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Start NQF Levels 1 and 2 Amazing New Job Qualifications

Start Job Qualifications with New Qualifications at NQF Levels 1 and 2

New Job Qualifications for NQF Levels 1 and 2: Occupational Certificates

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Are you someone who has struggled to learn in the past and lost motivation to continue your education? If so, Keep Climbing is a site that understands your challenges and wants to inspire you to keep pushing forward.

The Job Qualifications at NQF Levels 1 and 2 registered by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) provide a great opportunity to build a solid foundation in a field.

Take the first steps towards a rewarding career with qualifications at NQF Levels 1 and 2.

New NQF Job Qualifications: NQF Levels 1 and 2

Get Started with NQF Levels 1 and 2: Entry Level

The National Qualification Framework (NQF) Levels 1 and 2 job qualifications are designed for those just starting their careers or who have limited prior experience in their chosen field.

These job qualifications are aimed at providing a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to help individuals progress in their careers.

For those with more experience but incomplete high school education, consider the QCTO Job qualifications at NQF level 3.

Job qualifications are matched to your level of education and experience.

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Someone who completed their Matric and has little or no work experience could find their fit with the NQFL4 job qualifications.

If you completed maths literacy and two languages, you could already have earned credits towards your qualification!

These job qualifications are often available as learnerships or apprenticeships so your training could end up being free.

It’s well worth considering these qualifications if your goal is to increase your employability within one or two years.

Degrees and diplomas take longer and the competition for funding is more intense.

The NQF Levels 1 and 2 Job Qualifications: NQF Level 1 Occupational Certificate

It is also competitive to enter a learnership or apprenticeship so you must put your best foot forward.

Be sure to check out our cover letter templates for experienced and inexperienced applicants.

We also post interview advice to that you can crush the questions and win the meanest selection panels over.

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The target market for New NQF Levels 1 and 2 QCTO qualifications includes:

  • School leavers who are seeking to acquire vocational skills
  • School leavers who have completed Grade 9 or Grade 10
  • Individuals who have limited prior education or work experience
  • Individuals who are seeking to enter the workforce for the first time
  • Unemployed individuals who are seeking to acquire new skills and improve their employment prospects
  • Employed workers who are seeking to improve their skills and knowledge in their current field
  • Individuals who are seeking to make a career change and require the necessary skills and knowledge to do so

In general, NQF Levels 1 and 2 QCTO job qualifications are suitable for individuals who are seeking to acquire practical, hands-on skills that can be applied in the workplace.

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The New NQF Job Qualifications: QCTO NQF Levels 1 and 2

These new Qualifications at NQF Levels 1 and 2 are for entry-level jobs.

They provide learners with an opportunity to acquire the basic skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in their chosen field.

They are designed to be flexible and accessible, so they are suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Don’t let past struggles hold you back any longer.

With the support of QCTO-accredited training providers and a commitment to your own personal growth, you can achieve your goals and reach new heights in your career.

So take the first step today and explore the exciting opportunities available through NQF Levels 1 and 2 qualifications.

List of NQF Levels 1 and 2 Job Qualifications: QCTO Occupational Certificates

NQF Level 1 Registered Full and Part Job Qualifications

Here are the qualifications for NQF Level 1:

Above Surface Cleaner1187121
Commercial Ablution Cleaner1187111
Commercial Cleaner1187091
Commercial Floor Cleaner1187131
Commercial Kitchenette Cleaner1187101
Footwear Hand Lacer and Hand Inter-lacer992581
Scraper Winch Operator1029451
Self-Employed Re-Cycling Materials Collector1032841
NQF Levels 1 and 2 Occupational Certificates

