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List of Cancelled Private Colleges in South Africa 2023

The 2023 list of cancelled private colleges across South Africa. These colleges either lost their licenses or stopped operating on their own accord.

Cancelled Private Colleges List for 2023

According to the DHET, the registration of the private colleges listed below was cancelled either because they failed to maintain their registration or because they requested to have their registration cancelled. Colleges cancel their registration when they decide to shut down for good.

16 Cancelled Private Colleges in South Africa

College NameProvince
CAT College Administration and Technical (Pty) LtdGauteng
Kingsbridge College (Pty) LtdNorth West
Learnsys (Pty) LtdGauteng
Melwood Institute of Technology (Pty) LtdGauteng
Power Rush Trading 6 (Pty) LtdKwaZulu-Natal
Rockingham College (Pty) LtdLimpopo
Roseville College (Pty) LtdGauteng
Sandton Technical College (Pty) LtdGauteng, Free State, Limpopo
Savanna College of Computing and Skills Development (Pty) LtdWestern Cape
Stella College (Pty) LtdKwaZulu-Natal
St Paul King’s College (Pty) LtdGauteng
Imra Technology Academy (Pty) LtdGauteng
Easy Business Academic Centre (Pty) LtdGauteng
Ebus-Tech Consulting (Pty) LtdGauteng
Edusa College(Pty) LtdGauteng
Hatfield Tuition and Skills Development Center (Pty) LtdGauteng

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