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How To Report Bad Learnership Providers to the Authorities

How To Report Bad Learnership Providers. Learnership providers are accredited Training Providers.

Report Bad Learnership Providers So We Change the Rot

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Have you had a great learnership experience? Then tell us below in the comments section who your learnership provider was and if they were any good.

Report bad learnerships so that they can be changed.

How to find Training Provider SAQA Accreditation Number

Accreditation is a signal of trust, therefore most accredited providers share their accreditation details on their marketing materials and websites. Names of accredited providers are loaded onto qualifications by SAQA and then this information is accessible to the public. However, SAQA is notoriously years behind on uploading current data, so just because the name of your provider isn’t there, it doesn’t mean they are not accredited.

Where can I find a list of providers that offer qualifications and skills programmes?

According to SAQA, Training providers must register with the Department of Higher Education and Training. These training providers also hold accreditation from the Quality Council (QC) to offer registered qualifications and skills programmes.

The three QCs are the:

Contact the relevant QC on the contact details provided below

Lists of Registered Learnership Training Providers Published by SETAs and QCTO

Keep Climbing shares lists of bogus colleges, cancelled private colleges and higher education institutions that lost their registration status. We also share lists of accredited providers, making it easier for you to find them.

Report Bad Learnership Providers: Keep Climbing Collects Learner Complaints

Learners should tell us if they experience bad providers. We then document what they do and inform the authorities so they know what to look out for.


Report Bad Learnership Providers to KeepClimbing

If you had a bad experience, let us know what happened. What specifically made you unhappy?

Report Bad Learnerships: was the Training Provider an Accredited Learnership Provider?

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Learnership regulations ensure that providers treat learners with respect and protect their rights, this means:

report training providers: report bad learnerships
Tell us about your learnership or apprenticeship experience

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  1. Bigveez

    We did a full year learnership. We did assignment, on job practicals and workshops but never assess on our POE. only the last exams and we failed and never get certificates.

    Please assist

  2. Leonie Hall

    Hi Poppy, please contact DHET and report this matter to them ok! Your issues must be taken seriously, get back to us if you don’t come right!
    DHET CALL CENTRE & FRAUD: 0800 87 2222

    Best wishes to you, power on & be strong!

  3. poppy mollo

    I was involved In fire an rescue learnership in 2019 till 2020 funded by LGCETA to Msukaligwa municipality (Ermelo Mpumalanga)would like to complain about the program we never received stipends and Certificates till this very moment but complited the full program..we all passed but never got certificates they never hired us 😭😭today its the 29th of sep 2022

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