NQF Level 2 Occupational Certificates

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Pipework Installer1032782
Annealing Operator1050132
Aquaculture Farm Worker1049042
Automotive Battery Fitter and Tester1170182
Automotive Clutch and Brake Repairer1187292
Automotive Drive Train Repairer1187272
Automotive Engine Dismantler1194402
Automotive Suspension Repairer1174712
Automotive Workshop Assistant1174752
Bath Operator1048432
Beam House Machine Operator1015512
Beaming and Sizing Machine Operator1031812
Bitumen Spray Equipment Operator1170152
Braiding Machine Operator1013252
Brush Hand1122632
Cash Office Clerk1018632
Checkout Operator997072
Chemical Production Machine Operator2
Coal Cutter Operator Underground Coal1013662
Coldset Rotary Offset Lithography Reel-stand Operator1128302
100 Collaborative Recycler1032742
Construction Plant Operator1170052
Container Glass Forming Operator1106712
Continuous Bucket Trencher Operator1170072
Crane Or Hoist Operator (Onsetter)996892
Crane Or Hoist Operator (Small Winder Operator)997132
128 Creeling and Warping Machine Operator1031832
144 Diesel Bowser Operator1170062
Domestic and Light Commercial Refrigeration Serviceman1032792
Domestic and light commercial refrigeration serviceman1032792
Dozer Operator1170252
166 Dump Truck Operator1017122
Evaporative Cooling Systems Installer1044602
Face Shovel Operator1170082
Fishing Hand1109322
Folding Machine Operator1181172
Food Handler1106442
Footwear Bottomstock Production Machine Operator992322
Footwear Closing Production Machine Operator963742
Footwear Cutting Machine Operator963692
Footwear Finishing Production Machine Operator2
Footwear Lasting and Making Production Machine Operator992592
Foundational Learning Competence888952
Garden Worker996922
245 General Glazing Installer1180832
Glass Cutter and Edgework Operator1180872
Glass Forming Operator1048222
Glass Handler1180862
Guillotine Operator1181162
Healthcare Cleaner1187302
Heatset Rotary Offset Lithography Reel Stand Operator1194312
Heavy Duty Suspension Repairer1173472
Heavy Duty Workshop Assistant1173482
Home-Based Personal Care Assistant1047792
Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Machine Operator1170282
Hydraulic Rock Breaker Operator1016772
Industrial Refrigeration Mechanic Plant Room Operator1032802
Insulation Installer1095602
Key Cutter1161182
Lamproom Assistant1106722
Laundry Finisher1173722
Laundry Sorter1173702
Laundry Washer1173712
Laundry Worker1173692
Leather Tanning Machine Operator2
Loader Operator1016712
Man-Made Fibre Extrusion Machine Operator1031462
Man-Made Fibre Production Machine Operator1013262
Man-Made Fibre Texturing Production Machine Operator1031432
Mining Operator (Drill Rig Operator: Underground Coal)997042
Mining Operator (Hauling Equipment Operator: Underground Coal)997022
Mining Operator (Loading Equipment Operator: Underground Coal)997062
Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Unit Operator2
Mobile Mining Equipment Operator1029432
Non-Woven Textile Production Machine Operator1013692
Non-Woven Thermo-Bonding Textile Production Machine Operator1031492
Paper Process Control Attendant1180962
Paving Screed Operator1170162
Perishable Goods Replenisher1187262
Pulp Process Control Attendant1180882
Refrigerant Pipe Work Fitter1048002
528 Refrigeration Fitter1032682
Refrigeration Pipework Installer1032652
Religious Associate Professional (Christian Religious Practitioner)1019972
Ringframe Spinning and Yarn Packaging Machine Operator1031792
Rock Drill Operator992522
Rotor Spinning and Yarn Packaging Machine Operator2
Rubber Production Machine Operator1180822
Saw Filer1032822
Service Station Attendant (Forecourt Attendant)997082
Service Truck Operator1170272
Sewing Machine Mechanic Repairer1180992
Sewing Machine Operator972382
Sheetfed Lithography Technician’s Assistant1194252
Shelf Filler1187312
Sideboom Operator1170092
Silver Lap, Combing and Drawframe Machine Operator1031532
Skid Steer Loader Operator2
Speciality Yarn Assembly Machine Operator1031802
Spout Operator1048422
Store Person997032
Surface Grader Operator1170112
Surface Roller Operator1170192
Surface Tracked Dozer1170262
Textile Blowroom and Carding Machine Operator1031542
Textile Carding and Drawframe Machine Operator1031822
Textile Drawframe and Speedframe Machine Operator1032212
Textile Dry Finishing and Heat Setting Machine Operator1031482
Textile Dry Finishing Machine Operator2
Textile Dry Fringing Machine Operator1031842
Textile Dry Product Surface Preparation Machine Operator1031472
Textile Sliver Lap, Combing and Drawframe Machine Operator1031532
Textile Wet Process Coating Machine Operator1031862
Textile Wet Process Dyeing Machine Operator2
Textile Wet Process Preparation Machine Operator1031442
Textile Wet Process Printing Machine Operator1013672
Textile Wet Product Finishing Machine Operator1031882
Tractor Mechanic Assistant1174772
Tractor Operator1170142
Tufting Machine Operator1014042
Underground Coal Roof Bolt Operator1020052
Unitary Air Conditioning Installer1032692
Upholstery Cover Fitter1031872
Upholstery Frame Preparer1032002
Viticulture Worker1018672
Warp Knitting Machine Operator1013712
Warping Machine Operator2
Water Cart Operator1170102
Weaving Machine Operator2
Weft Knitting Machine Operator1013742
NQF Levels 1 and 2 Occupational Certificates
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QCTO Qualifications for NQF Levels 1 and 2

The QCTO regularly updates its information, so it is best to check the QCTO’s website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

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