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This is the current list of qualifications posted on the Agriculture SETA website (AgriSETA). These 59 qualifications from the AgriSETA span NQF Levels 2 to 6. Share this easy-to-use list.

59 AgriSETA Qualifications

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AgriSETA qualifications range from National Qualifications Framework Level 2 to 6 (NQFL 2-6).

If you are a new market entrant, meaning someone who is new to the agriculture field or new to the world of work, consider obtaining additional qualifications in other complementary fields.

Here are some other SETAs for you to explore to complement your interest in agriculture

  • MICT SETA: Learn basic computer skills (End user computing NQFL3) to set yourself apart in the labour space
  • Services SETA: Project Management (NQFL4) and the New Venture Qualifications (NQFL2 and 4) are worth looking into.
  • FPM SETA: the cannabis industry value chain is particularly strengthened here, along with other product processing programmes.
  • HW SETA: Those concerned by food security may also be concerned about the well-being of people and animals.
  • ETDP SETA: become an accredited facilitator, assessor or moderator in this field and contribute towards development goals.
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New Occupational Qualifications

Check out this list of currently registered learnerships. There is a pipeline of new qualifications being developed so there’s a lot of stuff to keep up to date with!

Use these lists of registered qualifications at the following levels:

  • NQF. Level 1 and 2 for those with little or no high school and limited if any work experience

We are adding more updates so follow #KeepClimbing for the latest.

List of AGRISETA Qualifications

Qualification IdQualification TitleMinimum CreditsNQF L
66649National Certificate: Landscaping1203
66429National Certificate: Landscape Irrigation1202
63249National Diploma: Agricultural Extension256
61595Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services NQF 4140
59550National Certificate: Agricultural Extension1776
59409National Certificate: Agricultural Extension1565
58348National Certificate: Perishable Produce Export Technology1235
57880National Certificate: Meat Processing1204
57830FETC: Education and Training Certificates: Pest Control Operations141
50228National Certificate: Wool and Mohair Handling1212
50227National Certificate: Rooibos Production1212
49668General Education and Training Certificate: Horticulture1311
49626National Certificate: Landcare Facilitation1255
49582National Certificate: Poultry Production1332
49581National Certificate: Poultry Processing1322
49580General Education and Training Certificate: Poultry Production1341
49579National Certificate: Poultry Processing1333
49578National Certificate: Poultry Production1383
49074Further Education and Training Certificate: Primary Tobacco Processing1414
49052National Certificate: Plant Production1203
49048National Certificate: Animal Production1203
49011National Diploma: Animal Production240
49010National Diploma: Plant Production240
49009National Certificate: Plant Production1424
48979National Certificate: Animal Production1404
48977National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems1202
48976National Certificate: Animal Production1202
48975National Certificate: Plant Production1202
48972National Certificate: Plant Production1201
48971National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems1201
48970National Certificate: Animal Production1201
48902National Certificate: Abattoir Supervision1393
48848National Certificate: Fruit Packing and Grading Processes1203
48727National Certificate: Sugar Manufacturing and Refining Technical Maintenance1463
48660National Certificate: Abattoir Slaughtering Processes1202
48656National Certificate: Seed Processing and Packaging1233
48655National Certificate: General Abattoir Processes1202
48654National Certificate: Seed Analysis1203
48653Further Education and Training Certificate: Seed Processing and Packaging Control1484
48650National Certificate: Seed Research and Development Operations1203
48649Further Education and Training Certificate: Meat Examination1604
48648National Certificate: Grain Milling1202
48647Further Education and Training Certificate: Seed Production1594
48637National Certificate: Tobacco Production1203
48400National Certificate: Sugar Processing L21202
48395National Certificate: Sugar Technology1385
23513National Certificate: Fisheries Observation: Inshore1234
23154National Certificate: Grain Handling Processes1263
21244National Certificate: Sugar Industry Technical Maintenance1282
20288National Certificate: Farming1202
20287National Certificate: Farming120
20151National Certificate: Grain Handling Processes1242
14854National Certificate: Agric Sales and Services1614
14852National Diploma: Agri Sales and Service Management223
14851National Certificate: Agri Trade Processes1252
73109National Certificate: Landscape Irrigation1203
66589National Certificate: Horticulture1202
57829GETC: Grain Handling Processes1201
48657Further Education and Training Certificate: Seed Research and Development1354
Qualifications change so please check the SETA, QCTO and SAQA websites regularly.
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