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How To Report Bad Learnerships

How To Report Bad Learnerships. Have you had a great learnership experience? Tell us below in the comments section who your learnership provider was and if they were any good.

Report Bad Learnerships

Report bad learnerships so that they can be changed.

Lists of Registered Providers are published by the DHET

Keep Climbing circulates the information to the public so more people can become informed. Our recent posts list bogus colleges, cancelled private colleges and higher education institutions that lost their registration status.

Report Bad Learnerships: Keep Climbing Collects Learner Complaints

Learners should tell us if bad providers are on DHET lists. We will document what they do and inform the DHET.

Report Bad Learnerships to the DHET

If you had a bad experience, let us know what happened. What specifically made you unhappy?

Report Bad Learnerships: was the Training Provider Accredited?

Check if the learnership provider is on this DHET list of applicant organisations. The link is at the end of the post.

If you find a bad provider on this list, it means they are looking for recognition from the Department of Higher Education and Training. Do you believe they have earned this recognition and can be trusted to do the right thing every time, all the time?

Learnership regulations ensure that providers treat learners with respect and protect their rights, this means:

  • Learners signed and received a copy of a fair learnership / employment contract
  • They completed authentic on-the-job experience, logged and signed off by their line manager/supervisor.
  • Learners were not unfairly threatened with unfair dismissal
  • The learners were fairly assessed and allowed to resubmit remediated work
  • Learners were not diagnosed with fake disabilities
  • Learners were not told to repay money if they resigned
  • The Learners were certified
  • Learnership was delivered by an accredited service provider
Tell us about your learnership or apprenticeship experience

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Bigveez

    We did a full year learnership. We did assignment, on job practicals and workshops but never assess on our POE. only the last exams and we failed and never get certificates.

    Please assist

  2. Leonie Hall

    Hi Poppy, please contact DHET and report this matter to them ok! Your issues must be taken seriously, get back to us if you don’t come right!
    DHET CALL CENTRE & FRAUD: 0800 87 2222

    Best wishes to you, power on & be strong!

  3. poppy mollo

    I was involved In fire an rescue learnership in 2019 till 2020 funded by LGCETA to Msukaligwa municipality (Ermelo Mpumalanga)would like to complain about the program we never received stipends and Certificates till this very moment but complited the full program..we all passed but never got certificates they never hired us 😭😭today its the 29th of sep 2022

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