economy.

Therefore graduates leave with the skills and knowledge sets that are in high demand in the job market. This then contributes to Gauteng’s economic growth by providing skilled workers to various sectors of the economy.

Gauteng Public TVET: Graduate Employment in Manufacturing

One of the sectors that Gauteng TVET graduates are highly sought after is manufacturing.

The province is home to several manufacturing companies, for example automotive and engineering companies.

TVET graduates who have studied courses such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and welding are in high demand in this sector.

Also, some of the top employers in this sector include BMW, Ford, and Toyota.

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Construction Employs many Gauteng Public TVET College Graduates

Gauteng has large infrastructure projects, for example the Gautrain, and the construction of new highways and buildings.

TVET graduates who have studied courses such as building construction, civil engineering, and plumbing are highly sought after in this sector.

Some of the top employers in this sector include WBHO, Murray & Roberts, and Aveng.

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Healthcare also employs many Gauteng TVET College graduates.

The province also has many large public and private hospitals, clinics, and medical centres.

TVET graduates who have studied courses such as nursing, health promotion, and community health work are in high demand.

Top employers in this sector include Netcare, Mediclinic, and Life Healthcare.

In addition, TVET graduates in Gauteng also find employment in other sectors such as hospitality, information technology, and business.

Therefore the high job placement rate of TVET graduates in Gauteng is proof of the quality of education and training provided by the TVET colleges in the province.

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Here are some interesting facts about Gauteng Colleges:

  1. Gauteng has 8 TVET colleges, therefore making it the province with the highest number of TVET colleges in South Africa.
  2. TVET courses in Gauteng are also designed to meet the needs of the province’s economy. Therefore they have a focus on developing skills in high-demand sectors such as engineering, business, and hospitality.
  3. Gauteng TVET colleges have partnerships with industry stakeholders, for example private companies and government departments. These then ensure that their courses are aligned with the needs of the economy.
  4. TVET colleges in Gauteng have modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment therefore learners gain practical experience in their chosen fields.
  5. Gauteng TVET colleges have a high job placement rate, with many graduates securing employment in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and healthcare.
  6. Gauteng TVET colleges offer learners opportunities for further education and training, including artisan training and higher education programmes.
  7. The province’s TVET colleges provide learners with support services, such as career guidance, counseling, and academic support, to ensure their success.
  8. Gauteng TVET colleges are also committed to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. For example some offer courses in entrepreneurship and small business management.
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What programs do Public TVET colleges offer?

Public TVET colleges provide a diverse array of programs.

For example engineering, business studies, hospitality, and information technology, all aimed at preparing students for various careers in different industries.

How do I apply to a Public TVET college?

To initiate the application process follow the guidelines outlined by each institution.

What are the admission requirements for Public TVET colleges?

Admission criteria differ based on the program and institution.

Generally, most colleges stipulate a certain level of education, such as possessing a Grade 12 certificate.

Additionally, meeting specific subject prerequisites may be necessary.

Are there financial aid options available for students at Public TVET colleges?

Yes, Public TVET colleges offer bursaries, scholarships, and government funding.

This assistance aims to alleviate the financial burden of tuition fees and other educational expenses.

Can international students apply to Public TVET colleges?

International students are welcome to apply. However, they may be subject to additional prerequisites.

For example these could include obtaining a study visa and meeting language proficiency standards, as outlined by the college and immigration authorities.

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