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NQF Level 3 Job Qualifications New List

List of New NQF Level 3 Qualifications for Jobs. Ready to take the next step in your career and gain a nationally recognized qualification? This list includes NQF L3 qualifications for Home-Based Personal Care Workers, Disability Attendants, Sales Assistants (General) (Retail Sales Advisor) and Taxi Drivers.

National Qualification Framework: NQF Level 3 (NQFL 3)

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These NQFL3 qualifications are the perfect way to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge in a variety of industries and sectors.

These NQF Level 3 occupational certifications are designed to provide you with the practical, hands-on experience you need to succeed in your chosen field. They have a focus on relevant, real-world skills and a curriculum tailored to the needs of each industry. So you can be confident that you’re gaining the expertise you need to advance your career. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing skills or explore new career paths, these qualifications are the ideal way to achieve your goals and take your professional development to the next level.

NQF Level 3 Occupational Qualifications

The National Qualifications Framework Level 3 (NQF L3) qualifications registered by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) target individuals who have already acquired basic skills and knowledge in a particular trade or occupation and are seeking to further develop their skills and knowledge. These qualifications are designed for those who have completed NQF L1-2 qualifications or have equivalent work experience.

The target market for NQF Level 3 qualifications includes:

You don’t require Matric to apply for NQF Level 3 qualifications.

  • Those who have completed NQF L1-2 qualifications and are seeking to upskill
  • Individuals who have worked in a particular trade or occupation and are seeking to formalize their skills and knowledge
  • Those individuals who are seeking to change careers or move up the career ladder in their current field
  • Individuals who are looking to start their own business or become self-employed
  • Individuals who want to apply for an NQF L4 qualification in the future

Once you have identified which NQF Level 3 qualifications to pursue, do the following:

vocational education
  1. Research the different providers offering the qualification to find one that meets your needs and preferences.
  2. Enquire about the admission requirements, fees, and duration of the qualification.
  3. If possible, speak to current or past students of the qualification to get their perspective.
  4. Consider the practical and financial implications of pursuing the qualification. Compare the fees at different providers and inspect what the fees cover, for example, does the cost include assessment and certification?
  5. Once you have gathered all the information, make an informed decision on whether the NQF L3 qualification is right for you and proceed to enroll.

It is important to note that the availability of NQF L3 qualifications may vary depending on your location and the training providers in your area. The QCTO regularly updates its list of accredited qualifications, so it is best to check the QCTO’s website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

List of NQF Level 3 QCTO Registered Full and Part Qualifications

From business management to healthcare, hospitality to engineering, find your one big baby or multiple interests!

Abattoir Supervisor118696
Access Control Officer110903
Adhesive Binding Machine Operator118119
Air Conditioning Filtration Equipment Worker104618
Asset Protection Officer110904
Assistant Painter112284
Automotive Engine Assembler119428
Bamboo Floor Finisher117230
Bicycle Repairer103096
Bus Driver94202
Carpet Floor Finisher117231
Carton CAD Operator119451
Carton Die Maker119453
Carton Glue Machine Operator119455
Coldset Rotary Offset Lithography Assistant Printer112810
Cutting Machine Maintenance Assistant118101
Dairy Farm Supervisor105011
Data and Telecommunications Cabler119562
Deck Hand (Able Seaman)93792
Die Cutting Machine Minder119463
Disability Attendant104908
Dispatching and Receiving Clerk99575
Dragline Operator101669
Driller (Directional Driller)98908
Driller (Exploration Driller)98823
Duct Work Installer104619
Electronic Pre-press Gravure Cylinder Engraver112823
Electronic Pre-press Screen-Maker119436
186 Engine Able Seafarer101729
Engine Management and Fuel Injection Systems Assistant103098
Engineering Pattern Patch and Repairer119642
Excavator Operator101711
Fabricated Glazing Solution Installer118112
Film/Coating Glazing Applicator118091
Forestry Production Supervisor99709
Freight Handler96396
Glass Manufacturing Process Technician117226
Glass Melt Operator104990
Glass Process Operator118084
Health Promotion Officer (Community Health Worker)94597
Heatset Rotary Offset Lithography Assistant Printer119437
Heatset Rotary Offset Lithography Stacker Operator119439
Heavy Duty Clutch and Brake Repairer117234
Heavy Duty Drive Train Repairer (Vehicle Transmission Mechanic)117357
Heavy Duty Hydraulic and Pneumatic Repairer117359
Home-Based Personal Care Worker104792
Kitchen Hand110354
Laminate Floor Finisher117328
Lamproom Supervisor101550
Landscape Gardener (Landscaping Supervisor)98892
Lathe Operator103156
Linoleum Floor Finisher117332
Livestock Farmer (Livestock Farm Supervisor)99253
Log Yard Operator118107
Manufacturing Workshop Assistant103018
Marimba Maker and Repairer119342
Materials Recycler (Paper and Packaging Collector)103283
Milling Machine Operator118807
Mine Overseer119283
Mining Technician (Mine Ventilation Observer)94572
Mining Technician (Strata Control Observer: Underground Hardrock)96464
Mining Technician: Mine Ventilation Observer94572
Non-Destructive Eddy Current Testing Operator119460
Non-Destructive Liquid Penetrant Testing Operator119459
Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Testing Operator119457
Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Visual Testing Operator119454
Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Testing Operator119456
Nursery Person (Garden Centre Supervisor)98925
Nursery Person (Nursery Supervisor)93622
Offshore Driller119445
Original/Aftermarket Auto-Electrical System or Component Fitter117013
Paper Process Control Operator118094
Patrol Officer110867
Perishable Goods Department Coordinator118732
Plastics Manufacturing Machine Operator118697
Pre-Fabricated Glazing Solution Installer118089
Production or Operations Supervisor (Forestry): (Forestry Production Supervisor)99709
Production Process Machine Operator and Assembler102580
Pulp Process Control Operator118085
Quality Inspector117308
Radio Operator118090
Railway Signal Operator (Functional Yard Operator)93794
Railway Signalling Assembler and Wirer119664
Railway Signalling installer119665
Railway Track Welder119666
Raise Bore Operator116112
Raised Access Floor Finisher117285
Real Wood Floor Finisher117305
Resin Floor Finisher117306
Rubber Floor Finisher117331
Saddle Stitching Machine Operator118118
Sales Assistant (General) (Retail Sales Advisor)99669
Seamless Floor Finisher117265
Security Officer110866
Sewing Machine Mechanic Operator118102
Small Re-cycling Business Owner104619
Stone Erector119448
Sugar Processing Machine Operator98912
Surface Grinding Operator103020
Taxi Driver94024
Telecommunications Cable Jointer118249
Tissue Backstand Operator105017
Tissue Core Winder105014
Tissue Packaging Attendant105018
Truck Driver93793
Underground Coal Continuous Miner102003
Upholstery Cover Fitter and Template Maker103185
Vinyl Floor Finisher117236
Visual Merchandiser99688
Water Process Controller102255
Wet Pour Rubber Floor Finisher117229
Winding Engine Driver103036
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